UK Trademark 81332

Classes07, 08
Status Before DeathRegistered
Relevant dates
Filing Date17 October 1888
Next Renewal Date17 October 2010
Expiry Date18 October 2010
Progress Stopped18 October 2010
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 21 November 1888
Issue number 556, page 1661
Renewal 08 November 2000
Issue number 6353
Expiry 29 October 2010
Issue number 6859
Assignment 15 November 1995
Issue number 6101
Merger 11 October 2000
Issue number 6349
Removal 29 April 2011
Issue number 6885
List of goods or services
Class 07Paper blades, cutters for wood, and cutters, all being parts of machines; but not including any such goods for use on agricultural or horticultural machines.
Class 08Tools other than machine and without a cutting edge; agricultural and horticultrual implements (without a cutting edge) awls; bradawls; branding irons; earmarkers for cattle; caulking irons; crowbars; dies without a cutting edge; flat irons; fullers; goffering irons; hammers; ladles; tube expanders; levers; turnscrews; tweezers; screwdrivers; sharpening steels; plumbers shave hooks without a cutting edge; shovels; spades; spanners; spuds; swages; trowels; punches without a cutting edge; marlin spikes; garden rakes; rammers; saw sets; money scoops; scrapers; mattocks; palette knives, without a cutting edge pestles; pickaxes; picks; bills; pliers and pincers; drill boxes; nut crackers; forks; gimlets; spoons; wrenches; bevels; soldering irons; graining combs; all made of common metal.
Names and addresses
ProprietorArmstrong Tools, Inc.
1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, United States of America
Incorporated StateDelaware
Incorporated CountryUnited States of America
Residence CountryUnited States of America
Customers RefEB 3295
Effective Assignment Date09 August 1995
ADP Number0718986001
15 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 6BR
ADP Number0001313002