UK Trademark 66920

Classes02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 25, 26, 28, 34
Status Before DeathExpired
Relevant dates
Filing Date17 August 1887
Next Renewal Date17 August 1999
Expiry Date18 August 1999
Archived Date21 August 2001
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 28 September 1887
Issue number 496, page 1102
Expiry 22 September 1999
Issue number 6295
Removal 22 March 2000
Issue number 6320
List of goods or services
Class 02Baking dishes; basins; birdcages; hand bowls; wire brushes; buckets and candlesticks; cans; cinder sifters for household use; cooking utensils other than aluminium; hollow ware for domestic use; funnels; gridirons (non electric); coffee percolators and coffee pots; pots; coal scuttles; cattle troughs and pans; coolers for wine or water; corkscrews; dish covers; shoe horns; plates and dishes; pewter ware; kettles; scoops; sprinklers; sieves; syringes for watering flowers and plants; moulds trays, wire strainers; polishing appliances; steel wool for cleaning; all made from common metal.
Class 06Springs; signs; cocks (valves); dog chains; stair treads (steps); outdoor venetian blinds; ropes, cables and cordage; all made from common metal.
Class 07Electric ignition sparking plugs; piston rings; pulley blocks; pistons; shuttles; but not including driving chains or similar chains or sprockets wheels used in connection therewith.
Class 08Tools other than machine and without a cutting edge; agricultural and horticultural implements (without a cutting edge) awls; bradawls; branding irons; earmarkers for cattle; caulking irons; hammers; ladles; tube expanders; levers; turnscrews; tweezers; screwdrivers; sharpening steels; plumbers shave hooks without a cutting edge; shovels; spades; spanners; spuds; swages; trowels; punches without a cutting edge; marlin spiles; garden rakes; rammers; saw sets; money scoops; scrapers; mattocks; palette knives, without a cutting edge pestles; pickaxes; picks; bills; pliers and pincers; drill boxes; nut crackers; forks gimlets; spoons; wrenches; bevels; soldering irons; graining combs; all made of common metal.
Class 09Workmans' compasses; electric contacts and terminals; electric bellwarning devices; electrical cutouts; electric switches; workmans measures; spectacle frames; camera stands; whistles not parts of machines; anodes for electroplating apparatus; lightning conductors; engineers jigs and magnets; springs for gramophone motors; electric soldering apparatus; electric alarm bells; all made from common metal.
Class 10Spittoons made of metal.
Class 11Furnace bars; bath tubs; gas burners; lamp burners; stove burners; cisterns; ballcocks; hydrants; electric toasters; kettles; heater irons; lamps and lampshades; lanterns; fittings for sanitary ware; reflectors for lamps and lights; foot warmers; all made from common metal.
Class 12Axel and axel caps, all for vehicles; brakes, springs, luggage carriers and couplings for vehicles; coach ironmongery, bodies and frames for motor cars and trucks; mudguards, hubs; rims and spokes for vehicles; toe clips; wheelbarrows; fenders; shock absorbers for vehicles.
Class 14Clock gongs and weights; watch protectors and cases; all made from common metal.
Class 16Printers blocks, types and plates; electrotypes for printing; engravers plates; labels; office trays; tape dispensers.
Class 17Gaskets made of metal.
Class 18Dog collars; horse bits; harness homes; muzzles; parasol frames; ribs and stretchers; saddle frames and trees; traces.
Class 20Garden chairs, seats and tables; curtain hooks; rings and rods; fenders and fire screens; picture rods; stair rods; shelves; venetian blinds (indoor); animal beds; collapsible baby carriers; all made from common metal.
Class 25Protectors for boots and shoes, all made from common metal.
Class 26Pins and needles; hooks and fastenings devices for clothing other than buttons; bale studs; thimbles; belt clasps; bodkins; clasps; collar studs; collar supports; corset busks; shields and stiffeners; crochet hooks; hair curlers; hair pins and wavers; eyelets; knitting needles; all made from common metal.
Class 28Fish hooks; christmas tree decorations; all made from common metal.
Class 34Metal match boxes.
Names and addresses
ProprietorRobert Sorby & Sons Limited
Kangaroo Works, 817 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield 8
Incorporated CountryGreat Britain
Residence CountryGreat Britain
ADP Number0007475001
ServiceHulse & Co
St. James House, 2nd Floor, Vicar Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EX
ADP Number0000885001