UK Trademark 344483

Classes05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 14, 15, 16, 21
Relevant dates
Filing Date31 July 1912
Next Renewal Date31 July 1996
Expiry Date30 January 1997
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 13 November 1912
Issue number 1807, page 1698
Expiry 25 September 1996
Issue number 6144
List of goods or services
Class 05Dental amalgams; anti-rheumatism rings, bracelets and anklets; all made of precious metal.
Class 06Aluminium and goods made from aluminium.
Class 08Electro-plated cutlery; forks; knives, ladles and spoons; all made of precious metal.
Class 09Electrical contacts; crucibles; spectacles frames; all made from precious metal.
Class 10Spittoons of aluminium or of precious metals.
Class 14Precious metals and alloys of precious metals; goods in precious metals or coated therewith; jewellery; precious stones; but not including rings, chains, brooches, pins, earrings, bracelets, lockets, studs, sleeve links, and not including any similar goods to any of these excluded goods.
Class 15Mutes for musical instruments made of precious metal or coated therewith.
Class 16Pens; pendholders; pen cases and pencil cases; inkstands; all made from precious metal or coated therewith.
Class 21Aluminium cooking and household articles.
Names and addresses
ProprietorBarker Ellis Silver Company Limited
Unity Works, Constitution Hill, Birmingham, B19 3LJ
Residence CountryGreat Britain
ADP Number0008112001
ServiceHallmark IP Limited
1 Pemberton Row, London, EC4A 3BG
ADP Number0004069001
Other particulars
ConsentBy Consent of No. 257402.