UK Trademark 2606213

StatusNew application
Classes09, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 24, 25, 28, 35, 41, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date06 January 2012
List of goods or services
Class 09Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus; plugs, adaptors, sockets, trailing sockets, extension leads connectors, cables, cable reels for electrical equipment, electric cables and electric cable accessories; teaching apparatus and instruments; nautical, photographic, cinematographic, optical, measuring and photocopying apparatus and instruments; batteries; calculators; computers; computer hardware; computer software; apparatus for recording, transmission, reception, processing or reproduction of sound, images and/or data; magnetic data carriers; data processing equipment; data terminals; electronic apparatus and instruments, all for processing, logging, storing, transmission, reception, display and/or printout of data; radio receiving and transmitting apparatus; electrical intercommunications apparatus and instruments; satellite transmitters and receivers; sound amplifying and sound reproducing apparatus and instruments; digital versatile disc players; gramophone records; photographic films; magnetic tapes; compact discs; cassettes; cartridges; television sets; video recorders; recording head cleaning tapes; loudspeakers; megaphones; karaoke apparatus and instruments; video game cartridges; video telephones; domestic electrical appliances; fire extinguishing apparatus; fire alarms; fire blankets; answering machines; binoculars; camcorders; cameras; contact lenses; electrical door bells; burglar alarms; security lights; smoke detectors; luminous beacons; spectacle frames and glasses; sunglasses; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; weighing apparatus and instruments; telephone directory databases, but not including electronic timers and counters, electro-mechanical plug-in relays, sockets; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; swimming belts and swimming jackets; floats for bathing and swimming; life-belts; life jackets; divers' apparatus; life-saving apparatus and equipment; bullet proof waistcoats; barometers; buoys; metal detectors; distance measuring apparatus; dog whistles; dosage dispensers; magnetic encoders; magnetic encoded cards and cards bearing machine readable information; identity cards; bank cards; credit cards; cheque cards; cash cards; cards bearing magnetic data media; debit cards; smart cards; floppy disks; fuel and gasoline dispensing pumps for service stations; tyre gauges; gas testing instruments; electrically heated hair curlers; protective helmets; holograms; magnets; electric make-up removing appliances; telephone apparatus and instruments; telephones, mobile telephones and telephone handsets; adapters for use with telephones; battery chargers for use with telephones; desk or car mounted units incorporating a loudspeaker to allow a telephone handset to be used hands-free; in-car telephone handset cradles; bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying portable telephones and telephone equipment and accessories; computerised personal organisers; aerials; micro processors; keyboards; modems; monitoring (other than in-vivo monitoring) apparatus and instruments; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 10Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials; massage apparatus and appliances; babies' feeding apparatus; orthopaedic articles; suture materials; contraceptive appliances, devices and preparations; chiropody articles; earplugs; support stockings and tights; supportive bandages; supports for flat feet; medical supports; comforters; teething rings.
Class 11Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes; installations and apparatus for heating, lighting, cooling, cooking, drying; refrigerating, ventilating, filtering, purifying, deodorising, evaporating and sterilising; coffee machines; bathroom installations and fittings; air conditioners for vehicles; lamp fittings for vehicles; aquaria apparatus; electric lights for Christmas trees; hair dryers; domestic fireplaces; torches; foot warmers; hot water bottles; ornamental fountains; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid; equipment and instruments for heating, lighting, cooling, cooking, drying, refrigerating, freezing, sanitising, ventilating, filtering, purifying, deodorising, evaporating and sterilising; electric blankets; ice boxes, freezers; ice making machines; sanitary and water supply apparatus and equipment; water softeners; air conditioning units and humidifiers; night lights.
Class 16Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks; copying and recording paper; greeting cards; catalogues; cardboard; cardboard articles; printed matter; periodical publications; books; magazines; newspapers; photographs; stationery; adhesive materials and tapes; office requisites; teaching materials; drawing and painting instruments and requisites; paint brushes; easels; modelling materials; paintings; posters; postcards; bookends; bubble packs; chalk; blackboards; writing slates and tablets; erasing articles; fountain pens and nibs; paperweights; table linen of paper; bags for microwave cooking; paper replacement bags for vacuum cleaners; bags of paper or of plastic; plastic cling film; toilet paper; albums and almanacs; babies' diapers and napkin-pants; blinds of paper; terrestrial globes; tickets and timetables; paper tissues for removing makeup; paper towels; wrapping paper; printed plastic cards; printed cards, bank cards, cash cards, debit cards, credit cards, cheque cards, cheques, cheque books, address stamps and machines; aquaria tanks; paper place mats; paper coffee filters; calendars; writing instruments.
Class 18Leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; animal skins, hides; trunks and travelling bags; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddler; suitcases, bags, attache cases, haversacks, hat boxes, briefcases, belts, handbags, key cases, leather laces, music cases, wallets and purses, satchels; wheeled shopping bags; trunks; game bags; fittings for animals, harnesses, collars, leads and muzzles; fur; articles made from fur; umbrellas; parasols; walking sticks.
Class 20Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; goods (not included in other classes) of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials, or of plastics; drinking straws; works of art and ornaments made of wood, wax, bamboo, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum, plaster and substitutes for all these materials or of plastics; sleeping bags; ladders; barrels; air mattresses, cushions and pillows; curtains and parts and fitting not of cotton; beds, bedding (except linen) and non-metallic bed fittings and materials; display boards; cots and cradles; cushions; non-metallic door and window fittings; kennels and containers for household pets; slatted indoor blinds; coat hangers and coat hooks; non-metallic infant walkers; inflatable publicity objects; non-metallic jewellery cases; plastic key cards; non-metallic number plates; playpens for babies; fire screens; fire guards; work benches.
Class 24Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; bed and table covers; duvets; quilts; bed linen; bed and table covers; bed linen; bed spreads; blankets; coverlets; covers; covers for cushions, pillows, duvets, eiderdowns and mattresses; linen pillow shams, pillow cases, shams, sheets.
Class 25Clothing, footwear, headgear.
Class 28Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees; plush toys; rattles; spinning tops; dolls and accessories for dolls; toy action figures; toy vehicles, cars, bikes, scooters and tricycles; toy building structures and vehicle tracks; toy animals; play cases; toy guns; games; puzzles; fancy dress outfits being children's playthings; ride on toy vehicles; ride on toys; toy furniture; toy musical equipment; toy pushchairs and prams; toy modelling dough; water and bath toys; inflatable toys; inflatable water toys; toy shovels, forks, spades, rakes and buckets; toy gardening equipment; dolls houses; toy household apparatus; toy hand tools and toy benches; toy food; toy walkie talkies and toy communication equipment; hand held electronic game apparatus; rocking toys; toys for babies while teething; toy tents; toy clocks, phones, CD players, radios, cameras, computers, MP3 players; toys to teach counting and the alphabet; pull along and push along toys; trampolines; pools (swimming) being playthings; paddling pools and water slides, being playthings; educational toys; educational toys for teaching colours, shapes, words, numbers, sounds and phrases; play houses; baby gyms; play quilts and mats; baby swings; drawing toys; play sets, toy models, mobiles, activity toys and musical toys.
Class 35Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions; business management assistance and consultancy services; marketing; market research; advertising; brand creation services; branding consultancy services; evaluation services; public relations services; information, advise and consultancy services in respect of brand positioning; brand testing; brand strategy; advertising agency services; advertising services including Internet advertising via banner advertising, HTML emails, search engine paid listings (pay per click), affiliate programs, rich media advertising; arranging direct mail and marketing services; planning, buying and negotiating advertising and media space and time; business services in relation to creation, screening, testing and evaluation of proposed brand names and trade marks including brand research; advisory, information and consultancy services relating to the aforesaid services; retail services connected with hand tools and implements including cutlery, electrical and electronic goods, medical and surgical apparatus and instruments, consumer electrical products, vehicles, jewellery, stationery, bags and luggage articles, furniture, household and kitchen utensils and containers, textile products, clothing, headwear and footwear, toys, games, playthings and sporting articles, and smokers articles.
Class 41Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; electronic game services provided by means of the Internet; database, on-line and Internet services; interactive database information services; electronic database services; news programme services; providing of training, sporting, instruction and cultural activities; amusement services; publication of books, directories, guides, maps, magazines, manuals and printed matter; education services; library services; nursery school services; organisation of competitions; provision of recreation facilities; rental/hire of films, cassettes, discs, tapes, records, video tapes, video recorders and camcorders; teaching services; health club services; providing golf facilities; film production; advisory, education and training services relating to animal obedience, breeding and care; information, advice and assistance relating to all the aforementioned services; photography; editing.
Class 42Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; design services; product design and development services; packaging design; design and creation of audio and/or visual creative works; creating and designing web sites for others; brand development services; corporate identity services; branding consultancy services; advisory, information and consultancy services relating to the aforesaid services; brand monitoring services; research services regarding brands; computer services; consultancy and advisory services in the field of information technology; computer systems integration; design, development, updating, maintenance and repair of computer software; computer programming services designing, implementing, maintaining, servicing and managing web sites for others; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable computer software development tools for creating web sites and creating electronic bulletin boards for the transmission of messages among computer users; computer web site consultation; advisory, information and consultancy services relating to the aforesaid services.
Names and addresses
ProprietorMade In Mind Limited
4th Floor, 17 Hanover Square, London, W15 1HU
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefER/TM18769GB04
ADP Number0998798001
ServiceGroom Wilkes & Wright LLP
'The Haybarn', Upton End Farm Business Park, Meppershall Road, Shillington, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 3PF
ADP Number0849583001