UK Trademark 2603945

Series Of2
StatusNew application
Classes01, 06, 09, 11, 19, 37, 39, 40, 42, 44
Relevant dates
Filing Date08 December 2011
List of goods or services
Class 01Chemical preparations for use in the construction industry; chemical hardening preparations; preservatives; solvents; adhesives for use in construction.
Class 06Goods of metal for use in construction; goods of metal for use in civil engineering projects; construction materials of metal; stress relief materials of metal for use in the construction of roads, runways and civil engineering projects; structural reinforcement of metal for construction purposes; traffic control constructions of metal, traffic information panels of metal, traffic signs of metal; road humps of metal for slowing traffic, road bollards of metal, metallic crash barriers for roads.
Class 09Signalling apparatus and instruments; traffic signalling apparatus and instruments; monitoring apparatus and instruments; traffic management apparatus and instruments; traffic ramp metering apparatus; technological apparatus and instruments relating to traffic management; electrical apparatus for use in traffic control; road signalling devices; traffic control apparatus, instruments and installations; traffic guidance apparatus, electronic message signs; electronic traffic information panels; traffic light apparatus; road safety apparatus, instruments and equipment; traffic safety apparatus, instruments and equipment; traffic and vehicle monitoring apparatus and instruments; parking and access control apparatus and instruments; environmental monitoring apparatus, instruments and equipment; downloadable publications relating to traffic technology products.
Class 11Lighting; street lighting; lighting for use in car parks and footways; LEDs; architectural lighting, decorative lighting, feature lighting; road lighting; dynamic lighting; flood lighting.
Class 19Non-metallic building materials, non-metallic construction materials; non-metallic rigid pipes for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; bituminous materials; materials for use in road surfacing; quarry products, coated stone; fibrous products for use in construction; non-metallic transportable buildings; non-metallic road humps for slowing traffic; non-metallic crash barriers for roads, non-metallic bollards; hazard warning barriers; traffic control constructions and ramps; traffic information panels, traffic signs.
Class 37Construction, repair and installation services; civil engineering services, civil engineering advisory services; civil engineering projects; civil engineering project management; highways construction, servicing and maintenance services; airfields construction, servicing and maintenance services; surfacing and re-surfacing of highways and airfields; installation of traffic management systems; advisory services relating to construction; repair, servicing and maintenance of vehicles, servicing and maintenance of vehicle fleets; vehicle bodyshop services; installation, maintenance and servicing of street lighting; installation, maintenance and servicing of highways infrastructure; maintenance and service of highways and airfield plant.
Class 39Traffic management services, traffic management solutions; traffic safety systems; traffic and vehicle monitoring; traffic information services; traffic technology services; travel information services; information services relating to traffic; provision of information relating to road traffic conditions; emergency response services, vehicle recovery services, vehicle salvage services.
Class 40Treatment of materials; recycling services, recycling of road surface materials; waste management services.
Class 42Design services, construction design services, design planning services; lighting design services; planning services relating to construction projects, civil engineering planning services, civil engineering design services; environmental monitoring services.
Class 44Landscape design services.
Names and addresses
Customers RefCT/SEL/110748
ADP Number0736762001
ServiceBrookes Batchellor LLP
1 Boyne Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8EL
ADP Number0000471002