UK Trademark 2599980 YBYC Your Beauty Your Choice

Mark TextYBYC Your Beauty Your Choice
StatusNew application
Relevant dates
Filing Date02 November 2011
List of goods or services
Class 18This is a series of small handysize boxes made especially to carry a specific selections of goods. The UPS is that there is moulded and shaped sections, and different holders that have been cut specifically to fit the following or a selection of the following items. lt will carry, lipstick, marcara, face powders eye shadow, eye pencil lip pencil, automiser, cosmetics and applicators. All cosmetics in a new way. The all the powder products are in the same size containers, and all the liquid products are in the same size containers, which enables all the products to be placed in the handsize container in specific sections, which are moulded or have a designated space to take the little containers. Therefore they are all interchangable.The little containers and the handysize containers are sealed so that cosmetics do not run or leak. YBYC stands for your beauty your choice. So the logo discribes the product and what you can do. The vessells l have designed allows the buyer to select exactly what they want from all the, make up, products, to go in. Then place into the specially designed box, which has been designed from start to finish by me. It allows the carrier to have custom fill cosmetic travel size box
Names and addresses
ProprietorSandiva Andrew
20 Brooke Road, London, N16
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefYBYCC
ADP Number1003585001