UK Trademark 2596052

Series Of2
Classes35, 36, 38, 41, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date28 September 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 04 November 2011
Issue number 6912
List of goods or services
Class 35Advertising; business management; corporate services, corporate management, business administration; office functions; electronic data storage; organisation, operation and supervision of loyalty and incentive schemes; advertising services provided via the Internet; production of television and radio advertisements; accountancy; auctioneering; trade fairs; opinion polling; data processing; provision of business information; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of toiletries, CD's, DVD's, videos, audio books, computer games, video games, electronic games, jewellery, ornaments, clocks, watches, printed matter, household containers and utensils, textile goods, bags, clothing, footwear, headgear, toys and games, and sports equipment, foodstuffs, non-alcoholic beverages, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods on-line or from a retail store; compilation of directories for publishing on the Internet; the organisation and provision of votes and polls relating to public opinion; office functions; accounting; advertising agencies; advertising by mail order; auctioneering; auditing; bill-posting; book-keeping; business appraisals; business management and organization consultancy; business management assistance; business management consultancy; business management of performing artists; business organization consultancy; compilation of information into computer databases; professional business consultancy; commercial information and advice for consumers (consumer advice shop); cost price analysis; data search in computer files for others; demonstration of goods; direct mail advertising; dissemination of advertising matter; efficiency experts; employment agencies; evaluation of wool; economic forecasting; grading of wool; business management of hotels; import-export agencies; commercial information agencies; business information; business inquiries; business investigations; invoicing; layout services for advertising purposes; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; advisory services for business management; commercial or industrial management assistance; computerized file management; marketing research; marketing studies; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; news clipping services; on-line advertising on a computer network; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; outdoor advertising; outsourcing services (business assistance); payroll preparation; personnel management consultancy; opinion polling; photocopying; price comparison services; procurement services for others (purchasing goods and services for other businesses); public relations; publicity; publicity agencies; publicity columns preparation; publication of publicity texts; administrative processing of purchase orders; radio advertising; radio commercials; personnel recruitment; relocation services for businesses; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising time on communication media; rental of photocopying machines; office machines and equipment rental; publicity material rental; document reproduction; business research; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; sales promotion for others; distribution of samples; secretarial services; shop window dressing; shorthand; sponsorship search; drawing up of statements of accounts; compilation of statistics; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; systemization of information into computer databases; tax preparation; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; television advertising; television commercials; psychological testing for the selection of personnel; evaluation of standing timber; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; transcription; typing; updating of advertising material; valuation of standing timber; rental of vending machines; word processing.
Class 36Insurance; financial services; stock exchange; digital money transfer services; online money transfer services; real estate agency services; building society services; banking; stockbroking; financial services provided via the Internet; issuing of tokens of value in relation to bonus and loyalty schemes; provision of financial information; accident insurance underwriting; accommodation bureaux (apartments); actuarial services; financial analysis; apartment house management; antique appraisal; jewellery (jewelry (Am.)) appraisal; art appraisal; bail-bonding; banking; brokerage; business liquidation services; financial capital investments; check (cheque) verification; clearing; financial clearing-houses; financial rent collection; insurance consultancy, credit bureaux; credit card services; customs brokerage; debit card services; debt collection agencies; factoring; fiduciary; financial consultancy; financial evaluation (insurance, banking, real estate); financing services; fire insurance underwriting; fiscal assessments; fund investments; charitable fund raising; guarantees; health insurance underwriting; hire-purchase financing; home banking; housing agents; financial information; instalment loans; insurance brokerage; insurance consultancy; insurance information; insurance underwriting; capital investment; issuance of credit cards; jewellery appraisal; jewelry appraisal; lease-purchase financing; leasing of farms; lending against security; life insurance underwriting; loans (financing); financial management; marine insurance underwriting; exchanging money; mortgage banking; mutual funds; numismatic appraisal; organization of collections; pawnbrokerage; real estate agencies; real estate appraisal; real estate brokers; leasing of real estate; real estate management; rent collection; rental of offices (real estate); renting of apartments; renting of flats; repair costs evaluation (financial appraisal); retirement payment services; safe deposit services; savings banks; securities brokerage; financial sponsorship; stamp appraisal; stock exchange quotations; stocks and bonds brokerage; surety services; issue of tokens of value; electronic funds transfer; issuing of travellers' checks (cheques); trusteeship; deposits of valuables; fiscal valuations; financial services in the nature of providing a securities trading system; electronically providing the services of a securities trading broker; objectively rating securities; providing analyses of securities markets and models that objectively rate securities; information services relating to financial news, securities, securities markets and the energy and asphalt industries; information services relating to finance, namely, providing information in the fields of investment and finance over computer networks and global communication networks.
Class 38Broadcasting; communications and telecommunications; transmission, broadcast, reception and other dissemination of audio, video, still and moving images, text and data whether in real or delayed time; electronic mail services; teletext and interactive broadcasting services; news information and news agency services; rental of radio and television broadcasting facilities; providing access to and leasing of access time to a computer database; provision of information and advisory services relating to any of the aforesaid services, providing multiple user access to databases over, by or through local or wide area computer networks, wireless communication networks, global computer information networks and other electronic communication networks; radio and television broadcasting; interactive electronic and audio and visual communication and information broadcasting over, by or through local or wide area computer networks, wireless communication networks, global computer information networks and other electronic communication networks; news agencies services, namely gathering and dissemination of news by computer.
Class 41Provision of entertainment, education, recreation, instruction, tuition and training; production, presentation and distribution of audio, video, still and moving images and data; publishing services (including electronic publishing services); non-downloadable electronic publications; organisation, production and presentation of shows, competitions, games, concerts exhibitions and events; language teaching; provision of information and advisory services relating to any of the aforesaid services; entertainment services in the nature of producing and distributing ongoing audio and visual programs distributed over broadcast, television, radio, cable, and direct satellite in the fields of news, business, finance, current events, entertainment, sports, human interest stories, securities, securities markets and the energy and asphalt industries; providing on-line electronic publications (non downloadable) in the nature of reports, digests, directories, brochures, reference materials, leaflets, newsletters, newspapers, booklets, pamphlets, post cards, flyers, magazine supplements to newspapers, magazines and trade and professional books in the fields of news, business, finance, current events, politics, science and technology, health, travel, entertainment, sports, human interest stories, securities, securities markets and the energy and asphalt industries; news reporting services, namely gathering and dissemination of news by computer.
Class 42Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; computer programming; computer consultancy services; installation, maintenance, repair and upgrading of computer software; graphic design services; design, drawing and commissioned writing for the compilation of websites; creating and maintaining websites; hosting the websites of others; provision of information and advisory services relating to any of the aforesaid services.
Names and addresses
ProprietorUkrbusinessconsult AE
1 Magnitogorska Street, Ukrbusinessconsult, Kyiv, Kyiv Region, 02094, Ukraine
Incorporated CountryUkraine
Residence CountryUkraine
Customers RefUBC.UA |No.32591449
ADP Number1001254001
ServiceVolodymyr Trantin
World Trade Centre Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, Suite 48, London, EC2N 1HQ
ADP Number1001199001