UK Trademark 2587054 Eat Balanced

Mark TextEat Balanced
Classes09, 29, 30, 31, 44
Relevant dates
Filing Date07 July 2011
Next Renewal Date07 July 2021
Registration Date04 November 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 26 August 2011
Issue number 6902
Registration 18 November 2011
Issue number 6914
List of goods or services
Class 09Electronic calculators, electronic pedometers, electronic diaries and electronic day planners; calculating devices; food and body weighing apparatus; computer software for calculating food intake and physical activity, audio visual teaching apparatus; sound and/or video recordings; pre-recorded television programmes; cinematographic films; publications in electronic form; compact discs; laser discs; CD Roms; digital versatile disks (DVD's).
Class 29Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; all for food for human consumption; fruits and vegetables, all being preserved, dried, cooked or frozen; fruit products and vegetable products; jellies, jams, fruit sauces; eggs, milk and milk products; edible oils and fats; edible nuts and seeds and products prepared therefrom included in class 29; snacks, prepared meals and prepared dishes all included in Class 29; soups and preparations for making soup; potato crisps.
Class 30Prepared meals; pizzas, pasta dishes; prepared foods and snack foods; prepared, fresh fruits and vegetables; sandwiches; flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery, ices; honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices; ice; flavourings and seasonings; baking powder; flour, flour concentrates, yeast; rusks; binding materials; cereals and preparations made from cereals, breakfast cereal preparations; bread, bread products, pastry; bakery products, farinaceous products and preparations; pasta; vermicelli; noodles; buckwheat noodles; shrimp noodles; egg noodles; pastries and confectionery; tarts; biscuits; cookies, cakes; chocolate, chocolate products, chocolates and non medicated confectionery; blends of dried glucose syrup; preparations for making tea, herbal tea, coffee, cocoa, drinking chocolate, and malted drinks; spices; sugar, rice, tapioca, sago; honey; treacle; salt, mustard, pepper, vinegar, salad dressing, sauces; gravy and preparations for making gravy; prepared meals and snack foods containing any of the aforesaid goods; organic foodstuffs.
Class 31Fresh fruits and vegetables; nuts; seeds, natural plants and flowers; bran; wheatgerm; agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and grains not included in other classes; edible live shellfish.
Class 44Weight reduction planning, treatment and supervision services; consultation services in the fields of weight reduction, weight control, nutrition and fitness; provision of information in the fields of weight reduction, weight control, nutrition and fitness; creating diet regimes and weight reduction programs featuring counselling, advice and discussions; providing a website featuring information concerning nutrition, weight reduction, weight control, and fitness.
Names and addresses
ProprietorDonald Robert Maclean
Eat Balanced Limited, c/o Burness LLP, 120 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7JL
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
ADP Number0995544001
ServiceDonald Maclean (Managing Director) Eat Balanced Ltd
Flat 2/1, 90 Wilton Street, Glasgow, G20 6RE
ADP Number0995545001