UK Trademark 2585948

Classes08, 09, 13, 25, 35, 41
Relevant dates
Filing Date27 June 2011
Next Renewal Date27 June 2021
Registration Date14 October 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 05 August 2011
Issue number 6899
Registration 28 October 2011
Issue number 6911
List of goods or services
Class 08Tools; hunting tools; knives including hunting knives; handtools including cutting tools; outdoor field and survival tools; pocket knives with multi purpose attachments and multi-function tools; blade sharpening instruments; blades; sharpening steels.
Class 09Digital video discs, broadcast media; compact discs including audio-video compact discs and read-only memory compact discs; electronic data carriers; floppy discs; magnetic data media; downloadable software, sound recording carriers; sound recording discs; tapes; computer programs in machine-readable form recorded on electronic media; programs, videos, films and presentations recorded on electronic data carriers including any of the aforementioned data carriers or provided as streamed or cached data over a computer network or from an internet website.
Class 13Firearms including hunting firearms and sporting firearms; ammunition for firearms; cleaning brushes for firearms; lead shot including lead shot for hunting; air pistols; guns; gun cotton; gun cases; accessories for firearms; sighting mirrors for guns; pistols; rifles; rifle barrels; rifle cases; rifle trigger guards; cartridges; cartridge cases; cartridge pouches; explosive powders; revolvers; shoulder straps for weapons.
Class 25Clothing; articles of outdoor clothing including coats, jackets, scarves and gloves; waterproof articles of clothing; clothing for hunting and outdoor sporting pursuits; articles of indoor clothing; footwear including boots and galoshes; shoes, socks; boots for sports including boots for hunting; headwear including hats, caps and headscarves; articles of underwear; shirts; skirts; sweaters; trousers; vests; waistcoats.
Class 35Presentation of goods on communication media for retail purposes; the bringing together for the benefit of others a variety of hunting-related goods including tools, knives, digital video discs, broadcast media, electronic data carriers, firearms including firearms for hunting, accessories for the use and maintenance of said firearms; clothing, headwear and footwear enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods, including purchasing those goods from an internet website.
Class 41The arranging and/or conducting of events including outdoor events, hunting parties and hunts; practical training and demonstration of hunting-related activities; providing online electronic publications (non downloadable) including online electronic publications relating to hunting.
Names and addresses
ProprietorIan Harford
c/o Limegreentangerine Ltd, Limegreen Studios, Cotterall Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3EX
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefTM1939GB00
ADP Number0994830001
ServiceAstrum-IP Limited
35 Stow Park Circle, Newport, South Wales, NP20 4HF
ADP Number0943478001