UK Trademark 2585114 DREAMZ

StatusOpposition outstanding
Classes09, 14, 18
Relevant dates
Filing Date17 June 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 22 July 2011
Issue number 6897
List of goods or services
Class 09Apparatus and instruments for recording, reproducing and/or transmitting sound and/or video and/or data and/or information and/or visual information; programs and tapes; pre-recorded disks; recording disks; compact discs; floppy disks; sound recordings; enhanced sound and/or visual recordings; interactive sound and/or visual recordings; pre-recorded disks; gramophone records; audio tapes; tape cassettes; video tapes; laser discs; interactive compact discs; CD ROMs; super audio compact discs; DVDs; podcasts; digital music (downloadable); audio apparatus and instruments; MP3 players; personal digital assistants; electronic games; telephone ring tones; mobile telephones; devices for storing information, data, images and sound (included in this class); sound, text or graphics supplied in electronic form and/or downloadable; sound and/or visual recordings; sound and/or visual recording media; computer games; video games; computer software for use in downloading, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, playing, storing and organising data including audio and video data; sound, video and data recordings; apparatus for the downloading, transmitting, encoding, decoding, editing, playing and storage of data including audio and video recordings; interactive computer software; digital music and / or publications (downloadable) provided on-line from databases, from the internet or from any other communications network including wireless, cable or satellite; sunglasses; frames for sunglasses; straps for sunglasses; spectacles; spectacle frames; eyeglasses; frames for eyeglasses; contact lenses; cases adapted for sunglasses, spectacles, eyeglasses, lenses, computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, CD's, DVD's; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 14Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith; semi-precious and precious stones; horological and other chronometric instruments; clocks, jewellery and imitation jewellery; costume jewellery; charms; ornaments of precious metal, including, ornamental pendants and ornamental pins; cuff links; tie pins; precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones; chronometric and horological instruments; watches and clocks, and parts of the foregoing goods; watch accessories, including, watch bands, watch chains, watch straps and watch cases; jewellery cases and jewellery boxes of precious metal, precious metal alloys or coated therewith; medallions and badges of precious metal, precious metal alloys or coated therewith; key rings, key cases, key tags and key fobs, all of precious metal, precious metal alloys or coated therewith; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.
Class 18Articles made from leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; animal skins; hides; articles of luggage; backpacks; baby carriers; briefcases; handbags; sports bags; gym bags; leather bags; beach bags; bags for clothing; casual bags; clutch bags; cosmetic bags; credit card holders; holdalls; hip bags; pannier bags; pouches; rucksacks; satchels; school bags; shoe bags; shoulder bags; shopping bags; sling bags; suitcases; toiletry bags; tote bags; trunks and travelling bags; bum-bags; music cases; beauty cases; carriers for suits, for shirts and for dresses; tie cases; leather luggage tags; umbrellas; umbrella covers; parasols and walking sticks; whips; harness and saddlery; travel cases; towelling bags; trunks; haversacks; bags for campers; fur-skins; collars for animals; covers for animals; boxes of leather or leather board; attaché cases; wallets; canes; card cases; leather shoulder bags; purses; travelling trunks; valises; vanity cases; toilet bags; luggage tags, portfolios, leather belts, pocket wallets, jewellery rolls, credit card cases, boxes; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Names and addresses
ProprietorHarvey Nichols and Company Limited
109-125 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RJ
Incorporated CountryGreat Britain
Residence CountryGreat Britain
Customers RefSJJ/95780-87
ADP Number0668184001
ServiceLewis Silkin LLP
5 Chancery Lane, Clifford's Inn, London, EC4A 1BL
ADP Number0800749001