UK Trademark 2584739 PunkNuts

Mark TextPunkNuts
Series Of2
Classes09, 16, 25, 28, 38, 41
Relevant dates
Filing Date16 June 2011
Next Renewal Date16 June 2021
Registration Date16 September 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 08 July 2011
Issue number 6895
Registration 30 September 2011
Issue number 6907
List of goods or services
Class 09Data recordings including audio, video, still and moving images and text; cinematographic and photographic films; motion picture films and videotapes; apparatus for the recording, transmission or reproduction of sound, video, still and moving images and data; discs, tapes, cassettes, cartridges, cards and other carriers, all bearing or for use in bearing sound recordings, video recordings, data, images, games, graphics, text, programs or information; amusement apparatus for games for use with a television screen or video monitor; sundries and equipment used in association with amusement apparatus for games; coin or token operated electrical or electronic amusement apparatus; mouse mats; computer software for games, entertainment, education or the presentation of news and current events; computer software for use in downloading, storing, reproducing and organising audio, video, still and moving images and data; downloadable computer programs and software; downloadable electronic publications and information; downloadable applications, ring tones, software and graphics for mobile phones; downloadable graphics for computers; interactive computer or video software; musical sound recordings, musical video recordings; contact lenses; spectacles, sunglasses and sun-visors; cases or holders made for spectacles, sunglasses and sun-visors; binoculars; karaoke machines; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, calculators; electronic personal organizer; electronic bulletin boards; mobile phones; mobile phone accessories; cases, holders or carriers adapted for mobile phones; decorative magnets including refrigerator magnets; clothing for protection against injury, protective helmets, life jackets; blank audio, video and data tapes and discs; phonograph recordings; pre-recorded tapes and discs featuring presentation and interactive music, entertainment, graphics, still and moving images, text, games and general information; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 16Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials; printed matter; printed publications, books, newspapers, magazines, journals and periodicals; instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); book binding material; stationery; scrapbooks; address books; photograph albums; folders; notebooks; note pads; diaries; calendars; appointment books; autograph books; book markers; trading cards; greeting cards; photographs; postcards; pictures and posters; graphic prints; representations and reproductions; certificates; lithographs and lithographic works of art; portraits; artists materials; paint brushes; adhesives; rulers; erasers; pens; pencils; crayons; paints; pencil sharpeners; pen and pencil stands, holders or cases; rubber stamps; stencils; temporary tattoos; stickers; transfers; decals; signs; car stickers; embroidery, sewing and knitting patterns; postage stamps; badges; wrapping paper; gift bags; gift boxes; bows; ribbons; boxes; envelopes, bags, pouches and decorative packaging made of cardboard, paper or plastics materials; table linen of paper; paper tablecloths; paper table napkins; paper banners; paper party bags; paper and cardboard coasters.
Class 25Clothing, footwear, headgear; outerwear clothing; sportswear; leisurewear; casual wear; swimwear; nightwear; underwear; Halloween costumes; leotards; swimsuits; belts; scarves; ski wear; neckties; gloves; hats; caps; bandanas; boots; shoes; slippers.
Class 28Toys; puppets; marionettes; games and playthings; models; action figures and accessories; collectable figures; toy and novelty face masks; toy musical boxes; toy musical instruments; toy models; puzzles; kites; play balls; playing cards; party novelties and balloons; paper hats; snow globes; Christmas tree decorations (except illumination articles and confectionery); mobiles (toys); automatic games; dolls; dolls clothing and accessories; plush toys; soft toys; stuffed and bean-filled toys; balloons; jigsaws; gymnastic and sporting articles; playground activity apparatus; surfboards; sail boards; snow boards; sports and games equipment; flippers; floats and inflatable toys for play purposes; plastic toys; bath toys; play sets; developmental toys; wheeled toys; skateboards; roller skates; rollerblades; scooters; bicycles and tricycles; sit on rides; costumes being childrens playthings; toys for pet animals; animated toys and games including those which are electronically and/or digitally operated; mechanical toys; wind-up toys; electronic games and amusement apparatus other than for use with television receivers; hand held unit for playing electronic games; amusement game machines; arcade games; arcade-type video games; stand alone video game machines; board games; chess sets; building blocks.
Class 38Broadcasting; communications and telecommunications; interactive broadcasting and communications services; broadcast, transmission, delivery, reception and other dissemination of audio, video, still and moving images, information, text and data whether in real or delayed time; multimedia content; web pages; electronic mail services; interactive broadcasting services; services which allow messages, information and data to be transmitted from one party to another; the provision or operation of discussion forums, chat rooms, web logs and message boards; web casting; provision of communications for interactive television and radio broadcasting; broadcasting and communications by means of or aided by computer, broadcasting and transmission of digital information; wireless communications services; interactive telephone services; communication services by means of radio waves, television, the Internet, the worldwide web, cable, satellite, microwave and the electricity grid; communications by line, wireless, cable, wire or fibre; transmission of digital and animated information, pictures and film; provision of information and advisory services relating to any of the aforesaid services.
Class 41Entertainment, education, recreation, instruction, tuition and training services; entertainment, education and instruction by or relating to radio, television, cinema and theatre; entertainment in the field of news, variety, comedy, music, talk, sports, stunts and interviews; production, preparation, presentation, distribution, syndication, networking and rental of motion picture films, television and radio programmes, music, sound and video recordings and of animated films; production of live entertainment features; production of television entertainment features; motion picture entertainment; television entertainment and live performances and shows; provision of film, television and video studio facilities; film, television and video production and direction; special effects services; animation production services; provision of animation studio facilities; operation and direction of animatronic devices and puppets; training and direction of operators of animatronic devices and puppets; training and direction of actors and performers; amusement park and theme park services; production of books, magazines and periodicals; production and rental of educational and instructional materials; providing on-line publications; publishing services (including electronic publishing services); organisation, production and presentation of events for educational, cultural or entertainment purposes; organisation, production and presentation of competitions, contests, games, quizzes, exhibitions, sporting events, shows, road shows, staged events, theatrical performances, concerts, live performances and audience participation events; entertainment services provided by means of the Internet; electronic games services provided from a computer database or by means of the Internet; arranging and conducting conferences; provision of information for accessing via communication and computer networks; writing and editing services for the creation and production of poetry, verse, plays and stories, audio and film production services; provision of information and advisory services relating to any of the aforesaid services, including on-line from a database or the Internet.
Names and addresses
ProprietorScaryCat Studio
Unit 6.1 The Paintworks, 275 Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefPunkNutsTM
ADP Number0994126001