UK Trademark 2572331

Mark ClaimlimitThe mark consists of the colours yellow (as exemplified by Pantone number 123C) and blue (as exemplified by Pantone number 662C) as shown in the attached representation, as applied to the external surface of petrol pump poles.
Classes04, 37
Relevant dates
Filing Date15 February 2011
List of goods or services
Class 04Fuels, oils and greases, namely, gasoline, motor lubricating oil; fuel for internal combustion engines, namely, gasoline and diesel; fuel for aircraft; vaporized fuel mixtures, namely, natural gas, ethane, propane and butanes; lubricating oils, namely, gear oil, transmission oils, industrial oils and railroad oil; synthetic industrial oil; motor oil; benzene.
Class 37Maintenance, fueling and washing services for automotive vehicles, airplanes, and other powered craft rendered at service stations and airport terminals.
Names and addresses
ProprietorConocoPhillips Company
600 North Dairy Ashford Road, MA-1135, Houston, Texas, 77079, United States of America
Incorporated StateDelaware
Incorporated CountryUnited States of America
Residence CountryUnited States of America
Customers Ref93.M97766
ADP Number0831129001
St. Bride's House, 10 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8JD
ADP Number0000166001