UK Trademark 2537474

Classes09, 35, 38, 41, 42, 45
Relevant dates
Filing Date18 January 2010
Next Renewal Date18 January 2020
Registration Date28 May 2010
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 19 March 2010
Issue number 6828
Registration 11 June 2010
Issue number 6839
List of goods or services
Class 09Computer software; computer software solutions for business use in relation to human resources, recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment process insourcing, vendor management, recruitment managed services, recruitment outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, payroll, tax, financial and accounting, salary sacrifice solutions, dispensations, travel and subsistence solutions, information systems, databases, vacancies, budgeting, staffing, hiring, workforce management, recruiting, employee-retention processes, computer software for electronic timesheets and expenses management.
Class 35Business consultancy, advisory and information services in the fields of Information technology, human resource, employment agencies, recruitment, employment, accounting, payroll, auditing, tax, dispensations, compliance, salary sacrifice schemes, travel and subsistence schemes, management consulting services, business process outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, staffing, employee retention, workforce and talent management; recruitment services, namely, consultancy, advisory and information services in the fields of vendor management and neutral vendors; Business consultancy, advisory and information technology services; support services relating to all of the above.
Class 38Telecommunications; providing secure web based portals over the internet, intranet and mobile devices. Transmission of information by computer terminals, electronic mail, on-line communications, including on-line delivery of these services via a computer database, intranet or the Internet; providing user access to the Internet and intranet; providing telecommunications connections or databases; communications by computer terminals, computer aided transmission of messages and images; consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid; all aforementioned services also via the Internet.
Class 41Education, teaching and training services in relation to computer systems and software for staffing, recruitment, recruiting, employee retention, workforce management, contingent workforce, talent management, salary sacrifice solutions, dispensations, expense management, computer software and information technology services
Class 42Design and development of computer software and systems; updating, rental, managing and supporting of computer software; professional, technical and consulting services in the field of information systems, computer hardware, software and integrated systems; consulting and advisory services relating to telecommunication information systems, information technology, and computer assurance, security audit ability and continuity services; consultancy, advisory and technical support services all relating to computer software, computer hardware, computer systems, computer peripherals and networks; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software used to automate and facilitate the employee recruiting process, to manage and track information regarding employment candidates, timesheets, expenses, salary sacrifice and travel and subsistence solutions; advisory, consultancy and information service relating to the above.
Class 45Licensing of computer software.
Names and addresses
ProprietorZeel Solutions Limited
Solutions House, Pendeford Business Park, Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton, WV9 5HA
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefZeel W&L Trademark
ADP Number0963455001