UK Trademark 2522928

Classes01, 04, 09, 37, 39, 40, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date03 August 2009
Next Renewal Date03 August 2019
Registration Date13 November 2009
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 04 September 2009
Issue number 6801
Registration 04 December 2009
Issue number 6814
List of goods or services
Class 01Ammonia; Nitrogen; Chlorine; Protective gases for welding; Solidified gases for industrial purposes; Dry ice (carbon dioxide); Hydrogen; Oxygen; Alkaline-earth metals; Carbon; Flowers of sulphur for chemical purposes; Graphite for industrial purposes; Rare earths; Carbonic acid; Mineral acid; Sulphuric acid; Aluminium hydrate; Bases (chemical preparations); Calcined soda; Caustics for industrial purposes; Antimony oxide; Titanium dioxide for industrial purposes; Aluminium silicate; Sal ammoniac; Lead arsenate; Bichromate of soda; Carbonates; Carbide; Salts from rare earth metals; Chrome alum; Dolomite for industrial purposes; Kieselgur; Salts for industrial purposes; Phosphatides; Bismuth nitrite for chemical purposes; Barytes; Chlorides; Diatomaceous earth; Acetic anhydride; Benzoic acid; Catechu; Lactic acid; Oleic acid; Oxalic acid; Acetates (chemicals); Sorrel salt; Benzene derivatives; Ethane; Carbonic hydrates; Methane; Methyl benzol for industrial purposes; Glycerine for industrial purposes; Glycol; Ethers; Methyl ether; Phenol for industrial purposes; Hydrazine; Thiocarbanilide; Alkaloids; Ketones; Aldehydes; Formic aldehyde for chemical purposes; Esters; Albumen (animal or vegetable, raw material); Albumen (Iodised); Albuminized paper; Lecithin (raw material); Casein for industrial purposes; Glucose for industrial purposes; Starch for industrial purposes; Enzymes for industrial purposes; Surface-active chemical agents; Dioxide of hydrogen; Distilled water ; Bacteriological preparations for acetification; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Chemicals used in Fermenting wine; Saccharin; Hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit; Beer preserving agents.
Class 04Ether (petroleum); Coal tar oil; Naphtha; Petroleum (raw or refined); Xylol; Xylene; Benzene; Benzol; Preservatives for leather; Industrial oil; Oils for paints; Motor oil; Lubricating oil; Lubricants; Fuel; Petrol; Diesel oil; Carburants; Fuel gas; Oil-gas; Solidified gases (fuel); Producer gas; Anthracite; Coal; Coke; Lignite; Coal dust (fuel); Electrical energy.
Class 09Electronic publications (downloadable); Integrated circuit cards (smartcards); Self-regulating fuel pumps; Electronic notice boards; Optical communication device; Measuring instruments; Optical apparatus and instruments; Electric cables; Electric regulating apparatus; Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; Solar batteries.
Class 37Mining extraction; Drilling of wells; Motor vehicle maintenance and repair; Vehicle service stations [Refuelling and maintenance].
Class 39Transport; Transport brokerage; Packaging of goods; Boat rental; Stevedoring; River transport; Marine transport; Car transport; Railway transport; Water supplying; Electricity distribution; Distribution of energy.
Class 40Production of energy.
Class 42Technical research; Engineering; Quality control; Geological research; Chemical research.
Names and addresses
ProprietorXinao Group Co.,Ltd.
Huaxiang Road, Langfang Econimoc and Technological Development, Zone, Hebei Province, People's Republic of China
Incorporated CountryChina
Residence CountryChina
Customers RefA.89041/DR
ADP Number0954580001
ServiceLysaght & Co.
P.O. Box 49, 39 La Motte Street, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 5NB
ADP Number0767069001