UK Trademark 2515023 QINETIQ

Classes07, 09, 12, 13, 22, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 45
Relevant dates
Filing Date29 April 2009
Next Renewal Date29 April 2019
Registration Date04 September 2009
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 26 June 2009
Issue number 6791
Registration 25 September 2009
Issue number 6804
List of goods or services
Class 07Machine tools; motors and engines, (except land vehicles); machines for generating power; power generating apparatus; controlled access security apparatus (mechanical); turbines for power generation; wind turbines; winches; winch deployment systems; bearings; air turbines (not for land vehicles); machines for use in digging and excavation; hydraulic flight control units; rocket engines for the propulsion of airborne weapons; rocket motor propulsion apparatus for weapons; hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic control apparatus for robots; robots (machines); actuating mechanisms for operating and controlling aircraft flaps; aircraft engines; apparatus for aircraft landing gear; blades for aircraft turbines; cleaning machines for aircraft and aircraft runways; combustion engines for aircraft; exhaust apparatus for aircraft; pneumatically operated apparatus for de-icing aircraft wings; power transmission apparatus for aircraft; rocket motor propulsion apparatus for aircraft; waste disposal apparatus; stored energy deployment mechanism predominantly composed of pulleys, cables, winches, stored energy power sources, including batteries, springs or compressed gas, for the automatic or remote deployment or retraction of vehicle and aircraft arresting devices; parts and fittings for the aforesaid; none of the aforesaid goods for use in the field of automation in the field of industry or manufacturing.
Class 09Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), lifesaving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission, or reproduction of sound or images; computer software and hardware; magnetic data carriers; thermal imaging devices and software; optical sensor units for geophysical analysis; security and surveillance equipment; photographic apparatus and equipment; optical devices; communications devices; antenna; wireless communication devices; electronic display apparatus; marine and aeronautical communication devices; telephones; radio and television apparatus and equipment; satellites; closed circuit television surveillance cameras for detecting intruders, fire, smoke, foreign bodies or criminal activity; electronic, optical, satellite and telescopic target surveillance apparatus; radar, radar detectors, radar reflectors; scanners working at optical, radar and millimetric wave frequency; access security apparatus; apparatus for scanning the retina for the security identification of persons; iris recognition security devices; apparatus for use in security control; cards encoded with security features for authentication and identification purposes; cards of plastics bearing magnetically encoded information for security use; counterfeit money and document detecting apparatus; closed circuit television security apparatus; controlled access security apparatus; data security apparatus and instruments; software for information technology security; earth satellites for use in the security surveillance of persons, vehicles and geographical locations; electronic security installations for use in buildings; electronic security tags; heat sensitive cameras and devices for security purposes; tags and labels [magnetic or encoded] for use in marking products for identification, security or stock control; printed matter for security purposes [machine readable]; security apparatus for receiving, transmitting, storing and processing video and/or audio signals; telecommunications security instruments; transmitters for use in security; satellite apparatus and equipment; target surveillance apparatus; satellite navigation apparatus and software; satellite tracking and global positioning systems; mine detectors; detectors operating by processing radar, sonar or video signals; radar based system for surveying surfaces such as runways, roads, rail tracks, to detect, locate and identify foreign objects, debris or hazards; sonar apparatus; thermal imaging devices; software and systems for monitoring the movement of vehicles, including aircraft, shipping and submarines; satellite imagery photo interpretation software; training simulators for aviation purposes; protective clothing, footwear, suits and headgear including that for use by military personnel, aircraft personnel, pilots, astronauts, divers; control devices for turbines; turbine meters; apparatus for signalization underground; electronic instruments for the automatic control of mine hunting operations; mine (explosive-)counter-measure apparatus; bomb sights; solar energy collectors for power generation; solar energy operating apparatus; devices for measuring wind direction and speed; wind tunnels being measuring installations and testing installations; target sights for artillery [laser] and for guns [laser]; lasers for guiding and controlling machine tools; airborne apparatus for the calibration of radio navigation equipment; calibration devices; flight control apparatus; flight path controls for missiles and projectiles; flight simulators for aircraft and for space vehicles; sensors for tracking missiles and projectiles in flight; apparatus for the guidance of weapon systems; composite optical apparatus for the aiming of weapons; control apparatus (automatic, electronic) for military weapons; data processors for training operators of weapons systems; day sights for weapons [telescopic]; electric cells for providing electric power to weapons systems; electrical impulse generators for the detonating and firing of weapons; electronic apparatus for counter-jamming and jamming weapon systems; encoded programs for weapon systems computers; encryption apparatus for use in weapons guidance systems; radar receivers and transmitters; sight devices [telescopic] for aeronautical and naval and terrestrial weapon uses; simulators for simulating the operation of weapons; simulators for training operators in weapons systems control and operation of weapons; testing apparatus for checking components used in weapons systems; weapon simulators; weapons control apparatus; apparatus for the measurement of body size / shape, foot size/shape or footwear; apparatus for determining fitting information for clothing, footwear or prosthetics; imaging apparatus for imaging bodies, feet and/or footwear especially for size and/or shape measurement; three dimensional imaging apparatus especially for imaging bodies, feet and/or footwear; apparatus for scanning; scanners; frequency scanners; image scanners; optical apparatus for scanning; rapid scan cameras; x-ray scanners (not for medical use); apparatus for scanning materials, vehicles, structures for flaws, corrosion, damage and cracks; control apparatus (automatic, electric or electronic) for robots; digital controls for robots; robots for military and security use, including for explosive detection and handling purposes; operating systems for robots; aircraft cockpit instrumentation; aircraft landing guidance apparatus and instruments; apparatus for testing in the aircraft industry; apparatus for the automatic, remote and directional control of aircraft; armament testing apparatus for use on aircraft; portable communications and testing apparatus for aircraft; scientific apparatus for installation in aircraft; simulators for training personnel in the ground control of aircraft; stabilizing devices for aircrafts; strategic telecommunication apparatus for aircraft; ultrasonic apparatus for scanning aircraft components for flaws; cameras for military use; metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; military electronic and optical apparatus; topographic apparatus for military use; transformers being electromagnetic devices for military applications; breathing apparatus for protective purposes; electronic protective fences in the nature of activated invisible barriers; protective helmets and masks; protective eyewear; ballistic resistant clothing, footwear and headgear; periscopes for use on vehicles; diving apparatus, breathing apparatus for diving, wet suits for diving, diving goggles; mobile data communications apparatus; shields for protecting body against ballistics, weapons and injury; fibre optic apparatus; fibre optic sensors to detect instability in materials, structures, cables and pipelines, rail tracks, borders and for detecting persons and foreign bodies; camera stabilising equipment; fibre optic cables; fuel cells; batteries; lithium batteries; speakers and sound systems; fibrescopes (other than for medical use); parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods; none of the aforesaid goods being for use in connection with or for factory automation, material handling and or the automotive manufacturing plant industries.
Class 12Vehicles; military vehicles, space vehicles, armoured vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; aircraft; underwater craft; unmanned vehicles for locomotion by land, air or water; anti-theft and security devices for vehicles [other than locks]; helicopter blades; turbines for vehicles; parts and fittings for aircraft, land and sea vehicles; minesweeper towing apparatus; minesweepers [ships]; motorised military vehicles for the transportation and launch of weapons; weapon carriage and release apparatus for installation on military craft, land vehicles and water vehicles; unmanned transportation robots; aircraft; aircraft flap braking installations; aircraft interior panels; aircraft landing gear and wheels; aircraft manoeuvring apparatus; alarm systems for aircraft; apparatus for dropping loads from aircraft; bodies for aircraft; vehicle brakes; buoyancy bags adapted for use with aircraft; drag parachutes for aircraft; ejector seats [for aircraft]; pilot less aircraft; tyres; unmanned airborne apparatus for causing aircraft to change course; wings for aircraft; apparatus for land locomotion by parachute; parachute apparatus assemblies; parachute canopies, harnesses and packs; parachutes for arresting the motion of vehicles; armour plates [shaped] for vehicles; armour protection apparatus; armoured bodies for vehicles; tracks for armoured vehicles; aerospace apparatus; electric security apparatus [other than locks] for vehicles; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.
Class 13Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks; anti-tank mines; explosive devices for minefield breaching; explosive devices for minefield clearance; fuses for explosives, for use in mines; safety apparatus being part of or for affixing to munitions casings to prevent unintentional detonation or ignition namely a device to force open a valve or puncture the casing to release pressure or heat, such device being activated by changes in temperature or pressure; guided antitank mines; mines [explosives]; sea mines; bombs; guided bombs; guided mortar bombs; multi-munitions stand-off bombs; target sights for artillery [other than electronic, laser or telescopic]; target sights for guns [other than electronic, laser or telescopic]; actuators being parts of weapon ejecting and loading installations; apparatus for firing and launching weapons; cartridges for carrying materials to be deployed in weapon installations; containers for launching weapons and for storing weapons; air delivered weapons; decoy apparatus [weapon]; decoy installations [weapon]; firing platforms [weapons]; tanks [weapons]; tanks [weapons] being tracked vehicles; tear-gas personal attack defence weapons; tear-gas weapons; weapons; unmanned remote-controlled powered aircraft for use as military targets; protective shields adapted for firearms; armour-piercing projectiles; smoke missiles for armoured vehicles.
Class 22Ropes, string, nets, tarpaulins, sails; padding and stuffing materials; nets, being vehicle and aircraft arresting devices, including spiked non-metallic nets, and parts and fittings therefor.
Class 35Advice relating to business management, personnel management; advisory services relating to [business] risk management; analysis of business management systems; business management and organization consultancy; business management services relating to the acquisition and development of businesses; business project management; computerised data-base management; data management consultancy; facilities management, namely administration, business management, personnel management and recruiting; management advice; management of business [for others]; management of business projects [for others]; risk management consultancy [business]; team building (personnel management); collection of data for others; economic analysis for business purposes; economic forecasting; economic forecasting analysis for business purposes; economic studies for business purposes; cost analysis; cost price analysis; repair costs evaluation [financial appraisal]; business strategy planning; analysis of company behaviour; preparation and analysis of business statistics.
Class 36Economic financial research services; financial economic advisory services; financial economic analysis; acquisition for financial investment; advice relating to investments; consultancy services relating to investment; financial investment research services; investment advice; investment consultations; investment research; consultancy and advisory services relating to insurance; leasing of land; financial risk management.
Class 37Information services relating to installation and maintenance of security systems; installation of security systems; building project management; construction management services; facilities management, namely construction, maintenance, cleaning and repair; installation of traffic management systems; installation and maintenance of complex infrastructures; installation and maintenance of panelling; advisory services relating to the construction, repair and maintenance of civil engineering structures; advisory services relating to the construction of mechanical engineering structures; civil engineering; marine engineering; civil engineering [construction] consultancy; construction engineering; marine engineering; project preparation relating to civil and construction engineering; modification of aircraft equipment namely upgrading, renewing or repair of such equipment.
Class 39Transportation and storage of explosives and weapons; inspection of aircraft; hire of vehicles for locomotion by land, air and/or water; management of aircraft operations; rental of aircraft, land and watercraft vehicle parts.
Class 40Processing of waste materials; prototype fabrication for others; metal coating; metal processing; treatment of metals; treatment of waste materials; treatment of materials; decontamination of nuclear waste and materials; decommissioning of munitions; disposal of explosives and weapons; recycling; production of energy; generating of electricity and power; processing of fuels.
Class 41Educational services; training services; arranging and conducting of conferences and exhibitions; flight instruction; advisory services relating to training; arranging and conducting of workshops [training]; arranging of conferences relating to training; arranging of demonstrations for training purposes; arranging of displays for training purposes; arranging of presentations for training purposes; certification of education and training awards; computer assisted training services; computer training; conducting training seminars; conducting workshops [training]; pilot training; military training; physical fitness training; driver training; language training; training services; provision of training facilities; technical training relating to security, aviation, information security and defence; training in the operation of software systems; training in the use of computers, security equipment, weapons, optical equipment; training services for personnel; training services relating to first aid, fitness, flying, logistics, sub aquatic activities, submarine diving; vocational training services; training services in the fields of aerospace, defence, electronics, information technology security.
Class 42Engineering, scientific, technical and information and consultancy services; research, development and design services; maritime engineering consultancy; provision of technical consultancy to oil and gas industries; provision of technical consultancy in the field of renewable energy and the environment; aviation engineering consultancy; test evaluation, trials and analytical services; quality control services; project management; design and maintenance of software; rental of scientific and engineering and trials equipment and facilities; data security services [Firewalls]; professional consultancy relating to computer security; research relating to security; testing of security products; calibration [measuring]; calibration of instruments and machines; development of electronic surveillance apparatus; chemical analysis services for use in evaluation; materials evaluation and testing; product evaluation; evaluating weapons systems and security and surveillance systems; testing, evaluating and assessing vehicles, aviation apparatus and instruments; advisory services relating to scientific research; advisory services relating to technological research; bacteriological research; biochemistry research services; biological research; research and development in the field of pharmaceuticals, materials and nano-materials; biotechnological research relating to industry; computer design research; computer research services; computer software research; consultancy services relating to technological research; development of products; electrical research; electro technical research; engineering research; research in the field of environmental protection and environmental impact assessment; laboratory research; management of scientific research projects; mathematical research services; mechanical research; photographic research; preparation of reports relating to scientific research and technical research; research relating to technology; research relating to telecommunication techniques; research into fire detection equipment, fire fighting equipment; analytical laboratory services; laboratory analysis; laboratory services; laboratory testing of materials; biological development services; computer software development; computer systems development; design and development of vehicles, aircraft, land craft, watercraft and spacecraft; inspection of vehicles for safety, performance and roadworthiness; research facilities and testing facilities including weapons ranges, vehicle and aircraft testing facilities; design and development of computer based networks, computer codes, computer languages; design and development of risk assessment models for use in the insurance market; provision of technical advice to insurance and financial institutions to aid the assessment of risk and claims; management of and conducting of trials for others; encryption of data; research and development of packaging; design and development of electronic surveillance apparatus; development of electronic systems for detecting lost articles or foreign bodies on surfaces; design and development of anti-counterfeiting technologies; development of engines and industrial machinery; design, development and research services relating to protective clothing, footwear and headgear; development of testing methods; industrial development; feet measuring services especially for fitting or adjustment of footwear including children's footwear, fashion and leisure footwear, sports/activity foot aids or prosthetics; human performance test facilities; provision of centrifuge facilities; provision of deep sea diving and diving test facilities; engineering services and technological studies relating to robots; rental and leasing of scientific, environmental and engineering test facilities, including wind tunnels, climatic test facilities, vehicle emission test facilities, vehicle testing facilities, weapon test facilities, turbine test facilities; advisory services relating to environmental protection, airborne remote monitoring relating to environmental explorations; consultancy services relating to environmental planning; environmental consultancy services; environmental hazard assessment; conducting of botanical and biological surveys; environmental surveys; environmental testing; environmental testing of exhaust emissions; environmental testing of noise pollution; environmental testing of vibration; research in the field of environmental protection and impact; assessing effects of noise, radiation, pollution and emissions; atmospheric analysis, interior and exterior; acoustic analysis; space environment analysis and provision of advice on in-orbit space debris and space radiation hazards; technological advisory services relating to mining and mining machinery; mapping services; environmental mapping services; drift mapping services; seabed mapping services; ocean characteristic and tidal mapping services; terrain mapping services; architectural project management; design of business management networks; design of information systems relating to management; engineering project management services; management of scientific research projects; off site building project management; project management [design]; design of equipment for the transportation, disposal and treatment of waste; architectural consultancy, design and planning; forensic advice relating to damage assessment, explosions and vehicle accidents; computer forensics services; digital investigative services; protection of computer networks; collection, analysis and management of geospatial data; testing of network security; design and development of panelling; advisory services relating to design and industrial engineering; biochemical engineering services; computer aided design engineering services; computer engineering and consultancy services; electrical engineering services; engineering; engineering project management services; engineering project studies; engineering services relating to computers, robotics, weapons, vehicles, communications systems, packaging products, electronic systems; security systems; professional consultancy relating to ergonomics; 3D and 4D scanning and modelling services; none of the aforesaid services in the field of automation for industry or manufacturing.
Class 45Access (Control of- ) for security purposes; consultancy and advisory services relating to defence and security of persons, armed forces, oil and gas installations and pipelines, supply chain, computer systems, networks and databases, military personnel, borders, ports and other transport networks; aircraft and transport system security services; airline passenger and passenger screening [security] services; airport security services; baggage inspection for security purposes; biological security services; scanning and screening of vehicles; biometric security services; computerised security services for business establishments; employment screening services [security checking]; facilities management, namely contract management, health and safety inspection and security; microchip security services; psychological testing for security purposes; psychometric testing for security purposes; rental of security apparatus; rental of security surveillance apparatus; security assessment of risks; security services relating to computerised data; security surveillance; electronic surveillance; arranging licenses for research; licensing of research and development; rental of protective clothing, footwear and headgear; aircraft safety services; consultancy services relating to health and safety; facilities management, namely contract management, health and safety inspection and security; fire safety consultancy services; information services relating to health and safety; project studies relating to health and safety; rental of safety apparatus; research relating to safety; safety evaluation; safety assessment services; legal services.
Names and addresses
ProprietorQinetiQ Limited
Cody Technology Park, Ively Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 0LX
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefT2031/GBD1
ADP Number0817687001
ServiceQinetiQ Limited Intellectual Property
Malvern Technology Centre, St Andrews Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3PS
ADP Number0908211001