UK Trademark 2467018

Series Of2
Classes37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 45
Relevant dates
Filing Date13 September 2007
Next Renewal Date13 September 2017
Registration Date02 May 2008
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 25 January 2008
Issue number 6720
Registration 23 May 2008
Issue number 6736
List of goods or services
Class 37Construction and repair of sea and river defences; maintenance of sea, coastal and river defences; landscaping; construction and repair services relating to land, namely, the creation of conservation areas and the protection of wildlife habitats; pier breakwater building; building construction; repair, maintenance and installation services; building restoration and preservation services; advisory, information and consultancy services relating to apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigeration, drying, ventilating, soundproofing, water and sanitary purposes; cleaning of waterways, rivers, estuaries, coastal waters, territorial water and beaches; dredging; cleaning of land; advisory services relating to the cleaning of land; consultancy, information and advice relating to all of the aforesaid services.
Class 39Provision of information and advice regarding transportation.
Class 40Treatment and disposal of radioactive, industrial, agricultural, horticultural and commercial waste; decontamination of land; treatment of materials; advisory services relating to the decontamination of land; disposal of waste; consultancy, information and advice relating to all of the aforesaid services.
Class 41Arranging and conducting of colloquia, conferences, seminars and symposia; provision of educational information relating to the environment; organisation of exhibitions and lectures for educational purposes; provision of recreational facilities and water based recreation; educational, training and instruction services; arranging and conducting colloquiums, conferences, congresses, seminars and symposiums for educational, cultural and entertainment purposes; organisation of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; organisation of awards; publishing services including electronic publishing; production of sound and video recordings; entertainment; museum services, sporting and cultural activities; production, editing and rental of sound and video recordings and films, organising games and competitions, rental of consumer domestic electric and electronic goods, namely, rental of amusement machines, audio and visual apparatus and equipment, camcorders, compact disc players and compact discs, fruit machines, cassette players, cassette recorders, cassette tapes, audio tapes, video cameras, video cassettes, video discs, video tapes, CD-ROMs, radio sets, television sets and computer monitors, rental of toys, games and playthings; gymnasium services; information and advisory services relating to the foregoing; including the provision of such services online, by way of the Internet and worldwide web; consultancy, information and advice relating to all of the aforesaid services.
Class 42Legal, regulatory, licensing and/or environmental conservation and consultancy services, conservation of wildlife; provision of environmental impact assessment reports; provision of strategic environmental impact assessment reports; provision of ecological assessment reports; provision of technical information and advice regarding sustainability in development projects, including information and advice regarding energy, materials, waste and land use; flood risk assessments; design of drainage schemes; surveying and conducting surveys of aquatic wildlife; sampling for contamination; provision of reports and information regarding contamination; protection of rivers, ground water, estuaries, coastal, territorial waters, fisheries, flora and fauna; planning and consultancy services relating to aquatic resources, fisheries, recreation, conservation, flood defences and land drainage; environmental help line services; flood warning services; advisory services with regard to water, air and land pollution; scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware; computer programming services; computer software network services; computer software technical support services; computer software planning and installation services, maintenance and consultancy services relating to computer software, design services; laboratory analysis and testing services; monitoring of soil, water and air quality, flow of rivers, quality of beaches and bathing water, biological quality of rivers and fish life, abstraction and discharge of effluent, rainfall and sea levels; medical research services, bacteriological research, biological research, chemical analysis, chemical research; engineering, material testing, research in the field of physics; technical project studies; research and development services; technical and scientific consulting services; preparation of scientific, technological and chemical reports; design, development, analysis, testing, assessment, assistance and advice including in the field of chemical products and services; management, consultancy, development, application, advice, assistance, analysis, design, evaluation, and programming and licensing of computer software, firmware, hardware; consultancy advice relating to the evaluation, choosing and implementation of computer software, firmware, hardware, information technology and of data processing systems, recovery of computer data; advice and assistance relating to computer software and hardware and information technology systems; non-business professional consultancy; meteorological information services; architectural services, rental and licensing of computer software, firmware and hardware; provision of information relating to technical matters and information technology; design and planning services in relation to flood defences; design of engineering works; forecasting and reporting weather, provision of weather information; compilation and dissemination of environmental information and advice; environmental consultancy services, including the authorisation of waste handlers, the regulation and licensing of navigation, monitoring the environment, environmental conservation and hazard assessment; environmental monitoring, surveys, testing and research; advice, assessment, consultancy, monitoring, surveying, testing, research and information services concerning the environment, pollution, waste; including but not limited to, all the aforesaid services provided via telecommunications networks, by online delivery and by way of the Internet and the world wide web; consultancy, information and advice relating to all of the aforesaid services.
Class 45Advisory, consultancy and information services relating to regulatory affairs and provision of regulatory information; legal matters; regulation and licensing in relation to water abstraction and impoundment, regulatory and licensing services in relation to aquatic resources, fisheries, recreation, conservation, flood defences and land drainage as well as the management of pollution, waste and radioactive substances; provision of legal advice and information; advice, assessment, consultancy, monitoring, surveying, testing, research, and information services concerning the law.
Names and addresses
ProprietorPhlorum Limited
The Sussex Innovation Centre, Science Park Square, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9SB
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefIW/TM8308GB00
ADP Number0918308001
ServiceGroom Wilkes & Wright LLP
'The Haybarn', Upton End Farm Business Park, Meppershall Road, Shillington, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 3PF
ADP Number0849583001