UK Trademark 2461509

Series Of2
Classes03, 04, 05, 07, 09, 11, 16, 20, 21, 24, 35, 36, 39
Relevant dates
Filing Date16 July 2007
Next Renewal Date16 July 2017
Registration Date02 May 2008
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 25 January 2008
Issue number 6720
Registration 23 May 2008
Issue number 6736
List of goods or services
Class 03Bleaching preparations included in Class 3; impregnated cloths for cleaning; substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring or abrasive preparations; laundry tablets; dishwasher tablets; dishwashing substances; stain removers; dry cleaning cloths; dry cleaning substances; dry cleaning preparations; soaps, perfumery, essential oils; cosmetics; hair lotions; dentifrices; preparations for the body, hair, scalp, skin, eyes and nails; cosmetics, makeup; lipstick, lip gloss, lip balms, lip liner, lip colour; lip contour; nail colour; foundation, face powder, blush; mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow; moisturising creams, lotions, cleansers, serums and toners, facial masks, face creams; body creams; talc; deodorants; anti-perspirants; body lotions; shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair colour, hair mousse; perfumes, colognes; toiletries, fragrances; depilatories; cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; pumice stones; shaving preparations; sanitary preparations and substances (other than for medical purposes).
Class 04Industrial oils and greases, lubricants; dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions, fuels, illuminants, candles, wicks.
Class 05Pharmaceutical or veterinary preparations or substances; sanitary preparations and substances for medical purposes; food for babies; infant's and invalids' foods; medical or surgical plasters or bandages; material prepared for bandaging; tampons and sanitary towels; disinfectants (other than for laying or absorbing dust); medicated sweets, dietetic substances adapted for medicinal use; medicinal herbs; herbal teas for medicinal purposes; fish oils; vitamin or mineral preparations and supplements; dental wax; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides; sanitary knickers; air freshening preparations; air purifying preparations; filled first aid boxes; eye wash; incontinence pads; incontinence products; insect and fly destroying preparations; medicated bathing preparations; disposable nappies made of paper or cellulose for incontinents; incontinence pads.
Class 07Appliances, including clothes washing machines, clothes drying machines, dishwashers, food waste disposers, food waste and trash compactors, food mixing machines and attachments, food or drink blenders for household purposes, food or drink preparation machines, electromechanical beverage making machines; coffee makers, espresso machines, cappuccino machines, tea makers and parts and fittings therefor; machines for domestic use included in Class 7; cleaning machines; vacuum cleaners; vacuum cleaner parts and fittings.
Class 09Weighing or measuring apparatus; optical apparatus and instruments; apparatus for regulating, switching, controlling, transforming, transmitting, conducting or monitoring electricity; adding and calculating machines; pocket calculators; aerials; alarms; buzzers; bells; alcohol meters; anti-theft warning apparatus; smoke detectors; fire extinguishers; fire blankets; fire extinguishing apparatus; electric locks; batteries; battery chargers; cabinets for loudspeakers; camcorders; cameras; photographic apparatus; film cutting apparatus; films; cinematographic films; cassette players; personal stereos; compact disc players; compact discs; head cleaning tapes; headphones; loud speakers; tape recorders; sound and/or video recording, reproduction and transmitting apparatus; radios; record players; telephones; answering machines; modems; telephone apparatus; sound or video recordings; television apparatus; sound or video recording media; video cassettes; video recorders; CD rom discs; magnetic tapes; cases; cash registers; clocks; egg timers; computers; computer games; computer keyboards; computer memories; computer programmes; computer peripheral devices; computer software; computer firmware; floppy discs; data bearing record carriers for computers; data processing apparatus; amusement apparatus; electric cables; electric cable extension leads; audiovisual teaching apparatus; contact lenses; containers for contact lenses; eye glasses, sunglasses, goggles for sport; optical apparatus and instruments; spectacle frames; anti-glare visors; binoculars; dictating machines; facsimile machines; portable and mobile telephones; calculators; dimmers for lights; ear plugs; electronic notice boards; pocket translators; electronic tags; encoded magnetic cards; electric irons; floats for bathing and swimming; fuses; electrically heated hair curlers; electrical devices for attracting and killing insects; plugs, sockets and other electrical connectors; electric switches; remote control apparatus; head regulating apparatus; boiler control instruments; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; central processing units; protective clothing; life jackets; alarms; life saving apparatus; parts and fittings included in Class 9 for all the aforesaid goods; information provided in electronic form; electrical apparatus and equipment.
Class 11Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply or sanitary purposes; bath fittings; bath installations; toasters, bread makers; electric kettles; sandwich makers; grills; electric coffee filters; electric coffee machines; electric coffee percolators; coffee roasters; electric cooking utensils; electric deep fryers; filters for drinking water, electric saucepans; cooking appliances and installations; barbeques; barbeque grills; cooling installations for water; cycle lights; electric lamps; hangings for lamps; lighting control apparatus; electric baby bottle warmers; hot plates; ceiling lights; light bulbs; lights for Christmas trees; sockets for electric lights; steam facial apparatus; electric blankets; hair dryers; hot water bottles; apparatus for laundry purposes; laundry dryers; air conditioning apparatus; parts and fittings included in Class 11 for all the aforesaid goods; domestic appliances in Class 11.
Class 16Paper, printed matter and publications, brochures, printed plastic cards, stationery, stationery gift sets, paper articles and cardboard articles, pens, pencils, rulers, staplers and staples, adhesives, adhesive tape, paint boxes; artists' materials; books, office requisites (other than furniture), chalks, chalkboards, and modelling clay, cardboard storage boxes, organizers, cards, greeting cards, paper bags; carrier bags or paper or plastic; wrapping paper, paper and paper tissues for cleaning purposes; lens cleaning papers; paper and plastic dust bags for cleaning apparatus; paper napkins, plastic film for wrapping, plastic bags, table linen of paper, table mats of paper, microwave cooking bags; paper towels; babies' disposable nappies made of paper or cellulose; babies disposable napkin pants; plastic or paper sanitary pants; paper flags; toilet paper; photographs; posters; dustbin liner bags; freezer bags; microwave bags; plastic disposable bags for sanitary bin bags; compostable rubbish bags or sacks.
Class 20Furniture, mirrors, goods (not included in other classes) made of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, whalebone, shell, amber, mother of pearl or meerschaum; mattresses; pet kennels; magazine racks; containers made wholly or principally of plastic materials; articles made of basket-ware; coat-hangers, clothes-pegs, mats for sinks, trays; cushions; bedding (other than bed linen); sleeping bags; curtain rails; shelves; indoor slatted blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds made of wood or of non-textile plastics materials; straws for drinking; plastic and wooden storage containers; bathroom cabinets, garden furniture, bathroom furniture; picture frames; cots; toy chests; bins of wood or plastic; parts and fittings included in Class 20 for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 21Kitchenware; tableware; small domestic utensils and containers (none of precious metal or coated therewith); combs, sponges, (not for surgical purposes); materials included in Class 21 for cleaning purposes; steel wool; brooms; brushes; including brushes for personal use; glassware, porcelain; bone china and earthenware, paper tableware; cardboard tableware; plastic tableware; food storage containers; liquid storage containers; plastic bathroom fittings; cleaning gloves; gardening gloves; garden gnomes; watering apparatus for use in the garden; bird baths; domestic appliances for making soft drinks; bins; clothes pegs; clothes racks; ironing boards; ironing board covers; laundry baskets; non-electric laundry washing and drying devices; washing up apparatus and instruments; cleaning materials for footwear; cloths and materials for cleaning purposes, including cloths impregnated with detergent or disinfectant; dispensers for cleaning materials; rubber gloves; dusters, lens cleaning cloths; cosmetic cleaning implements; dental cleaning apparatus; gift sets comprising of goods in Class 21.
Class 24Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; household textile articles; bed covers, bed linen; table covers; duvets; quilts; table linen; cushions; napkins; curtains; bathroom, kitchen and bed linen, textiles and furnishings; loose covers for garden furniture; soft furnishings; furniture coverings; towels; tea towels; fabrics for textile use; mattress covers; flannels; textile wall hangings; shower curtains; pillows, pillow shams, pillow cases.
Class 35Marketing services; advertising services; promotional services; organisation, operation, and supervision of sales and promotional incentive schemes; information and advisory services all relating to the aforesaid services; retail services connected with the sale of foodstuffs, snacks, drinks, health and beauty articles, toiletries, baby articles, cleaning articles, laundry articles, domestic or office electrical goods, CDs, DVDs, sound or video recordings, books, newspapers, periodicals, stationery goods, printed matter, diaries, greeting cards, wrapping articles, toys, games, playthings, jewellery, play jewellery, bags, Christmas decorations, tobacco, pet care articles, car care articles, cleaning apparatus, lighting apparatus, lighting equipment, gifts, housewares, textiles, small household articles, do-it-yourself equipment, gardening equipment, barbecue constituents, cutlery, china, domestic machines, glassware, furniture, ornaments, mirrors, pet care products, kitchen appliances, audio appliances, batteries, light bulbs, torches, cameras, films, televisions, ovens, food wrapping materials, fire lighting materials, water filters, bin liners, refuse sacks, fridge and freezer accessories, animal foods, animal litter, feminine hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, sanitary products, homeopathy products, plasters, dressings, bandages, insect repellents, incontinence products, nappies, baby feeding apparatus and instruments, maternity apparatus and instruments, dietetic foodstuffs.
Class 36Banking services; credit, debit and charge card services; insurance services; financial services; discount card services; automated payment services, issue and redemption tokens and vouchers; information and advisory services all relating to the aforesaid services; financial services for home mortgages, home equity, and personal loans; financial services for educational purposes; traveller's insurance, financial investment services; banking services; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; information, advisory, and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid services.
Class 39Distribution of electricity, water or gas; delivery services; delivery of goods; transportation of goods or people by road, sea, land, air or rail; arranging transportation or delivery of goods or people by road, sea, land, air or rail; advisory services in relation to all the aforesaid services.
Names and addresses
ProprietorJ Sainsbury plc
33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers Refhxf/12527-13690
ADP Number0082599001
ServiceAddleshaw Goddard LLP
100 Barbirolli Square, Manchester, M2 3AB
ADP Number0592892001