UK Trademark 2440443

Mark ClaimlimitProceeding because of distinctiveness acquired through use.
Series Of2
Classes09, 16, 21, 24, 25, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 41, 43
Relevant dates
Filing Date02 December 2006
Next Renewal Date02 December 2016
Registration Date26 September 2008
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 20 June 2008
Issue number 6740
Registration 17 October 2008
Issue number 6757
List of goods or services
Class 09Sound and/or visual recordings; pre recorded videos, tapes, films, DVDs, compact discs and CD-Is (compact disc interactive); pre recorded magnetic data carriers; electronic publications (downloadable); data and media in electronic form downloadable from the Internet; screensavers; mouse mats; computer programmes; computer software, including software downloadable from the Internet; measuring cups; measuring spoons; weighing scales for kitchen use; contact lenses, spectacles and sunglasses; cases for spectacles and sunglasses.
Class 16Printed matter; books; newsletters; magazines; journals; newspapers; periodical publications; recipe books; cookery books; recipe cards and recipe notebooks; menus; instructional and teaching materials; photographs; stationery; writing paper, envelopes, cards, postcards, greeting cards; Christmas cards, invitations; photo albums; address books; scrapbooks, note boxes, note card wallets, illustrated gift books, activity books, colouring books; keepsake boxes, bookmarks, musical greeting cards; decalcomanias, drawings, paintings, folders, files and folios, binders, calendars, advent calendars, notebooks, office requisites, paper decorations, posters, paper book covers, paper napkins, paper tablecloths, paper handkerchiefs, paper towels, paper coasters; paper tablemats; paper table linen; adhesive materials; writing, painting and drawing implements; pencil cases; pencil holders; pen and pencil sets; paint boxes; teaching apparatus and instruments; bookends; paperweights; clipboards; inkstands; inkwells; paper knives; desk accessories; trays for sorting or counting money; wrapping and packaging materials; wrapping paper; paper gift bags, gift wrap, gift tags.
Class 21Utensils and containers for household, cooking or kitchen use; pestles and mortars; cake tins, biscuit tins, trays; storage containers; saucepans, pans, pots, dishes, vases, glasses, glassware, porcelain ware, china ware, earthenware, ceramic ware, crockery, tableware; mugs; tankards; beer mugs; decanters; ice buckets; hip flasks; flasks; water bottles; articles for baking; watering cans; picnic baskets; bread bins; flat iron stands; stands for pots and dishes; pot holders; coffee and tea services; money boxes; coasters; bottle openers; boxes; articles for cleaning purposes; combs; sponges; brushes, cosmetic and toilet utensils, decorative plates; ornaments, plaques, statues and figurines, all made wholly or principally of glass, crystal, ceramics, porcelain, terracotta or earthenware; oven gloves; lunch boxes, coolers; sauce boats, dishes, soup bowls, egg cups, jugs, goblets, cruets, candle sticks, candle holders, basins, bottles, bowls, dish covers, moulds, colanders, cups, dinner services, drinking vessels, plates, saucers, servers, sifters, strainers, tea pots, coffee pots, napkin and serviette rings, articles of wood for household use, articles of wood for kitchen use, household containers of wood, chopping boards, wooden serving and cooking utensils, mixing spoons; paper cups.
Class 24Table and household linen; textile articles; bed linen; bedspreads; duvet covers; quilts; valances; covers, pillow cases and pillow shams, sheets, blankets; covers for cushions and pillows; coverings for furniture; table cloths, place mats, napkins; handkerchiefs; tea towels; curtains of textile or plastic; blinds; pennants; banners; bath linen; bath mats, shower mats, shower curtains, towels, beach towels, face towels, flannels; wall hangings; travelling rugs; cotton, silk and wool fabrics.
Class 25Articles of clothing; T-shirts; footwear; headgear; articles of occupational clothing for use by chefs and catering staff; chefs' whites; paper hats for wear by chefs; sun visors; swimwear; water-resistant clothing; uniforms; gloves; ties; socks; aprons, bathrobes, dressing gowns.
Class 29Meat and meat products; fish and fish products; shellfish and shellfish products; game and game products; poultry and poultry products; foods and salads made wholly or principally wholly from meat, fish, shellfish, poultry or game; seafood; seaweed; eel; crabs, lobsters, prawns, jellyfish, clams, oysters; fish with chips; preserved sausage; charcuterie; canned seafood, canned meat, canned fish, canned shellfish; meat extracts; vegetable extracts; stock; stock cubes; preserved, pickled, canned, dried, frozen and cooked fruits and vegetables; potatoes; cooked and frozen chips; French fries; baked potatoes; olives; jellies, jams and compotes; marmalade; tomato paste, tomato puree; garlic paste, garlic puree; pickles; pickle relish; peanut butter; fruit sauces; eggs; butter; cream, milk and milk products; yoghurt; cheese; cottage cheese; dairy products; desserts made wholly or principally wholly of dairy products; preserved truffles; edible oils and fats; olive oil, sesame oil, palm oil for food, stir fry oil, juices for cooking, nuts; dried fruit and nut mixtures; seeds; seeds and nuts mixtures; protein for human consumption; soups; broth; consommés; bouillon; soup concentrates; preparations for making soup; vegetable salads; fruit salads; vegetarian foods; preserved herbs; preparations for making meals from the aforesaid goods; desserts made wholly or principally wholly from the aforesaid goods; ready prepared meals and snack foods made wholly or principally wholly from the aforesaid goods; food hampers containing a selection of the aforementioned goods.
Class 30Flour and preparations made from cereals; bakery products; pies; pies containing meat, fish, shellfish, poultry or game; vegetable pies; quiches; bread, brioche, pastry, pastries, croissants, bread buns, patisseries; muffins; tarts; biscuits; cookies; cakes; oatcakes; biscuits for cheese; wheat flour; oat flakes; breakfast cereals; cereal bars; wafers; crackers; crisp breads; crisps; tortillas; potato based snacks; breakfast cereals; pancakes; noodles, vermicelli, rice, pasta; pizzas; sandwiches; honey; sugar; treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt; cooking salt; pepper; mustard; vinegar, sweetened vinegar; sauces; (condiments); ketchup; relish; brown sauce; spices; seasonings; flavourings; marinades; meat tenderisers for household purposes; gravy; fish gravy; seasonings; essences for foodstuffs; condiments; salad dressings, food dressings; food pastes; coffee, coffee substitutes; tea, tea substitutes; tea infusions; iced tea; iced coffee; cocoa, drinking chocolate; sugar, rice, tapioca, tapioca flour for food; sago; confectionery; biscuit confectionery; chocolate; chocolate confectionery; chocolate products; fudge; fudge confectionery; ices; ice creams; ice cream products; ice; edible ices; candy; sugar candy; confectionery made of sugar; frozen confections, puddings; desserts; Christmas puddings; frozen yoghurt; frozen confectionery; chilled confectionery; sweet snack foods; boiled sweet snacks; farinaceous products for food for human consumption; chutneys; mayonnaise; preparations for making any of the aforesaid goods; meals or snacks in this class consisting wholly or principally wholly of any of the aforesaid goods; food hampers containing a selection of the aforementioned goods.
Class 32Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; drinkable distilled water; fruit drinks and fruit juices; flavoured water; soft drinks; fruit extracts (non alcoholic); syrups and other preparations for making beverages, ginger beer, peanut milk, vegetable juices.
Class 33Champagne, the produce of France; alcoholic beverages, fruit extracts (alcoholic); wines; fortified wines; cooking wines, rice wines; port; sherry; arak, spirits; gin; whiskey; liqueurs; piquette.
Class 35Shop retail services, mail order retail services, electronic retail services, all connected with cookery products, foods including fish and fish with chips, wines, beverages, hampers containing food and beverages, clothing, footwear, headgear, jewellery, eyewear, perfumery, toiletries, cosmetics, candles, pharmacy goods, sound recordings, audio/visual recordings, DVDs, CDs, records and video tapes, watches, horological and chronometric goods, books, stationery, printed publications and printed matter, diaries and personal organisers, greeting cards, gift wrap and ribbons, instructional and teaching materials, photographs, paintings, artists' materials, writing and drawing implements, playing cards, furniture, lighting, home furnishings, home decorations, kitchenware, crystal, glassware, porcelain ware, earthenware, chinaware, brassware, ornaments, cutlery, utensils and containers all for household, cooking or kitchen use, cake tins, trays, articles for baking, watering cans, tools and gloves for gardeners, picnic baskets, articles for cleaning purposes, souvenirs, hair accessories, hampers, piece goods, sewing accessories, bed linen, table linen, place mats, towels, tea towels, cushions, leather goods and goods made from imitation leather, travel goods, carpets and rugs, wallpaper, wall hangings, wall coverings, paints, artwork, toys, games, playthings and sporting goods, Christmas tree decorations, toys and games for pets, tobacco and tobacco goods, smokers' requisites, bags, travelling cases; conducting, arranging and organising trade shows and trade fairs; information services relating to shopping; arranging of subscription to electronic publications, periodical publications, magazines, and newsletters; providing ordering services by means of menus and inventories; provision of web space for advertising and promoting goods and services; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet; rental of advertising time on communication media; organising and performance of auctions.
Class 41Entertainment services; entertainment relating to cookery, foods including fish and beverages; television entertainment services; services of a television and radio programme presenter; preparation, production, syndication, distribution, and rental of radio, television, video, cable, satellite and Internet programmes, audio/visual recordings, sound recordings, instructional and teaching materials, including those relating to cookery, food and wine; education and training services; education, training, tutoring, tuition and mentoring services relating to cookery, foods, beverages, preparation, selection and purchase of foods and beverages, hospitality services, hotel management, catering, and restaurant management; schools for waiters and other catering staff; arranging, organising and presenting cookery demonstrations; food and wine appreciation courses; wine-tasting events; party planning services; photography and videotaping services; booking of seats for shows; nightclub services; discotheque services; club dining services; club cabaret services, entertainment services provided at country clubs; provision of club entertainment services; gymnasium and sports club services; holiday camp services; health club services; provision of information about entertainment, cookery, cultural, recreational and sports events; rental of sports equipment and tennis courts; operating a chat room for information and exchange of views on cookery, food and wine; publishing of printed matter relating to cookery, food, wines and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; providing on-line electronic publications; publication of books, electronic books, newsletters, newspapers, magazines and journals including by means of a computer or the Internet; publication of electronically displayable text, graphic, picture and sound information in relation to cookery, food, wine, other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; organisation of events, conferences, workshops, seminars, shows, stage shows, exhibitions, competitions, including those to do with cookery, food or beverages; provision of information and advice relating to all of the aforesaid services.
Class 43Restaurant services; self-service restaurant services; banqueting services; bar, public house, snack bar, wine bar, wine club services, sandwich bar, cafeteria, canteen and café services; provision of food and drink; catering services including mobile catering services and catering services provided online from a computer database or from the Internet; take away services; fast-food restaurant services; hotel services; bed and breakfast services; provision of guesthouse accommodation; provision of temporary accommodation; reservation services and bookings services for hotels and temporary accommodation; reservation services for booking meals; rental of meeting, conference and reception rooms; providing facilities for conducting conferences, meetings, banquets, seminars, receptions, parties, and shows; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, and glassware; advisory and information services relating to the selection, preparation and serving of food and beverages; providing information and exchange of information in relation to foods, alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages including by way of the Internet; information and advisory services in relation to all the aforesaid services, including those provided online from a computer database or from the Internet.
Names and addresses
ProprietorChristopher Richard Stein
The Seafood Restaurant (Padstow) Limited, Riverside, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8BY
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefRICK STEIN fish logo
ADP Number0900266001
ServiceClaire Lazenby Registered Trade Mark Attorneys
28 Mornington Terrace, London, NW1 7RS
ADP Number0823592001