UK Trademark 2434518

Classes03, 04, 05, 09, 10, 16, 25, 35, 36, 41, 42, 44
Relevant dates
Filing Date04 October 2006
Next Renewal Date04 October 2016
Registration Date25 May 2007
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 09 February 2007
Issue number 6671
Registration 22 June 2007
Issue number 6689
List of goods or services
Class 03After-shave lotions, antiperspirant soap, antiperspirants [toiletries], aromatics [essential oils], bath salts, not for medical purposes, baths (cosmetic preparations for-), beauty masks, breath freshening sprays, cakes of toilet soap, cleaning waste pipes (preparations for-), cleansing milk for toilet purposes, creams (cosmetic-), creams for leather, creams (skin whitening-), degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes, deodorants for personal use, depilatories, depilatory preparations, diamantine [abrasive], disinfectant soap, eau de cologne, eyebrow cosmetics, flavorings for beverages [essential oils], flavourings for beverages [essential oils], flower perfumes (bases for-), flowers (extract of-) [perfumes], foot perspiration (soap for-), greases for cosmetic purposes, hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes, kits (cosmetic-), lemon (essential oils of-), linen (sachets for perfuming-), lipsticks, lotions for cosmetic purposes, lotions (tissues impregnated with cosmetic-), make-up, make-up powder, make-up preparations, make-up removing preparations, masks (beauty-), medicated soap, milk (cleansing-) for toilet purposes, mint essence [essential oil], mint for perfumery, mouth washes, not for medical purposes, musk [perfumery], nail care preparations, nail polish, nail varnish, nails (false-), oil of turpentine for degreasing, oils for cosmetic purposes, oils for perfumes and scents, pencils (cosmetic-), pencils (eyebrow-), perfumery, perfumes, potpourris [fragrances], powder (make-up-), pumice stone, shampoos, shaving preparations, shaving soap, skin care (cosmetic preparations for-), skin whitening creams, slimming purposes (cosmetic preparations for-), soap, soap (antiperspirant-), soap (cakes of-), soap (deodorant-), soap (disinfectant-), soap for foot perspiration, sprays (breath freshening-), sunscreen preparations, sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics], swabs [toiletries], tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions, toilet water, toiletries, varnish (nail-), varnish-removing preparations, whitening the skin (cream for-).
Class 04Candles.
Class 05Acids for pharmaceutical purposes, antiseptics, appetite suppressants for medical purposes, asthmatic tea, bacterial poisons, bath preparations, medicated, bath salts for medical purposes, bath (therapeutic preparations for the-), baths (oxygen-), baths (salts for mineral water-), chemical preparations for medical purposes, chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes, compresses, constipation (medicines for alleviating-), cotton for medical purposes, dandruff (pharmaceutical preparations for treating-), detergents for medical purposes, diabetic bread, dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes, dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes, dietetic substances adapted for medical use, enzyme preparations for medical purposes, enzymes for medical purposes, food for babies, foot perspiration (remedies for-), gauze for dressings, hair growth preparations (medicinal-), headache (articles for-), herbs teas for medicinal purposes, lotions for pharmaceutical purposes, lotions (tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical-), medicinal drinks, medicinal hair growth preparations, medicinal tea, mineral food-supplements, mineral water for medical purposes, mud for baths, mud (medicinal-), reducing tea for medical purposes, remedies for foot perspiration, remedies for perspiration, sea water for medicinal bathing, skin care (pharmaceutical preparations for-), slimming purposes (medical preparations for-), sunburn ointments, sunburn preparations for pharmaceutical purposes, vitamin preparations, water (sea-) for medicinal bathing, waters (mineral-) for medical purposes, weedkillers.
Class 09Testing apparatus not for medical purposes.
Class 10Artificial breasts, artificial skin for surgical purposes, artificial teeth, artificial teeth (sets of-), basins for medical purposes, beds, specially made for medical purposes, boots for medical purposes, breasts (artificial-), filters for ultraviolet rays, for medical purposes, furniture especially made for medical purposes, testing apparatus for medical purposes, ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes, ultraviolet rays for medical purposes (filters for-).
Class 16Books, cabinets for stationery [office requisites], catalogues, copying paper [stationery], document files [stationery], magazines [periodicals], newsletters, newspapers, pads [stationery], pamphlets, posters, printed matter, printed publications.
Class 25Aprons [clothing], bath robes, bath sandals, bath slippers, bathing caps, bathing drawers, cap peaks, caps [headwear], caps (shower-), clothing, dressing gowns, gowns (dressing-), headbands [clothing].
Class 35Advertising by mail order, business consultancy (professional-), business management consultancy, consultancy (professional business-), employment agencies, research (business-).
Class 36Insurance consultancy, insurance information.
Class 41Academies [education], arranging and conducting of conferences, conferences (arranging and conducting of-), correspondence courses, education information, educational examination, educational services, information (education-), organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes, practical training [demonstration], publication of books, publication of electronic books and journals on-line, publication of texts [other than publicity texts], radio and television programmes (production of-), seminars (arranging and conducting of-), symposiums (arranging and conducting of-), teaching, training (practical-) [demonstration], tuition, videotape film production, workshops (arranging and conducting of-) [training].
Class 42Computer programs (duplication of-), computer software design, computer software (installation of-), computer software (maintenance of-), computer software (updating of-), cosmetic research, intellectual property consultancy, intellectual property (licensing of-), licensing of intellectual property.
Class 44Beauty salons, clinics (medical-), medical clinics, salons (beauty-), surgery (plastic-).
Names and addresses
ProprietorMedico Beauty Ltd
Unit 321, 5-10 Eastman Road, London, W3 7YG
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefT325206
ADP Number0896644001
ServiceAysha Campion-Awwad
Medico Beauty Ltd, Unit 321, 5-10 Eastman Road, London, W3 7YG
ADP Number0896355001