UK Trademark 2433357

Classes09, 16, 35, 37, 38, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date22 September 2006
Next Renewal Date22 September 2016
Registration Date04 May 2007
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 19 January 2007
Issue number 6668
Registration 01 June 2007
Issue number 6686
List of goods or services
Class 09Communications and telecommunications apparatus, parts and equipment including telephones, Internet access and end user devices of all types; cards containing magnetic and other encoded information or electronic circuits; packages containing any or all of the aforementioned goods, parts and equipment in this class for the foregoing.
Class 16Printed paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials including product packaging, directories, guides, brochures, and point of sale material; promotional, advertising and marketing material relating to: communications and telecommunications services, apparatus, parts and equipment, telephones and Internet access and end user devices of all types.
Class 35Wholesale and retail services in connection with communications and telecommunications apparatus, equipment and services including telephones, Internet access and end user devices of all types, cards containing magnetic and other encoded information or electronic circuits, packages, plans and subscription services sold together or separately relating to any of the foregoing; the undertaking of franchised business operations, administration and consultancy in respect of wholesale and retail premises, businesses and business systems, including the advertising, marketing and promotion of such businesses and provision of operational, management, administration and support services relating thereto.
Class 37Installation and maintenance of telecommunications and communications apparatus and equipment.
Class 38Telecommunications, carrier and communication services of all types and including the rent or leasing of telecommunications and communications apparatus, equipment and services; provision of access to telephone and communications networks and infrastructure; delivery of telecommunications and communications access and services by and through the Internet and other forms of telecommunications, carrier and communications infrastructure.
Class 42Licensing of intellectual property including that related to business concepts, business formats and business systems.
Names and addresses
ProprietorLinqk Corporation Limited
84 Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 5EH
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefMJG
ADP Number0895474001