UK Trademark 2413669

Classes29, 30, 31, 32
Relevant dates
Filing Date11 February 2006
Next Renewal Date11 February 2016
Registration Date06 October 2006
Priority claims
Earliest Priority Date03 January 2006
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 23 June 2006
Issue number 6638
Registration 03 November 2006
Issue number 6657
Assignment 07 November 2008
Issue number 6760
List of goods or services
Class 29Peanut butter; flavoured nut butter; nut meat; nut cheese; nut extracts; roasted nuts; flavoured nuts; vegetable extracts; prepared nuts; malted nut powder; combined nut and cereal foods in this class; food beverages in this class; dried vegetables; cooked vegetables; preserved vegetables; dried fruit; preserved fruits; cooked fruit; crystallised fruit; soya based beverages in this class; soya based beverages being milk substitutes; milk; beverages predominantly of milk; milk products; eggs products; fats; edible oils; yogurt; meat substitutes in this class; fish substitutes in this class; prepared meals in this class; preparations for making soups; preserved soya beans; products made from preserved soy beans; tofu; products made from tofu; tomato juice for cooking; tomato puree; whey; products made from potatoes; protein for human consumption; textured vegetable protein; soy protein; soy based spreads and dips; fruit spreads.
Class 30Breakfast cereal; preparations made from cereal; biscuits; bread; artificial coffee; artificial tea; cornflakes; frozen yogurt; honey; ice cream; oat flakes; peanut confectionery; rice; rice products; soy based products in this class; yeast extracts; yeast spreads; prepared meals in this class; fruit confectionery; corn snacks; cereal based snacks; cereal extracts; cereal based beverages.
Class 31Nuts in this class; fresh fruits; vegetables; legumes.
Class 32Non-alcoholic beverages; soya based beverages not being milk substitutes; soya based beverages containing fruit juice; soya based beverages containing fruit extracts; fruit juice; fruit nectar; tomato juice; vegetable juice; sparkling grape juice; fruit water.
Names and addresses
ProprietorKallo Foods Limited
Coopers Place, Combe Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 5SZ
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefHMW/37122/1240735M/G
Effective Assignment Date01 July 2008
ADP Number0852315001
ServiceJ.E. Evans-Jackson & Co.
Parchment House, 13 Northburgh Street, London, EC1V 0JP
ADP Number0005496001