UK Trademark 2413295 BBMF

Mark TextBBMF
Series Of2
Classes02, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
Relevant dates
Filing Date08 February 2006
Next Renewal Date08 February 2016
Registration Date08 December 2006
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 25 August 2006
Issue number 6647
Registration 05 January 2007
Issue number 6666
List of goods or services
Class 02Paints; additives for paint; enamel paints; spray on paints; water based paints; acrylic paints; oil paints.
Class 04Candles; scented candles; night lights; aviation fuel oils and greases.
Class 06Coin (money) boxes; chests, containers, articles of common metal and their alloys; key rings; small items of metal hardware; metal tanks and storage containers; furniture, fittings of metal, hooks.
Class 07Aircraft servicing equipment; small (portable) machines, motors and engines to be used on vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels for energy generation, providing compressed air, running electrical equipment and for back up in case of emergency; vacuum cleaners; gas turbine engines; internal combustion engines; aircraft engines, pumps, motors and electrical propulsion systems; electrical generators; electric drills; davits for launching and recovery of aircraft; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 08Bayonets and swords; hand tools, instruments and implements; jacks; hand pumps; diving and safety knives and knife holders; can openers; penknives; cutlery.
Class 09Electronic publications; computer game programmes and computer graphics software; video games software; video tapes, cassettes, discs and films; audio tapes, cassettes and compact discs; sound, video and data recordings; recorded television and radio programmes; cinematographic films and photographic films; records, discs, tapes, cassettes, cartridges, cards and other carriers bearing or for use in bearing sound recordings, video recordings, data, images, games, graphics, text, programs or information; memory carriers, interactive compact discs and CD-ROMs; interactive CDs; magnets; calculators; video game cartridges; video games; computer based trainers and simulators; training simulators; breathing apparatus; flying instrument display panels; engine instrument display panels; fuel gauging and management systems, radar altimeters, navigation and flight management systems; fire fighting equipment; navigation instruments, systems and equipment; compasses; head gear including helmets; arm and knee pads; sunglasses, sun visors and sunshades; goggles, glasses and visors for optical, sporting and ski use; mobile phone covers; holders for mobile phones; mobile phone accessories; smoke alarms and sensors; mouse mats; audio visual products; film cells; 2 way radios.
Class 14Clocks, watches and chronometric instruments; commemorative coins and medals, coin holders; tie pins, tie clips; belt buckles; cuff links; tie bars; watch strap and bracelets; rings; ear rings; necklaces; medallions; candlesticks; articles and goblets of precious metals; jewellery and personal adornments; costume jewellery; tankards of precious metals; trophies; tea plates, tea service and tea pots; salt and pepper pots; trays, vases and urns; coins, medals and medallions; key rings; identity tags; hip-flasks.
Class 15Musical instruments; instrument cases.
Class 16Printed matter; printed publications; periodical publications; stationery; paper and paper articles; cardboard and cardboard articles; certificates; printed data, graphic images and tickets; envelopes, bags, labels, tags; newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, periodicals; writing instruments, pens, pencils, markers and crayons; erasers, rulers and pencil sharpeners; paper clips, paperweights; book ends, book marks, coasters; embroidery, clothing and soft toy patterns; maps, pictures, posters, photographs, prints; postcards; greeting cards; photograph albums; diaries; calendars; note books; address books; wrapping material, gift tags; table mats and napkins; artist's implements and materials; printing stamps and ink pads; lithographs; stickers; transfers; ring binders; folders; personal organisers; pen and pencil cases; teaching, educational, training and instructional material; operating and maintenance manuals; training guides; drawings, surveys, charts; books, booklets, novels, brochures, catalogues, guides and advertising material; book-binding materials; artists' materials (other than colours or varnish); paint brushes; comic books; souvenir posters, programmes and booklets; albums; watercolours; commemorative stamps; publications; security paper and tapes; towels; flags; paper products for household and kitchen use; carrier bags; paper and plastic bags.
Class 18Leather goods, belts, belts or straps with load carrying pouches and load carrying hooks; brief cases; holders for credit cards; key rings; bags for climbers and campers; school bags and beach bags; trunks, suitcases and travelling bags; handbags, luggage, cases, backpacks, rucksacks, haversacks, satchels; pouches, purses, wallets; umbrellas; parasols and walking sticks; animal hides; animal collars; animal coats.
Class 20Transport containers; boxes and containers; boxes, crates, storage cases, non-metallic containers; security chests; wooden furniture, garden furniture, arbours, desks; leather desk tops, seat parts, parts for furniture; tables and chairs for board rooms and offices, wooden figurines, statuettes; mirrors; picture frames; photograph frames; filing and storage systems; key fobs, key rings and key holders; sign boards, badges, security chests; sculptures, models, statuettes; figurines, plaques and wall plates; pots, toilet and domestic dispensers; works of art; trays; door knobs and handles, picture and mirror frames, plaques and wall plates.
Class 21Ceramics and glassware; porcelain ware; pewter-ware; plates for collectors, plates made of porcelain; china, glassware, porcelain, pottery and glassware, glass crystals, glass bowls, glass decanters; bottles, insulated bottles and flasks; figurines and ornaments of ceramic, china, crystal, glass, earthenware, terracotta and porcelain; sculptures, models, figurines, plaques; flower pots; cups and plates; tableware; candlesticks made of glass and ceramics; plates; salt shakers; pepper pots, pepper mills; drinking glasses; tankards and tumblers; vases, cups and mugs; coffee mugs; corkscrews; brushes; moneyboxes; toothbrushes; combs; candle holders); brushes; combs; sponges; shoe brushes; shoe horns; shaving brushes; coasters; jugs; dishes; bowls; napkin rings.
Class 24Household textile articles; travelling rugs; bed and table covers; textile wall hangings; pennants; flags and banners; cross stitch patterns, tapestries; textiles and textile goods; soft furnishings; handkerchiefs; household linen; bed linen; blankets; table linen; bed and table covers; place mats; coasters of textile; towels; face-cloth; curtains; blinds of textile; hangings of textile; banners; wall plaques (not being furniture).
Class 25Uniforms; clothing, work wear; articles of outer clothing; shirts, coats, jackets, trousers, sweatshirts; jeans; T-shirts, vests, shorts; skirts, blouses; children's and infant's clothing; sleeping garments; swimwear; overcoats, rainwear, waterproof clothing; suits; sweaters, pullovers, cardigans; braces; ties, belts, scarves; sports clothing; ski clothing; flying suits; leather jackets; leather coats; leather trousers; faux leather jackets; faux leather coats; faux leather trousers; foul weather clothing; head gear; headbands and wristbands; footwear; shoes; slippers; boots; caps, hats, headgear; sun visors; body suits; socks; gloves; ties, pullovers, waist coats having load carrying pouches; work wear; aprons; hats; caps; berets; gloves; hats; jumpers; neckties; pants; pullovers; scarves; shoes; skirts; socks; tights; dresses; blouses; slacks; shorts; dungarees; stockings; beachwear; pyjamas; night-dresses, bathing and shower caps, bath robes, overalls, visors and shades.
Class 26Badges; lace; embroidery; embroidered badges; souvenir badges; ornamental novelty badges; buttons, buckles; lapel pins; emblems; ribbons; braid; rosettes; tassels; cushions; brooches; fastenings; hat, hair and shoe ornaments; patches for clothing; belt clasps; bows; edgings for clothing; garlands; festoons; shoe laces.
Class 27Carpets; rugs; mats; matting; wall-hangings; wallpaper.
Class 28Commemorative models of aeroplanes and helicopters; model aircraft for collectors; toys, games, and playthings; jig saws and puzzles; soft toys; stuffed toys; teddy bears; electronic toys and games machines; souvenirs; novelty items; jigsaw puzzles; board games; music boxes; computer simulated games and war games, electronic games machines; figurines and novelties in the form of souvenirs; skates; kids bikes; skateboards; masks; Christmas crackers; ornaments for Christmas trees; kites; playing cards; balloons; puppets; inflatable toys; handicraft sets; chess and card games; scratch card games; rocking horses; desks and chairs for play; children's play houses; billiards, pool and snooker tables; toys for pets and animals.
Names and addresses
ProprietorThe Secretary of State for Defence
Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HB
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
ADP Number0815140001
ServiceChristopher Shea
DIPR Formalities Section, Oak 2E #6228, Abbey Wood North, Bristol, BS34 8JH
ADP Number0949413001