UK Trademark 2407181

Classes16, 35, 41, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date22 November 2005
Next Renewal Date22 November 2015
Registration Date02 June 2006
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 17 February 2006
Issue number 6621
Registration 30 June 2006
Issue number 6639
List of goods or services
Class 16Computer aided design generated drawings, computer aided design generated plans, drawings generated by computer aided design, graphic designs, individually designed printed brochures, topographics being printed matter in the form of designs.
Class 35Administration relating to marketing, advice relating to marketing management, advisory services relating to marketing, analysis relating to marketing, business advice relating to marketing, business advice relating to marketing management consultations, business advice relating to strategic marketing, business consultancy services relating to marketing, conducting of marketing studies, consultancy relating to marketing, consulting services relating to marketing, direct marketing, estimations for marketing purposes, investigations of marketing strategy, marketing (business advice relating to-), marketing [does not include retailing], marketing advisory services, marketing agency services, marketing analysis, marketing assistance, marketing by mail [does not include selling goods], marketing by telephone [does not include selling goods], marketing consultancy, marketing forecasting, marketing information, marketing management advice, marketing research, marketing studies, planning of marketing strategies, planning services for marketing studies, preparation of marketing plans, preparation of reports for marketing, product marketing professional consultancy relating to marketing, promotional marketing, provision of advice relating to marketing, provision of information relating to marketing, provision of marketing advisory services for manufacturers, provision of marketing information, provision of marketing reports, research services relating to marketing, telephone marketing services [not selling], trade marketing [other than selling].
Class 41Consultancy services relating to the designing of training courses, education services relating to design, educational courses relating to design, organisation of training courses relating to design, training services relating to computer-aided design, training services relating to design.
Class 42Advisory services relating to the design of products, appraising of design, art work design, brochure design, commercial design services, commercial design services relating to printing, commercial packaging design, commissioned writing [web site design, computer programs], computer aided graphic design, computer-aided design of video graphics, computer-aided design services, consultancy relating to the design of packaging, consultancy relating to the design of promotional material, consultancy services for designing information systems, consultancy services relating to design, corporate identity design, corporate image design services, corporate logo design services, custom design of futuristic creatures, custom design of software packages, custom design services, database design, design consultancy, design consultation, design of CD-ROM electronic format for computer database, design of advertising logos, design of advertising material, design of advertising matter, design of audio-visual creative works, design of brand names, design of brochures, design of exhibition stands, design of graphics and of livery for corporate identity, design of logos, design of logos for corporate identity, design of logos for t-shirts, design of marketing material, design of material for printing, design of models, design of packaging, design of printed material, design of printed matter, design of printed matter for use in marketing, design of products, design of promotional matter, design of publicity material, design of signs, design of stationery, design of products, design of three dimensional displays, design of trade marks, design of typefaces, design planning, design services, design services (packaging-), design services for art-work, design services for computers, design services for exhibitions, design services for packaging, design services for products, design services relating to artwork, design services relating to books, design services relating to computers, design services relating to packaging, design services relating to printing, design services relating to real estate, design services relating to residential property, design services relating to signs, design services relating to the layout of documents, design services relating to the publication of documents, design services relating to the reproduction of documents, design services relating to vehicle liveries, design services relating to window graphics, designing (graphic arts-), designing of corporate identity, graphic art design, graphic arts designing, graphic design services, illustrating services (design), illustration services (design), industrial packaging design services, logo design services, management of designer's copyright, new product design, new products (design of-), packaging design, packaging design services, pattern design, preparation of design parameters for visual images, preparation of design reports, preparation of reports relating to design, product design, project management [design], research relating to design, services for the design of maps, technical assessments relating to design, technological services relating to design, trade mark design, visual design, web site design.
Names and addresses
ProprietorHilton Creative Ltd
37 Rosewood Way, Farnham Common, Bucks, SL2 3QD
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
ADP Number0877443001