UK Trademark 2368164

Classes03, 05, 09, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 41, 43
Status Before DeathExamined
Relevant dates
Filing Date14 July 2004
Progress Stopped25 April 2005
List of goods or services
Class 03Soaps; toiletries; cosmetics; finger towels impregnated with cleansing preparations; towels containing non-medicated toilet preparations; hair care products; skin care products; bath lotions, deodorants, cleansers, moisturisers, perfumery, detergents, gels for use on the hair, non-medicated toilet preparations; dentifrices, shampoos, nail care preparations, antiperspirants, depilatory preparations, shaving soaps, cosmetic preparation for tanning the skin; eau de cologne, disinfectant soaps, deodorant soaps, stain removers, toilet waters; shaving preparations, hair waving preparations, hair setting preparations; cleaning preparations; shower preparations; pre shaving and after shaving lotions; creams, washing and bathroom preparations, body powder, toilet articles; body care products, beauty care products; colouring matters, tints and lotions, all for the hair and the beard, hair bleaching preparations; preparation for the care of the body, emery boards, emery paper, emery cloth all for nail grooming; dyestuffs; antiperspirant soap; bath salts, not for medical purposes; boot cream; boot polish; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; cosmetic kits; cosmetics essential oils; eye makeup; eyebrow cosmetics; eyebrow pencils; hair colorants; hair dyes, hair lotions; lotions for cosmetic purposes; makeup; makeup powder; makeup preparations; makeup removing preparations; beauty masks; medicated soap; nail polish; nail varnish; oils for cosmetic purposes; oils for perfumes and scents; perfumes; shaving preparations; shaving soap; shoe cream; shoe polish; shoe wax; shoe care products; sun tanning preparations; talcum powder; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; toiletries; nail varnish; nail varnish removing preparations.
Class 05Medical kits; filled first aid boxes and kits; pharmaceutical preparations and substances; medicinal preparations and substances; drugs for medical purposes; naturopathic and homeopathic preparations and substances; antiseptic preparations; analgesics; vitamin, mineral and protein preparations and substances; mineral drinks; vitamin drinks; drinks predominantly of minerals or vitamins; vitamin and dietary supplements; preparations for dietary use; dietetic substances adapted for medical use; nutrients and nutriments; food supplements; carbohydrates in liquid form; plant compounds and extracts for use as dietary supplements; bandages and dressings; disinfectants for hygiene purposes.
Class 09Telecommunication installations, apparatus and instruments; telephone apparatus; telephones, mobile telephones, cordless telephones; telephone answering apparatus and instruments; paging apparatus; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; photographic apparatus and instruments; cameras; camera film; video cameras; camera lenses; camcorders; television apparatus and instruments; televisions; televisions for receiving satellite broadcasting; satellites and decoders; video apparatus and instruments; video recording machines; video disc players; combined televisions and VCR; television aerials; antennas; transformers; surge protectors; remote control apparatus; audio apparatus; audio systems; tuners; automatic playback machines; radio receivers; radio cassettes; CD radio cassettes; CD players; personal CD players; tape recorders; tape players; cassette decks; turntables; record players; graphic equalizers; headphones; speakers, loud speakers, earphone speakers, speaker cables; amplifiers; portable audio apparatus and instruments; radios, clock radios; karaoke machines, juke boxes; computers, lap-top and notebook computers, game computers; computer peripherals; apparatus for use with computers; computer terminals; visual display units; computer hardware, computer software; computer programs; disc drives; CD Roms; computer games; tapes, discs and floppy discs, all recorded with computer programs; video games; discs and tapes all for video games; games adapted for use with television receivers; audio and video tapes and discs, all in pre-recorded form; blank tapes for recording audio and video; compact discs; sound recordings; phonograph records, cassettes and discs; tapes for tape recorders; digital audio tapes; head cleaning tapes; electronic games; cabinets and stands all adapted for audio, video and television apparatus and instruments; electrical apparatus and instruments, all for office use; word processing apparatus and instruments; photocopying apparatus and instruments; facsimile processing apparatus and instruments; calculating machines; office machines; scales; clocks and timers; controllers and keypads all for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security; containers for microscope slides; magnets; encoded cards and magnetic encoders; holograms; magnifying glasses; pedometers; periscopes; batteries, battery chargers, battery boxes; plugs; electric irons; electrolysis apparatus for personal use; electric hair curling apparatus; hair waving apparatus; hair styling apparatus; electric steam curling sets; electrically heated hair curlers; binoculars; eyewear, spectacles, sunglasses, sports goggles and eyewear, swimming goggles; frames and lenses for spectacles and sunglasses; cases for spectacles and sunglasses; chains and cords for spectacles and sunglasses; protective clothing and accessories; knee pads, shields and protectors; elbow pads, shields and protectors; helmets; protective helmets; sports helmets and visors; protective glasses, sunglasses and goggles; protective clothing, headgear and footwear for use in sport; sporting articles for equestrian use; face shields; abdominal guards; mouth protectors (gum shields); life belts, jackets and buoys; floats for bathing and swimming; clothing for protection against accidents, radiation and fire; divers' apparatus; ear plugs; filters for respiratory masks; safety clothing, gloves, headgear and footwear for protection against accidents or injuries; eye protectors; protectors for elbows and knees when riding bicycles; crash helmets for cyclists; protective helmets for sport; hats (protective) for equestrian use; electronic display apparatus for use with exercise equipment; batteries for golf carts; wet suits for diving; diving equipment and apparatus; breathing apparatus for diving; software relating to sports; electronic games; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 12Motor vehicles; bikes; scooters; tyre inflating machines and apparatus being vehicle accessories; tyre patching materials; tyre protection chains; tyre repair outfits; tyre repair patches; tyre treads; tyre trims; tyre valves; tyres for bicycles and motorcycles; air pumps being vehicle accessories; air pumps for bicycles; baskets adapted for cycles; bells for bicycles, cycles; bicycle brakes; chains; frames; handle bars; pumps; rims; saddles; spokes; stands; carrier tricycles; cranks for cycles; cycle bells; hubs; mudguards; gears for cycles; pedals for cycles; saddle covers for bicycles; wheels for bicycles; inner tubes for cycles; patches for repairing inner tubes; patches for tyres; patching materials for inner tubes for tyres; patching materials for tyres; pneumatic inner tubes for vehicle wheels; repairing materials of rubber for repairing inner tubes or tyres; tyre valves extensions; ball bearings for automotive use; bicycles and bicycle stands; bicycles; accessories for cycles and bicycles (excluding tyres, tubes and tyre repair kits); saddles for cycles and bicycles; motorised surfboards; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 14Horological and chronometric instruments; watches; stopwatches; clocks and watches; sports watches, horological and chronometric instruments; watch straps; mugs; tankards; trophies, belt buckles, all being of precious metal or coated therewith; jewellery and imitation jewellery; time keeping instruments; alarm clocks; ashtrays of precious metal; badges of precious metal; boxes; boxes of precious metal; boxes of precious metal for needles; bracelets; medals, badges of precious metals; candle rings of precious metal; candlesticks of precious metal; cases for clock and watch-making; cases for watches; chains of precious metal; clock cases; clock hands; coffee pots non electric, household containers, household containers all of precious metal; household utensils of precious metal; imitation gold; jewel cases of precious metal; key rings; kitchen containers of precious metal; kitchen utensils of precious metal; rings being jewellery; saucers of precious metal; cufflinks, tie clips, tie pins; watch bands; wrist watches; ornaments of precious metals; trinkets; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 15Musical instruments; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 16Stationery; pens, pencils, pencil cases, diaries, calendars, postcards, posters; first aid manuals; software in the form of printed matter relating to sports; books and magazines relating to sports including coaching and training manuals; books, printed matter, pictures, posters, prints, graphic reproductions, writing implements, printed cards, postcards; glues; binders, binder materials, greeting cards, playing cards, ball pens, felt pens; nib pens, mechanical pencils; photographs, albums, toilet tissues, toilet paper, rolls of paper, all for use in the kitchen; serviettes, towels and wipes; napkins and table cloths; placemats; paper tableware, address books, binder note books, clear books, loose leaf books, note books, spiral note books, stock books, word note books, book ends, paint brushes, calendars, diaries, photograph holders, instructional and teaching materials (other than apparatus); sign pens, pen stands, pencil stands, photo stands; stickers; tapes; periodicals, magazines, newspapers; transfers and decalcomanias, pen trays, pencil trays, manuals, wrappers; stationery; towels of paper; table liners of paper, face towels of paper; hygienic paper, handkerchiefs, writing paper; catalogues, brochures and leaflets; coasters; wrapping and packing materials; typewriting apparatus and instruments; cheque book holders.
Class 18Leather and imitations of leather and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; skins and hides; luggage, cases, trunks, travelling bags, travelling cases, carry-on luggage, overnight luggage, bags for travel accessories, shoe bags for travel and garment bags; briefcases, document cases and portfolios; school bags and school satchels; bags, holdalls, haversacks, backpacks, rucksacks, knapsacks, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, tote bags, sports bags, athletic bags, beach bags, shopping bags, cycle bags, pannier bags, record bags, belt bags, toilet bags; hip pouches; belts; wallets, purses, pouches and key cases; baby and child carriers; camping bags; frames for handbags, umbrellas or parasols; fastenings and straps of leather; key fobs made of leather incorporating key rings; card holders; umbrellas, golf umbrellas, golf umbrella seats, parasols, canes and walking sticks; whips, harnesses and saddlery; baggage; articles of luggage, bags, sports bags; leather goods including whips, harnesses, saddlery, horse tack and equestrian articles; riding saddles; bags and panniers for bicycles; straps for skates; cases for mobile telephones; belts; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 21Plates; cups; bowls and dishes; baskets for domestic use; trays for domestic purpose; works of art; candle holders; watering cans; ice buckets; sculptures and statuettes; reproduction of sculptures; glassware; porcelain; earthenware; figurines; miniature figures; ornaments; vases and urns; flower pots; kitchen and household utensils and containers; tableware; cooking utensils; jugs and drinking vessels; combs, sponges; brushes; non-electric instruments and materials, all for cleaning; kettles; trinket boxes; giftware articles and works of art, all made of bone china, china crystal, earthenware, glass, porcelain or terracotta; decorative articles made of glass, decorated china, chinaware, earthenware or porcelain; cool bags; cool bags for fishing bait; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 22Tents; camping tents; hammocks; ground sheets; camping equipment not included in other classes; awnings and tarpaulins; string, ropes and cables; bags; slings, straps, belts and harnesses; rope ladders; padding and stuffing materials; down; sails for sailboards; fishing nets; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 24Textile articles, textiles, textile wall hangings; linen and upholstery fabrics; bed linen, bed covers, bed clothes, bed spreads, quilt covers, duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, pillow covers, quilts, duvets, eiderdowns, sleeping bags, rugs; bath linen, towels, flannels, face towels, shower curtains; table linen, table covers, table clothes, table mats, table napkins, napkins, coasters; kitchen towels, tea towels; curtains, curtain tie backs, textile curtain pelmets, blinds; cushion covers, furniture coverings; handkerchiefs; upholstery fabrics all included in Class 24; towels of textile; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 25Clothing; sportswear; footwear; sports shoes, trainers, boots, walking boots, football boots, shoes, cycling shoes; headgear; waterproof and weatherproof clothing; thermal clothing; lightweight clothing; coats; sports clothing; jackets, anoraks, pullovers, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, cagoules, smock and salopettes; gloves, hats, balaclavas, socks, underwear and gaiters; clothing, footwear and headgear for fashion, leisure, industrial and sports purposes including tennis, squash, table tennis, softball, golf, badminton, volleyball, basketball and baseball; leisure clothing, wet suits; safety clothing, gloves, headgear and footwear (other than for protection against accidents or injuries); sports headgear (other than helmets); sportswear; sports uniforms; sporting articles (clothing) for equestrian use; fishing smocks; fishing jackets, boots and vests; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 26Badges for wear, not of precious metal; zip fasteners for bags; expanding bands for holding sleeves; hair bands; belt clasps; bows for the hair; boxes, not of precious metal, for needles; fastenings for braces; braids; brooches (clothing accessories); buckles (clothing accessories); buttons; edgings for clothing; fastenings for clothing; shoulder pads for clothing; collar supports; competitors' numbers; cords for clothing; tea cosies; hair curlers; trouser clips for cyclists; heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles; elastic ribbons; embroidery; shoe fasteners; frills for clothing; fringes; hair ornaments; hook and pile fastening tapes; shoe hooks; lace trimmings; letters and numerals for marking linen; monogram tabs for marking linen; ornamental novelty badges; pin cushions; pins; prize ribbons; elastic ribbons; rosettes (haberdashery); shoe laces; shoe ornaments (not of precious metal); snap fasteners; tassels (haberdashery); thread of metal for embroidery; tinsels (trimming for clothing); zippers.
Class 28Gymnastic and sporting articles and apparatus; sporting articles for use in boxing, gymnastics, indoor and field athletics, and for use in playing the games of badminton, squash, grass and ice hockey, football, lacrosse, fives, table tennis, netball, bowls, lawn tennis, cricket, croquet, clock golf, quoits, discs and putting golf and water polo balls; balls for use in sports; toys, games, playthings, soft toys, novelties, souvenirs; balloons; Christmas decorations; sports bags; electronic games; computer games; decorations for Christmas trees; miniature figurines, artificial Christmas trees and Christmas tree stands; kaleidoscopes; tennis thermo bags; sporting articles including articles and accessories for the games of tennis, squash, table tennis, softball, golf, badminton, volleyball, basketball, baseball, ice hockey and hockey; fitness equipment; tennis nets and posts; sports bags in this class; inflatables in the nature of soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, inflatable balls for sports; balls including tennis balls, tennis rackets, squash rackets and related goods and accessories in this class; sports equipment and accessories; exercise equipment; hand exercisers; balls for games; in-line skates; roller skates; fish hooks; fishing apparatus and articles; surfboards; sailboards; snooker tables; snooker balls and cues; skis; snow boards; golf mats; dart mats; playground equipment; sailboards; knee protectors for use when participating in sports; stationary exercise bicycles; children's bicycles; toy bicycles; sporting articles for wear adapted for use in specific sports; skates; in-line skates; roller skates; hand exercisers (other than for therapeutic use); play tents; hand held electronic games; sporting articles for equestrian use and sports; playground equipment; apparatus for use in fishing; bags adapted for fishing; artificial baits for fishing; audible indicating apparatus for use in fishing; bags adapted to hold fishing tackle; artificial bait; bite indicators; bite sensors; cases for fishing rods; creels; decoys for hunting or fishing; fishing apparatus; fishing articles; fishing bags; fishing floats; fishing ground baits; fishing holdalls; fishing line casts; fishing lines; fishing plumbs; fishing reel cases; fishing reels; fishing rod cases; fishing rod rests; fishing rod supports; fishing rods; fishing stools; fishing tackle; fishing tackle float swivels; fishing tackle terminal tackle; fishing tackle wallets; fishing weights; fittings for fishing rod handles; flies for fishing; fly-tying materials for making flies for fishing; gut for fishing; handles for fishing rods; hooks for fishing; landing nets for fishing; lines for fishing; linings for fishing rods; lures for hunting or fishing; paternosters; poles for fishing; fishing reels; rods and rod blanks for fishing; warning devices [bite indicators] for use with fishing tackle; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 29Preserved olives, preserved lentils, preserved beans, sauerkraut, dates, gherkins, preserved fruits, stewed fruits, frosted fruits, fruit jellies, fruit peel, fruit salads, crystallized fruits, fruit pulp, raisins, processed peanuts, ground almonds, prepared nuts, desiccated coconut, edible fats, edible oils, corn oil, maize oil, olive oil for food, palm kernel oil for food, sesame oil, coconut oil, coconut fat, sunflower oil for food, suet for food, lard for food, butter, chocolate nut butter, coconut butter, peanut butter, cocoa butter, margarine, cheese, cream, milk, soya milk, milk beverages, milk products, yoghurt, eggs, croquettes, potato crisps, potato chips, soups, preparations for making soups, preparations for vegetable soups, bouillon, bouillon concentrates, broth, broth concentrates, jams, marmalade, jellies for food, salted food, piccalilli, pickles, tomato puree, tomato juice for cooking.
Class 30Popcorn; husked oats; oat flakes; oat based food; muesli; cereal preparations; corn flakes; corn flour; corn meal; maize flakes; maize flour; maize meal; flour milling products; gluten for food; potato flour for food; soya flour; biscuits; malt biscuits; petit-beurre biscuits; cookies; edible decorations for cakes; cakes; tarts; petit fours; macaroons; bread, leaven ginger bread, bread rolls, buns, pastry, pastries, waffles, pancakes, pizzas, pastilles, pasta, ravioli, ribbon vermicelli, noodle vermicelli, spaghetti, macaroni, chocolate, chocolate based beverages, chocolate beverages with milk, cocoa, cocoa based beverages, coffee beverages with milk, coffee flavourings, confectionery, fondants, confectionery for decorating Christmas trees, almond confectionery, peanut confectionery; sugar confectionery, stick liquorice, liquorice, lozenges, candy caramels, candy for food, maltose, gum sweets, pralines, peppermint sweets, sugar, natural sweeteners, spices, allspice, curry ginger, cinnamon, cloves, seasonings, condiments, salt, cooking salt, celery salt, salt for preserving foodstuffs, pepper, seasoning peppers, mustard, aniseed, saffron, flavourings, vanilla substitute, vanillin, almond paste, essences for foodstuffs, starch for food, ice cream, edible ices, ice sherbets, ice sorbets, ice for refreshment, natural or artificial ice, glucose for food, golden syrup, honey, rice, sago, semolina, tapioca for food, turmeric for food, whipped cream, preparations for stiffening whipped cream, yeast, pies, meat pies, pate, farinaceous foods, farinaceous foods pastes, groats for human food, puddings, sandwiches, sauces, ketchup, non-medical infusions, vinegar, beer vinegar, salad dressings, mayonnaise.
Class 32Soft drinks; beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; shandy, de-alcoholised drinks, non-alcoholic beers and wines.
Class 33Alcoholic beverages (except beers); wines, spirits and liqueurs; alcopops; whisky; alcoholic essences; alcoholic extracts; brandy.
Class 34Tobacco; cigarettes; cigars; cigarillos; pipes; pipe cleaners; tobacco jars; cigarette and cigar cases not of precious metal; smokers' articles; matches; cigarette filters; match holders; humidors; pipe racks; tobacco pouches; books of cigarette papers; ashtrays, not of precious metal, for smokers; lighters for smokers.
Class 35Business and management advice; business consultancy and business information services; compilation and provision of trade, business, price and statistical information and databases; preparation and compilation of reports; advertising services, business administration, marketing and marketing planning; advisory and consultancy services relating to marketing, marketing assessment services; business planning and development, services relating to stock control, scanning, tagging and security; setting up, organisation, administration, operation and supervision of customer loyalty, sales, incentives and promotional activity schemes and advice, consultancy and information services relating to such services; business management, including assistance and advising for the establishment and management of retail stores; office functions; the bringing together for the benefit of others of a variety of goods enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods in a department store, wholesale outlet, supermarket, discount retail park, retail shop and/or concession, via a television shopping channel or from a catalogue by mail order or by means of telecommunications or from an Internet website specialising in the marketing of general merchandise; provision of space on websites for advertising goods and services; business advisory services, promotional services and information services relating thereto; direct mail advertising; distribution of samples and promotional items; marketing services; business advisory and information services provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet; retail services.
Class 41Training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; providing sports facilities, providing recreation facilities, health club services, arranging and conducting of conferences and congresses, presentation of live performances, arranging and conducting of seminars and symposiums, rental of sports equipment, organising of sporting competitions, video tape film production, rental of videos; arranging of sporting events; arranging of sports competitions; educational services relating to sports; hire and rental of equipment for sports; information services relating to sport; instruction courses relating to sporting activities; instruction in sporting activities; organisation of sporting competitions; organisation of sporting events; provision of sport facilities; sports coaching; timing of sports events.
Class 43Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation; restaurant, bar and catering services; provision of holiday accommodation; booking/reservation services for restaurants and holiday accommodation; arranging for the provision of drink; arranging for the provision of food; arranging of hotel accommodation; booking of campsite facilities; provision of campground facilities for tents; cafe services; cocktail lounge services; coffee shop services; providing facilities for conventions; rental of cutlery; rental of crockery; rental of drink dispensing machines; rental of food service apparatus; rental of furnishings; hiring of linen and mats; hiring of furniture; hospitality services; marquee hire; rental of portable buildings; providing facilities for exhibitions, fairs, conferences and conventions.
Names and addresses
ProprietorLonsdale Sports Limited
Unit A, Brook Park East, Shirebrook, NG20 8RY
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefT5976/6/UK/3,5,9,12,
ADP Number0846875001
ServiceBarlin IP
Millennium House, 99 Bell Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7AN
ADP Number0002311001