UK Trademark 2357459

Mark ClaimlimitThe applicant claims the colours red, orange, yellow and black as an element of the first mark in the series.
Series Of2
Classes05, 29, 30, 32
Relevant dates
Filing Date04 March 2004
Next Renewal Date04 March 2014
Registration Date13 August 2004
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 30 April 2004
Issue number 6528
Registration 10 September 2004
Issue number 6547
Assignment 18 November 2005
Issue number 6608
List of goods or services
Class 05Pharmaceutical, medicinal and veterinary preparations and substances; infants' and invalids' foods; nutritional supplements included in Class 5 for humans and for animals; vitamins; minerals and mineral salts, all included in Class 5; preparations included in Class 5 consisting of vitamins and/or minerals; medicinal herbs; herbal preparations included in Class 5; oils and fats and derivatives of oils and fats; cod liver oil.
Class 29Fish (none being live), seafood and food products made or derived from fish and seafood; nutritional supplements all included in Class 29; edible oils and edible fats; foodstuffs containing oils or fats.
Class 30Nutritional supplements; wheatgerm and bran, all for food for human consumption, ginseng (not medicine), food products in Class 30 containing any of the aforesaid goods or derivatives thereof; preparations made from cereals for food for human consumption.
Class 32Mineral waters, aerated waters, non-alcoholic drinks and preparations for making such drinks, syrups and fruit juices; beverages and preparations for making beverages.
Names and addresses
ProprietorMerck Consumer Healthcare Limited
Hedon Road, Marfleet, Hull, HU9 5NJ
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefAW/T201707GB
Effective Assignment Date15 March 2005
ADP Number0873202001
ServiceW.P. Thompson & Co.
Coopers Building, Church Street, Liverpool, L1 3AB
ADP Number0000158001