UK Trademark 2344033

Classes01, 02, 07, 09, 10, 16, 40
Relevant dates
Filing Date23 September 2003
Next Renewal Date23 September 2013
Registration Date22 April 2005
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 07 January 2005
Issue number 6564
Registration 20 May 2005
Issue number 6582
List of goods or services
Class 01Chemical reagents; chemical substances for processing exposed films, paper and plates; chemical substances for processing exposed graphic arts films, paper and plates; chemical substances for processing exposed medical X-ray films; chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; disposable photographic camera; dry plates for graphic arts (unexposed); graphic arts films (unexposed); graphic arts paper (unexposed); medical X-ray films (unexposed); photographic emulsions; photographic films for duplicating and micro-films (unexposed); photographic films for identification photography (unexposed); photographic films for scientific measuring (unexposed); photographic films for use in industries (unexposed); photographic films for use with cameras to record images viewed on CRT display in medical diagnosis (unexposed); photographic films (unexposed); photographic paper (unexposed); photographic plate (unexposed); photographic sensitizers; photosensitive chemical products; phototypesetting films (unexposed); phototypesetting paper (unexposed); pre-sensitized plates for offset printing; rosin: parts and components of all of the aforesaid goods in this class.
Class 02Anti-rust greases; Canada balsam; colorants; copal; dammar resin; toners and developers consisting of toners and carriers for xerographic machines; dyestuffs; ink cartridges for computers, printers and word processors; ink cartridges for inkjet printers; ink cartridges for xerographic machines; mastic (natural resin); mimeographic inks; mordants; nonferrous metal foils and powders for painting, decoration, printing or art production; paints and varnishes; pigments; precious metal foils and powders for painting, decoration, printing or art production; printing compositions; printing ink; sandarac; shellac; toners and developer consisting of toners and carriers for use in photocopying machines, optical scanners, computer printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, optical printers, microfilm reader-printers; paints and toners for image forming apparatus; toner cartridges for xerographic machines; wallpaper removing preparations; wood preservatives; parts and components of all of the aforesaid goods in this class.
Class 07Melt cutting machines for metal works; apparatus for making proof used in graphic arts; apparatus for mixing chemicals; apparatus for preparing printing plates or preparing graphic arts film; machine tools; printing machines; printing plates; apparatus for mixing of chemicals for use in a photographic darkroom; rotary converters; parts and components of all of aforesaid goods in this class
Class 09Accessories for cameras, namely exchangeable lenses, camera lenses, electronic flashes; air tanks for scuba diving; anti-theft warnings apparatus; apparatus and instruments for duplication of exposed photographic films; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or image; audio and video disks; audio and video tapes; audio mixers and audio speakers, control systems, namely, computer consoles and supporting software for the control and integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures in planetariums; automatic document feeders, cassettes and sorters, all of fittings of copying machines; automatic machines for processing exposed graphic arts film, paper and plates; automatic machines for processing exposed photographic films and paper; automatic machines for processing exposed-medical X-ray films; billing machines; apparatus to check stamping mail; binoculars; calculating scales; calculators; camera cases and accessories, namely, bags and straps; camera lenses; cameras and fitting thereof and accessories thereto; cameras for identification photography; cameras for special photography; cameras to record images viewed on CRT display; cash registers; cinematographic apparatus and instruments; cinematographic films; coin counting and sorting machines; coin-operated gates for car parks or parking lots; computer hardware; computer input devices; computer memories; computer output devices; computer peripheral devices; computer printers; computer programs (recorded); computer software (recorded); computers; copying apparatus and machines (photographic, electrostatic, thermic); copying machines; data processing apparatus; data processing equipment and computers; densitometers; digital cameras; disposable camera; drawing or drafting machines; electric calculators; electric or magnetic measuring machines and instruments; photographic, cinematographic, optical, measuring, checking apparatus and instruments; electrical communication apparatus and instruments; electrical distribution or control machines and instruments; electrodes; electrolysers; electronic cameras; electronic data processing machines for use by photographic finishing laboratory; computer games adapted for use with television receivers; electronic printers as components of computers; electronic viewers; facsimile machines; fiber optic cables; electric wires and cables; films (exposed); filters (photography); flash-bulbs (photography) and stroboscope units; flatness testers; floppy disks; identity cards; industrial meters used in photography, namely exposure meters, TV color balance analyzers, illuminance meters, luminance meters, colorimeters,spectroradiometers, thermometers, chlorophyll meters, spectrophotometers, glossmeters, UV radiometers, CRT focus meters, color display measuring instruments, non-contact three-dimensional digitizers; inkjet printers; interfaces for computer; laser printers; luminous or mechanical road signs; magnetic cores; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; magnetic data media; magnetic memory disks; manually operated calculators; measuring apparatus and instruments; memory disk drive; microfilm cameras; microfilm reader-printers; microfilm reading and/or receiving apparatus; motion picture cameras; notching machines as fittings of automatic processors; operation recording machines; optical apparatus and instruments; optical data media; optical discs; optical fibers; optical glass; optical lenses; optical printers; optical scanners; ozonisers (ozonators); phase modifiers; batteries; photo-copying machines; photographic apparatus and instruments; photographic cameras; photographic prints making apparatus; photomask blanks as materials for use in production of IC-electric parts; photoreceptor; phototypesetting machines; physical or chemical apparatus and instruments; planetarium equipment, namely, domescreen, projectors, space simulators, lifter units, all-sky movie systems, video and audio, namely, disc or cassette video and audio recorder and players and projectors; pre-recorded video discs and tapes; printers for use with computers; processed glasses used as optical glasses and camera lenses; punch card machines; records; resistance wires; roentgen cameras; scanners; screens (photography); screens used for graphic arts; slide film mounts; slide films and transparencies; spectacles; supporting computer software for use in conjunction with photocopying machines, scanners, optical scanners, computer printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, printers, optical printers, digital cameras and facsimile machines, namely, driver software and network utility software; printers; time recorders; time stamping machines; transparencies (photography); tripods for cameras; vending machines; video cameras; video disc players; video game apparatus for personal use; video printers used for making print of video picture; video tape recorders; video tape recording and/or reproducing apparatus, namely video cameras, video recorder, copier and player, video decks, video tuners; word-processors; disposable photographic camera; intensifying screens for x-ray films (used for medical x-ray photography); parts and components of all the aforesaid goods in this class.
Class 10Apparatus and instruments for medical analysis and diagnosis and peripheral devices thereto; jaundice meter; medical apparatus and instruments; medical X-ray photograph duplicators; orthopedic articles; oximeter; hair prostheses and intraocular prostheses for surgical implantation; roentgen apparatus for medical purposes; surgical catguts; surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; suture materials; testing apparatus for medical purposes; un-exposed medical X-ray film cassettes; un-exposed medical X-ray films; X-ray diagnostic apparatus; parts and components of all of aforesaid goods in this class. components of all of aforesaid goods in this class.
Class 16Addressing machines; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; albums; automatic stamp applying machines; blueprinting machines; copying apparatus (office requisites); drawing instruments and drawing materials; electric staplers; envelope sealing machines for offices; hectograph duplicating machines; ink; inking ribbons and typewriter ribbons; inking ribbons for computer printers; letterpress duplicating machines; marking templates; mimeographs; paper for inkjet printers; paper shredders; paper; printed matter; photographs; papers for copying machines, printers and facsimile machines; photograph stands; plain paper for xerographic machine; postal frankers; postcards; printing types; rotary duplicators, printers' reglets; stationery; thermally sensitive paper; typewriters; parts and components of all the aforesaid goods in this class.
Class 40Annealing; bookbinding; digital image processing; photograph enlargement; photograph printing; photographic film development; photogravure; processing of cinematographic films; processing, developing and/or printing of photographic films and photographic papers; recycling of waste and trash; rental and leasing of chemical machines and apparatus; rental and leasing of food processing and beverage processing machines and apparatus; rental and leasing of lumbering machines and instruments; rental and leasing of wood and plywood working machines and apparatus; rental and leasing of bookbinding machines; rental and leasing of textile machines and apparatus; rental and leasing of tobacco processing machines; rental and leasing of pulping machines; rental and leasing of paper making machines; rental and leasing of paper processing machines; rental and leasing of metalworking machines and tools; rental and leasing of photo-developing, printing, enlarging or finishing apparatus; treatment of materials.
Names and addresses
ProprietorKonica Minolta Holdings, Inc.
1-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Incorporated CountryJapan
Residence CountryJapan
Customers RefA75275/MRC
ADP Number0839950001
ServiceLysaght & Co.
P.O. Box 49, 39 La Motte Street, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 5NB
ADP Number0767069001