UK Trademark 2299287

Mark ClaimlimitThe applicant claims the colours Yellow - 116 and Black.
Classes03, 05, 06, 16, 21, 29, 30, 31, 32
Status Before DeathRefused
Relevant dates
Filing Date29 April 2002
Progress Stopped31 March 2004
Archived Date04 April 2006
List of goods or services
Class 03Abrasives, abrasive cloth and paper; bleaching preparations included in class 3; scouring solutions; polishing preparations, boot and shoe polish and cream, polish for furniture and flooring, polishing wax; toiletries, anti-perspirant toiletries; soap, toilet soap, anti-perspirant soap, cakes of soap, cakes of toilet soap, deodorant soap; cosmetics, cosmetic creams, cosmetic preparations for use in baths, cosmetic preparations for skin care; cotton wool and cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; lotions for cosmetic purposes; deodorants for personal use; non-medical bath salts; make-up removing preparations; nail care preparations, nail varnish removing preparations; talcum powder for toilet use; shaving preparations; shampoos; hair lotions; washing preparations; all included in Class 3.
Class 05Absorbent cotton; menstruation pads; menstruation tampons; sanitary pants; panty liners; sanitary pads; sanitary towels; adhesive plaster; sticking plasters; adhesive tapes for medical purposes; surgical dressings; air freshening preparations; remedies for perspiration; insect repellents; petroleum jelly for medical purposes; analgesics; antiseptics; salts for mineral water; pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff; candy for medical purposes, medicated candy; medicated confectionery; vitamin preparations; detergents for medical purposes; sanitary substances; disinfectants; antiseptics; all included in Class 5.
Class 06Aluminium foil for wrapping and packaging purposes.
Class 16Babies' napkins of paper and/or cellulose; napkins and tissues of paper, all for removing make-up; towels, pocket handkerchiefs, table napkins, table cloths and table linen, all of paper; toilet paper; plastic film for wrapping; cling film, cling film for cooking; bags made of paper or plastic; bags for cooking; stationery articles; envelopes, writing pads, writing paper, saving stamp; facial tissue, wipers, paper towels, infants' disposable diapers, diaper liners, bibs, baby wipes; all included in Class 16.
Class 21Rags and cloths for cleaning; cotton waste for cleaning; chamois leather for cleaning; furniture dusters; rags and cloths for dusting; abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; abrasive wool; steel wool; metal wool; gloves for household purposes; toilet sponges, toothbrushes; all included in Class 21.
Class 29Meat, meat gravies, meat jellies, pork, ham, bacon, liver, liver pate, liver pastes, black puddings, tripe, sausages, animal marrow for food, poultry, game, fish, fillets of fish, foods prepared from fish, food products made from fish, sardines, tuna fish, herrings, salmon, anchovy, shellfish for human consumption, mussels, lobsters, spiny lobsters, crustaceans, crayfish, oysters; cooked vegetables, dried vegetables, preserved vegetables, preserved soya bean for food, vegetable salads, preserved peas, preserved onions, preserved mushrooms, preserved olives, preserved lentils, preserved beans, sauerkraut, dates, gherkins, preserved fruits, stewed fruits, frosted fruits, frozen fruits, fruit jellies, fruit peel, fruit salads, crystallized fruits, fruit pulp, raisins, processed peanuts, ground almonds, prepared nuts, desiccated coconut, salad dressings, mayonnaise, edible fats, edible oils, corn oil, maize oil, olive oil for food, palm kernel oil for food, palm oil for food, rape oil for food, sesame oil, coconut oil, coconut fat, sunflower oil for food, suet for food, lard for food, butter, chocolate nut butter, coconut butter, peanut butter, cocoa butter, margarine, cheese, cream, milk, soya milk, milk beverages, milk products, yoghurt, eggs, croquettes, potato crisps, potato chips, soups, preparations for making soups, preparations for vegetable soups, bouillon, bouillon concentrates, broth, broth concentrates, jams, marmalade, jellies for food, salted food, piccalilli, pickles, tomato puree, tomato juice for cooking; all included in Class 29.
Class 30Bean meal; crushed barley; barley meal; milled corn; roasted corn; popcorn; milled maize; roasted maize; oatmeal, crushed oats; husked oats; oat flakes; oat based food; muesli; cereal preparations; corn flakes; corn flour; corn meal; maize flakes; maize flour; maize meal; oat flakes; flour for food; flour milling products; gluten for food; wheat flour; potato flour for food; soya flour; biscuits; malt biscuits; petit-beurre biscuits; cookies; edible decorations for cakes; cake paste; cake powder; cakes, tarts; petit fours; macaroons; bread, leaven ginger bread, bread rolls, buns, pastry, pastries, pasties, waffles, pancakes, pizza, pastilles, pasta, ravioli, ribbon vermicelli, noodle vermicelli, spaghetti, macaroni, chocolate, chocolate based beverages, chocolate beverages with milk, cocoa, cocoa based beverages, cocoa beverages with milk, cocoa products, tea, coffee, artificial coffee, coffee based beverages, coffee beverages with milk, coffee flavourings, confectionery, fondants, confectionery for decorating Christmas trees, almond confectionery, peanut confectionery, sugar confectionery, stick liquorice, liquorice, lozenges, candy caramels, candy for food, marzipan, maltose, gum sweets, pralines, peppermint sweets, sugar, natural sweeteners, spices, allspice, curry, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, seasonings, condiments, salt, cooking salt, celery salt, salt for preserving foodstuffs, pepper, seasoning peppers, mustard, aniseed, star aniseed, saffron, flavourings, flavourings for cakes, vanilla flavouring, vanilla substitute, vanillin, almond paste, essences for foodstuffs, starch for food, ice cream, edible ices, ice sherbets, ice sorbets, ice for refreshment, natural or artificial ice, glucose for food, golden syrup, honey, rice, sago, semolina, tapioca, tapioca flour for food, turmeric for food, whipped cream, preparations for stiffening whipped cream, yeast, pies, meat pies, pate, farinaceous foods, farinaceous food pastes, groats for human food, puddings, sandwiches, sauces, ketchup, non medicinal infusions, vinegar, beer vinegar; food containing meat for dogs and cats all included in Class 30.
Class 31Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, coconuts, fresh chestnuts, cereal grains, seed grains, peanuts, bran, barley, wheat, rye, maize, fresh fruit, berries, fresh grapes, fresh olives, citrus fruit, lemons, oranges, apples, fresh vegetables, roots for food, fresh potatoes, fresh mushrooms, onions, fresh peas, rhubarb, leeks, marrows, lettuce, fresh herbs, fresh garden herbs, fresh beans, locust beans, chicory, chicory roots, cucumbers, squashes, plants, vine plants, shrubs, bushes, rose bushes, natural flowers, dried flowers for decoration, bulbs, flower bulbs, sugar-cane, pine cones, copra; animal foodstuffs, dog biscuits, animal litter, products for animal litter; all included in Class 31.
Class 32Beer, malt-beer, ginger ale; non-alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic fruit extracts, non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages, fruit juices, tomato juice, vegetable juices, whey beverages, syrups for beverages; lemonades, syrups for lemonade; table waters, aerated water, soda water; cola; all included in Class 32.
Names and addresses
ProprietorSomerfield plc
Somerfield House, Whitchurch Lane, Bristol, BS14 0TJ
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefHJC/TR/T104122GB
ADP Number0178948001
ServiceWithers & Rogers LLP
4 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AU
ADP Number0001776001