UK Trademark 2284941

Classes01, 02, 03, 05, 07, 12, 21
Status Before DeathRegistered
Relevant dates
Filing Date06 November 2001
Next Renewal Date06 November 2011
Registration Date04 October 2002
Expiry Date07 November 2011
Progress Stopped07 November 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 19 June 2002
Issue number 6435, page 10812
Registration 06 November 2002
Issue number 6455
Expiry 18 November 2011
Issue number 6914
Assignment 12 November 2004
Issue number 6556
List of goods or services
Class 01Battery anti-sulfurizing agents, clothes pleating agents, mildew proofing agents, damp proofing agents, anti-shrink agents, anti-creasing agents, waterproofing chemical compositions, adhesives not for stationery or household purposes, plastic adhesives not for stationery or household purposes, chemicals, sealing materials, adhesives for telecommunications equipment, primers.
Class 02Paints, namely oil paints, water-based paints, fluorescent paints, synthetic resin paints, anticorrosive paints, distempers, water paints, lower hull paints, fireproof paints, waterproof paints, chemicalproof paints, priming putty, polishing powder, anti-rust greases; undercoating for chassis of vehicle.
Class 03Anti-static preparations for household purposes, de-greasing preparations for household purposes, rust removing preparations, stain removing benzine, fabric softeners for laundry use, laundry bleach, laundry starch, seaweed gelatine for laundry use, adhesives for affixing false eyelashes, paint stripping preparations, shoe and boot cream and polish, furniture polishes, automobile polishes, polishing preparations, leather dressings, floor polishes, pet shampoos, washing powder, arai-nuka [skin polishing rice bran], glass cleaning preparations, scouring preparations, soap, namely, toilet soap, industrial soap, laundry soap, liquid soap; detergents prepared from petroleum, detergents for laundry use, dry cleaning preparations, hand cleaning preparations, toilet bowl detergents, scrubbing powder, toothpaste in soft cake, tooth powder, moistened tooth powder, toothpaste, dentifrices, dental rinse, eye shadows, common lotions, eau de cologne, make-up powder, blush, face powder on paper, color rinses, lipsticks, cosmetic creams, creamy face powder, cosmetic cleansing creams, toilet water, cosmetics and toiletries, liquid perfumes, perfumes, cold creams, pressed face powder, clotted perfumes, loose face powder, absorbent facial tissue, combing oils, skin lotions, miscellaneous cosmetics, depilatories, talcum powder for toilet use, stick pomade, milky lotions, nail polish, nail polish removers, face powder paste, perfumed paste, creamy rouges, viscous lotions, hygienic creams, bath oils, bath salts, beauty masks, vanishing creams, hand creams, hand lotions, shaving creams, shaving lotions, suntan creams, self-tanning creams, sunscreen creams, skin whitening creams, creamy foundation, perfumed powder, hair care preparations namely, hair oils, cold wave solutions, wave set lotions, Japanese hair fixing oil, hair dyes, permanent wave preparations, hair bleaches, hair creams, hair sprays, hair tonics, hair fixers, hair lacquers, hair rinses, shampoos, conditioners, adhesives for affixing false hair, hair-washing powder, hair pomades; bay rums, cosmetic rouges, baby oils, baby powder, mascaras, eyebrow colors, mizuoshiroi liquid foundation, lip creams, synthetic geraniol, synthetic perfumery, musk, jasmine oil, natural perfumery prepared from plants, synthetic musk, food flavourings prepared from essential oils, compound perfumery, clove oil, natural perfumery prepared from animals, peppermint oil for perfume, vanilla oil, synthetic vanillin, rose oil, synthetic heliotropine, bergamot oil, lavender oil, ambergris, perfumery, fragrances and incenses, joss-sticks, perfuming sachets, abrasive paper, namely, sandpaper, abrasive cloth, abrasive sand, artificial pumice stone, polishing paper, polishing cloth, false nails, false eyelashes.
Class 05Amino acid preparations, antiallergic agents, local anaesthetics, agents for oral use, antibiotic preparations, mouth cavity cleansers, breath refreshers, germicides and fungicides, antimicrobials for dermatologic use, rodenticides, insecticides, pesticides, medicines for dental purposes, anhydrotics, nutrients, tonics and alternatives, crude drugs, charred drugs and moxa, food enriching preparations, herbicides, weedkillers, diagnostic reagents, diagnostic preparations, intestinal regulators, biological preparations for medical purposes, cough drops, anti-tussive expectorants, analgesics, anti-itching preparations, tetracycline preparations; medicated talcum powder, veterinary preparations, ointment bases for drugs, medicated soaps, medicated soaps of Japanese Pharmacopoeia, vitamins, emollients, multi-vitamin preparations, deodorants not for personal use, insect-repellents, tooth prophylactics, medicated hair remedies, pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations, medicinal alcoholic beverages; medicated baby oils, medicated baby powders, organic acid preparations, medicated bath preparations, vaccines, oiled paper for medical purposes, sanitary masks, pharmaceutical wafer, gauze for dressings, empty capsules for pharmaceuticals, sanitary napkins and tampons, sanitary panties, absorbent cotton, adhesive plasters, bandages for dressings, dental materials, namely, dental cements, dental prosthetics and fillings, dental wax, materials for artificial teeth; dietary supplements, ointments for periodontal treatment, cotton swabs for medical purposes, medicated creams and lotions.
Class 07Rubber mixing machines, rubber forming machines, rubber-goods manufacturing machines and apparatus, rubber moulds, disc brakes not for land vehicles, toothed wheels and gears not for land vehicles, food and beverage processing machines and apparatus, brakes not for land vehicles, cleaning apparatus for chemical processing, textile washing machines for industrial purposes, electric wax-polishing machines, electric laundry washing machines, vacuum cleaners, parts for non-electric prime movers for land vehicles; formed-in place gasket machines; machinery used to form foaming products; primer detector; automatic priming machines.
Class 12Non-electric prime movers for land vehicles, machine elements for land vehicles, reversing gears for land vehicles, reduction gears for land vehicles, belt pulleys for land vehicles, power transmissions and gearings for land vehicles, speed change gears for land vehicles, laminated leaf springs, machine elements for land vehicles, shock absorbers for land vehicles, pneumatic shock absorbers, air springs for land vehicles, cone brakes for land vehicles, disc brakes for land vehicles, brakes for land vehicles, block brakes for land vehicles, AC and DC motors for land vehicles, tires for landing gear wheels of aircraft, inner tubes for aircraft wheel tires, automobiles and parts and accessories therefor, collapsible bicycles, chainwheels and cranks for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, touring bicycles, saddles for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, standard bicycles, bicycles, stands for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, spokes for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, road racing bicycles, tires for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, tandem bicycles, drive chains for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles; drive chain guards for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, inner tubes for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, mudguards for two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles, two-wheeled motor vehicles and bicycles and parts and accessories therefor, adhesive rubber patches for repairing tubes and tires, electrically assisted driving system, electric bicycles, ratchets, sprockets.
Class 21Dental floss, electric and non-electric toothbrushes, interproxymal and interdental brushes; brush for interproximal cleaning; industrial packaging containers for cosmetics, industrial packaging containers for food, industrial packaging containers for medicines, industrial packaging containers of glass, porcelain and china, cleaning tools, washing boards, clothes pegs and pins, washing brushes, washing utensils, mops, clothes drying hangers, clothes brushes, soap dispensers, face-powder cases, combs, comb cases, cosmetic cream cases, cosmetic and toilet utensils, make-up sets, toilet sponges, toilet brushes, vanity cases [fitted], perfume sprayers sold empty, powder compacts not of precious metal, soap holders and boxes, toilet cases, nail brushes, powder puffs, toothbrush cases, shaving brushes, shaving brush stands, hair brushes, lip brushes, eyelash curlers, eyebrow brushes, shoe brushes, shoe horns, shoe shine cloths, shoe shiners.
Names and addresses
ProprietorSunstar Suisse S.A.
Victoria House, Route de la Pierre 22, 1024 Ecublens, Switzerland
Residence CountrySwitzerland
Customers RefNJH/FT62841789
Effective Assignment Date24 September 2004
ADP Number0969586001
ServiceMewburn Ellis LLP
33 Gutter Lane, London, EC2V 8AS
ADP Number0000109001