UK Trademark 2282136

Mark ClaimlimitThe applicant claims the colours dark green/blue, bright blue and pale blue as an element of the first mark in the series.
Series Of2
Classes35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date01 October 2001
Next Renewal Date01 October 2021
Registration Date23 April 2004
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 09 January 2004
Issue number 6513
Registration 21 May 2004
Issue number 6531
Renewal 01 July 2011
Issue number 6894
Assignment 20 November 2002
Issue number 6457
List of goods or services
Class 35Arranging and conducting of trade shows, trade exhibitions and trade fairs. Business management; business administration; provision of office services, provision of administrative and office management services to customer of other companies; provision of telephone call centres; business management and organisation consultancy services; marketing services; marketing consultancy services; provision of accounting services and book keeping; drawing up of statement of accounts; payroll management; advertising services, public relations services; provision of statistical information; direct mail advertising; dissemination of advertising matter; market research; provision of information in relation to business, commercial, trade and marketing; invoicing and billing services, information, advisory and consultancy services, all relating to the aforesaid services; meter reading, information, advisory and consultancy services relating therefor.
Class 36Property portfolio management, property appraisal, brokerage, consultancy, finance, insurance, investment and management services, leasing of land or property; property valuation; land acquisition services; real estate agency services; financial management; provision of credit, issuing of accounts and invoices; obtaining information concerning indebtedness; debt collection; credit vetting services; credit granting services; credit collecting; payment collection services; credit bureau; lease purchase financing and financing services; real estate management; insurance services; information, advisory and consultancy services, all relating to the aforesaid services.
Class 37Installation of cable television, telecommunications apparatus, pipelines apparatus and electrical apparatus; provision of information regarding the installation of cable television, telecommunications apparatus, pipelines sanitation apparatus and electrical apparatus. Property development; property maintenance; land development; landscaping construction services; land drainage, excavating, irrigation, reclamation.
Class 38Cable television broadcasting; telecommunications services; provision of information regarding cable television and telecommunications services.
Class 39Water distribution; water supply services; water, waste, sewerage and trash transportation; transportation of water, waste sewage and trash by pipeline; electricity distribution services; gas distribution services; customer services, information, consultancy and advisory services all relating to the aforesaid services; provision of information regarding water distribution and supply; sewerage services supply of utilities, electricity and gas.
Class 41Arranging and conducting of conferences and seminars; provision of training courses; provision of training facilities; entertainment services.
Class 42Environmental services; environmental research, surveying and monitoring of domestic and non-domestic properties and land; surveying; certification services; conveyancing; provision of information regarding the environmental condition of domestic and non-domestic properties and land; provision of conference facilities; provision of exhibition facilities; provision of seminar facilities; provision of temporary accommodation services; room hire services; restaurant and bar services; provision of catering services and facilities.
Names and addresses
ProprietorYorkshire Water Services Limited
Western House, Halifax Road, Bradford, BD6 2SZ
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefGLH/YWE.1-42
Effective Assignment Date18 September 2002
ADP Number0706510001
ServiceWalker Morris (a Partnership)
Kings Court, 12 King Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2HL
ADP Number0664812001