UK Trademark 2251935

Series Of22
Status Before DeathWithdrawn
Relevant dates
Filing Date08 November 2000
Progress Stopped03 July 2003
Archived Date05 July 2005
List of goods or services
Class 03Almond milk for cosmetic purposes, almond oil, almond soap, amber (perfume), anti-perspirant soap, aromatics (essential oils), astringents, bath essence, bath salts not for medical purposes, baths (cosmetic preparations), beauty masks, bergamot oil, bleaching preparations for cosmetic purposes, citron (essential oils of), chalk (cleaning), cleansing milk for toilet purposes, colourants for toilet purposes, colour removing preparations, cosmetic kits, cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes, cosmetics, cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes, cotton wool for cosmetic purposes, creams, degreasers other than in manufacturing purposes, deodorant soaps, deodorants for personal use, dyes (cosmetic), eau de cologne, emery, emery cloth, emery paper, essences ethereal, essential oils, extracts of flowers (perfumes), eye makeup, eyebrow cosmetics, eyebrow pencils, eyelash adhesives for fixing, false eye lashes, false nails, flower perfume bases, flower extracts of perfumes, foot perspiration soap, fumigation preparations (perfumes), gaultheria oil, geraniol, greases for cosmetic purposes, guides (paper) for eye make-up, hair colourants,hair dyes, hair lotions, hair waving preparations, hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes,incense, ionone, perfumery, jasmine oil, javelle water, lavender oil, lavender water, lemon (essential oils of), lipsticks, lotions (tissues impregnated with cosmetics), lotions for cosmetic purposes, make-up, make-up powder, make-up preparations, medicated soap, mint essence (essential oils), mint for perfumery, moustache wax, mouth washes not for medical purposes,musk perfumery, nail care preparations, nail polish, nail varnish, oils for cosmetic purposes, oils for perfumes and scents, oils for toilet purposes, perfumery, perfumes, petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes, pomades for cosmetic purposes, pumic stone, razor strop paste, rose oil, rouge, sachets for perfuming linen, sandcloth, scented wood, shampoos, shaving preparations, shaving stones, shaving stones (antiseptic), skin care cosmetic preparations, skin whitening creams, smooting stones, soap, soap cakes, soap deodorant, soap disinfectant, sun tanning preparation cosmetics, swabs (toiletries), talcum powder for toilet use, terpenes, toilet water, toiletries, transfers for cosmetic lotions, removing varnish preparations.
Names and addresses
ProprietorJo Malone Limited
The Old Imperial Laundry, Warriner Gardens, London, SW11 4XW
Incorporated CountryGreat Britain
Residence CountryGreat Britain
Customers RefCM3/DFM/DAL
ADP Number0695965001
ServiceHogan Lovells International LLP
Atlantic House, 50 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FG
ADP Number0005736001