UK Trademark 2244692 ESTD 1828 JENNINGS

Mark ClaimlimitThe fifth mark appearing within the series claims the colours blue and gold. The sixth mark in the series claims the colours blue and gold. The ninth mark in the series claims the colours blue and gold. The eleventh mark in the series claims the colours blue and gold.
Series Of11
Classes25, 32, 33, 39, 41, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date06 September 2000
List of goods or services
Class 25Clothing; footwear; headgear; bandanas; bath robes; bath sandals; bath slippers; bathing caps; bathing suits; bathing trunks; beach clothes; beach shoes; belts; berets; bibs; boots; boots for sports; braces for clothing; brassieres; breeches; camisoles; caps; clothing for gymnastics; coats; cyclists' clothing; dressing gowns; earmuffs; fittings of metal for shoes and boots; footmuffs; frocks; gloves; gymnastic shoes; hats; headbands; headgear for wear; hosiery; jackets; jerseys; jumpers; knitwear; leggings; linen; mantillas; mittens; muffs; neckties; overalls; overcoats; pyjamas; pants; paper clothing; parkas; pullovers; robes; scarves; shawls; shirts; shoes; shoulder wraps; ski boots; skirts; slippers; sips; smocks; socks; stockings; suits; sweaters; swimsuits; T-shirts; tights; topcoats; trousers; underclothing; underpants; underwear; uniforms; vests; visors; waistcoats; waterproof clothing; wet suits; wristbands; gift and presentation packs containing any of the aforesaid goods.
Class 32Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; non-alcoholic aperitifs; beer; non-alcoholic cocktails; pastilles for effervescing beverages; powders for effervescing beverages; essences for making beverages; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; fruit juices; non-alcoholic fruit nectars; ginger ale; ginger beer; isotonic beverages; lemonades; preparations for making liqueurs ; malt beer; seltzer water; soda water; sorbets; syrups for beverages; syrups for lemonade; table waters; tomato juice; lager; ale; porter; gift and presentation packs containing any of the aforesaid goods.
Class 33Alcoholic beverages; wines; spirits; liqueurs; brandy; gin; vodka; cider; perry; cocktails; alcoholic extracts; bitter; kirsch; rum; sake; whisky; wine; gift and presentation packs containing any of the aforesaid goods.
Class 39Transport; packaging and storage of goods; arranging of tours; car parking; delivery of goods; packaging of goods; rental of wheelchairs; storage; sightseeing; truck rental; warehousing wrapping of goods.
Class 41Education; provision of training; entertainment; cultural activities; arranging and conducting of workshops; organisation of competitions; organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organisation of shows; provision of museum facilities; organising of conferences.
Class 42Provision of food and drink; boarding house bookings; cafes; cafeterias; camp services; campground facilities; canteens; catering; hotel reservations; hotels; boarding houses; cocktail lounge services; providing facilities for exhibitions; providing hotel accommodation; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; rental of meeting rooms; rental of temporary accommodation; restaurants; self-service restaurants; snack-bars; public house and inn services; provision of conference and banqueting services; banqueting services; all being provided by hotels; entertainment and nightclub services; bistro and wine bar services.
Names and addresses
ProprietorJennings Brothers PLC
Castle Brewery, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9NE
Incorporated CountryGreat Britain
Residence CountryGreat Britain
Customers RefMCR/KD/EA-/JEN
ADP Number0426025001
ServiceWilliam A. Shepherd & Son
Spring House, 1st Floor, 42-44 Fountain Street, Manchester, M2 2AX
ADP Number0004374001