Classes06, 07, 09, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 35, 36, 38, 39, 41, 43, 45
Status Before DeathRegistered
Relevant dates
Filing Date24 July 2000
Next Renewal Date24 July 2020
Registration Date29 December 2000
Progress Stopped26 July 2010
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 13 September 2000
Issue number 6345, page 15596
Registration 31 January 2001
Issue number 6364
Renewal 21 January 2011
Issue number 6871
Expiry 06 August 2010
Issue number 6847
List of goods or services
Class 06Goods made substantially of common metal or their alloys; key rings; key fobs; badges, figurines, ornaments and money clips, all made substantially of common metal or their alloys.
Class 07Domestic appliances; electric appliances for use in cleaning; domestic electrical equipment; power-operated tools.
Class 09Sound recording and sound reproducing apparatus and instruments; compact discs; gramophone records and magnetic tapes for recording or reproducing sound or vision; videos; audio and video cassettes; digital audio tapes; photographic transparencies and photographic films prepared for exhibition purposes; calculating machines; televisions; cameras and photographic apparatus and equipment; binoculars; electrical and electronic domestic appliances; smart cards; identity cards; computer programmes; tapes and discs; computer games and computer software incorporating games; telephones; telephone answering apparatus; telephone recorders; facsimile apparatus; magnets; credit and debit cards (encoded or magnetic); parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 14Jewellery and imitation jewellery; clocks and watches; cases, bands, straps and parts therefor; key rings and key fobs; cuff links and tie pins; containers, ashtrays and badges of precious metal; statuettes; cruet sets.
Class 16Stationery; books; book markers; printed matter and printed publications; magazines; diaries; brochures; pens, pencils and writing implements; transfers (decalcomanias); rulers; pencil sharpeners; cases and containers, all for stationery and for writing implements; playing cards; writing paper and writing pads; instructional and teaching material; photographs and photograph albums; posters; postcards; wall charts; calendars; cards; labels; coasters; car stickers; car tax disc holders; car window blinds; credit and debit cards (other than encoded or magnetic).
Class 18Articles made of leather or imitation leather; travelling bags; handbags; backpacks; duffle bags; boot bags; holdalls; bags; belts; straps; wallets, purses, credit card holders and chequebook holders; key cases; umbrellas.
Class 21Domestic utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); articles of china, glassware, porcelain and earthenware; combs and sponges; drinking glasses; tankards and tumblers; brushes; moneyboxes; toothbrushes.
Class 24Textile articles; curtains and upholstery fabrics; pillowcases; bed sheets; bedspreads; bed and duvet covers; valances; towels and bath linen; table linen; handkerchiefs; banners, flags, pennants and textile wall hangings.
Class 25Articles of clothing; articles of sports clothing; footwear; leisure wear; underwear for men, women and children; slippers; socks; ties; headgear; gloves; scarves; sweatshirts; T-shirts; sweaters; articles of clothing for babies; bibs; dungarees; pyjamas; dressing gowns; tracksuits; ties; wristbands.
Class 26Badges; patches and rosettes; lapel pins; buttons, belt clasps and buckles; hair ornaments; ribbons, braids, appliqués, tapes, trimmings and tassels.
Class 28Toys; games; playthings; footballs; darts and flights therefor; balloons; sporting articles (other than clothing); bags adapted for carrying sporting articles.
Class 35Advertising services; rental of advertising space; business management, organisation and consultancy services; accounting and office services; arranging and administration of exhibitions; organising of draws and competitions for promotional and advertising purposes.
Class 36Financial information, advisory and consultancy services; investment services; capital investment programmes; savings plans; insurance services; life, travel and health insurance services; insurance services relating to holiday accommodation, holidays, transportation, personal possessions, property, vehicles, medical and dental expenses, mechanical breakdowns, legal expenses and public liability; pension fund services; investment and investment management services; credit card services; arranging credit; advice regarding credit; co-operative credit society services; credit union services.
Class 38Rental of telecommunication apparatus and equipment; rental of and advisory and consultancy services relating to mobile telephones, two-way radio communication apparatus, pagers, satellite telephones and facsimile transmitters and receivers; provision of telecommunication access and links to computer databases and the Internet.
Class 39Travel reservation services; holiday travel reservation services; arranging of cruises and tours; vehicle rental services; holiday transport services; tourist information services; electricity and gas supply services; rescue services; rescue of persons and vehicles on land.
Class 41Educational and training services; organisation of events and competitions; arranging and conducting of seminars, conferences and exhibitions; provision of physical education and sporting facilities; physical fitness instruction; club services.
Class 43Catering services; provision of restaurant and bar services; provision of facilities for exhibitions, seminars, conferences, parties and receptions; banqueting services; room hire; hotel accommodation and reservation services; advisory services relating to holidays; arranging of holiday accommodation; letting of holiday accommodation.
Class 45Funeral services.
Names and addresses
ProprietorThe Executive Committee of the National Association of Retired Police Officers
NARPO House, 38 Bond Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 2QP
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefHL48797/000/DT
ADP Number0791171001
ServiceHaseltine Lake LLP
Redcliff Quay, 120 Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6HU
ADP Number0000034002