UK Trademark 2239368 FESTIVAL OF SPEED

Classes03, 04, 06, 09, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 34, 37, 41, 42
Status Before DeathRefused
Relevant dates
Filing Date12 July 2000
Progress Stopped25 July 2005
Archived Date31 July 2007
List of goods or services
Class 03Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; soaps; perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; dentifrices.
Class 04Vehicle care products; lubricants; oils; grease; fuels; additives for all the aforesaid.
Class 06Articles of common metal and their alloys; ironmongery and small items of metal hardware; buckles; money clips, key fobs, key rings and key chains, trinkets, ornaments, tags, statuettes, models and figurines, decorative and commemorative plaques and plates, signs and signboards, boxes, bins and containers, cases, badges; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 09Amusement apparatus adapted for use with visual display units and televisions; electronic games playing apparatus; computer games; screen savers; computers for use in relation to providing amusement and education; sound and video recordings; tapes; cassettes; cartridges; tapes; compact discs; laser discs, films; slides; electronic publications; data processing apparatus; computer hardware and software; photographic, cinematographic and optical apparatus and instruments; teaching apparatus and instruments; encoded cards; safety and protective clothing, headgear and equipment for use in sports and leisure pursuits; glasses and sunglasses, including cases, frames and accessories; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 12Vehicles and parts and fittings of vehicles; apparatus, components, instruments, units, kits and repair outfits for all of the aforesaid.
Class 14Jewellery; articles; clips and pins; rings and chains; ornaments; medals and medallions; badges; buckles; trophies; coins; cases; holders; containers; tableware; all made of precious metal or stones, or their alloys, their imitations or coated therewith; clocks, watches, timepieces; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 16Printed matter, publications, year books, diaries, directories, address books, books and magazines, newspapers, newsletters, programmes, manuals, catalogues, guides, pamphlets, brochures, pictures, photographs, posters, frames, holders, binders, folders, covers, albums, atlases, maps, plans, calendars, stationery, paper weights, pads, postcards, greetings cards, notelets, notepaper, letter paper, envelopes, labels, stickers, transfers and decals, bookmarkers, cards, tokens, vouchers, tickets, trading cards, unencoded cards, cheques, orders, certificates, documents, passes, stamps, coasters, playing cards, printing, painting and drawing sets; office requisites, instructional and teaching materials, souvenirs, memorabilia, flags, pennants, rosettes, badges, napkins, artists' materials, writing instruments and materials, wrapping and packaging materials, paper, cardboard and plastic articles; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 18Leather and imitation leather; animal skins and hides; imitation animal skins and hides; articles made from the aforesaid; cases, valises, suitcases, briefcases; luggages, bags, handbags, travelling bags, schoolbags, satchels, duffle bags, sports bags, courier bags and trunks; holders for carrying infants; folders, wallets, purses, pouches, cases; rucksacks and knapsacks, backpacks, bumbags; umbrellas, parasols, sunshades; walking sticks, whips, canes, straps, belts, harness and saddlery; articles and accessories relating to the training, racing, hunting and care of horses; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 20Furniture, mirrors, frames, containers and boxes; cushions, sleeping bags; beds, bedding; goods made from wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, shell, amber, plastics and substitutes for these materials; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 21Household, domestic or kitchen utensils and containers; combs sponges, brushes; articles for cleaning purposes; goods made from glass, crystal, china, porcelain, terracotta, pottery, ceramics, holloware and earthenware.
Class 24Flags, banners, bunting; mats and coasters; textiles and textile goods; linen, bed and table covers, blankets, towels, curtains, blinds, wall hangings.
Class 25Clothing, headgear, footwear.
Class 26Badges, emblems, brooches, buckles, clasps, pins, buttons, fastenings, hat, hair and shoe ornaments, patches, appliques, ribbons, braid, rosettes, belt clasps, garlands, festoons; laces.
Class 28Toys, games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles; sports bags; hand-held electronic games; models and kits; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid.
Class 34Smokers' articles; matches.
Class 37Vehicle and engine maintenance, servicing and repair; maintenance and repair of facilities; cleaning services; construction and installation services; information, advisory and consultancy services.
Class 41Organising, producing, conducting and presenting events for educational, training, cultural or entertainment purposes; organising, producing, presenting and providing competitions, contests, races, games, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, product launches, sports, shows, events, concerts, live performances, education, training, tuition, field study, natural history studies, conservation studies and environmental studies; information, advisory and consultancy.
Class 42Hotel, accommodation, restaurant, banqueting, catering, cafeteria and bar services; creche facilities; computer and Internet services; health and beauty services; providing facilities for exhibitions; services to members; information, advisory and consultancy.
Names and addresses
ProprietorThe Goodwood Estate Company Limited
Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PX
Incorporated CountryGreat Britain
Residence CountryGreat Britain
Customers RefAM
ADP Number0675419001
ServiceMW Trade Marks Limited
4 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RP
ADP Number0952783001