UK Trademark 2220913

Classes35, 38, 41, 42
Status Before DeathWithdrawn
Relevant dates
Filing Date31 January 2000
Progress Stopped12 February 2001
Archived Date18 February 2003
List of goods or services
Class 35Advertising and promotional services; marketing services; market research services; rental of advertising space and time; public relations services; sales promotion services; personnel, human resource and recruitment services; personnel advisory, organisation and planning services; consultancy and advice relating to personnel remuneration and benefits; business and management advice, consultancy, information and research services; accounting, bookkeeping and auditing services; tax preparation and consulting services; business management consulting services in the field of information technology and communication technology; provision of business information, and information relating to personnel and human resources; business investigation services; including all the aforesaid provided on-line from a computer database by means of web pages on the Internet.
Class 38Communication services; electronic communication services; secure electronic communication services; telecommunications services; mobile telecommunication services; transmission of documents, voice, data, images and messages; electronic order-transmission; electronic mail-box services; interactive telecommunications services; network services; telecommunication services provided in relation to the Internet; satellite communication services; leasing and rental services in connection with communications apparatus and equipment services for the transmission, provision or display of data and information from an electronically stored data-bank; broadcasting or transmission of radio and television programmes by satellite, cable, microwave, optical means, lasers or aerials; services for the establishment and exploitation of telecommunications; information and advisory services relating to the aforementioned services.
Class 41Education, instruction, teaching and training; organising, conducting and providing facilities for classes, seminars, symposiums, conferences colloquiums, exhibitions; workshops and competitions; publication of books.
Class 42Design; graphic arts design; industrial design; web site writing and design services; photographic services; dating services; assistance, analysis, research, design, programming and writing services relating to computer software, firmware and hardware and to the planning, evaluation, choosing, maintenance and implementation of computer software, firmware and hardware and of data processing and information systems and programmes; development and operation of data processing centres and of information and communications systems (hardware, firmware and software); leasing and rental of computer hardware, software and firmware, data processing equipment and communication systems; leasing access time to computer databases; leasing access time to computers; legal assistance; representation services in relation to legal matters; management of and leasing intellectual property and copyright; personal body guarding; translation services; psychological testing; technical project studies; photographic and news reporting services; telephone answering services; consultancy and advice relating to all the aforesaid.
Names and addresses
ProprietorEvolution Consulting Group PLC
Standbrook House, 2-5 Old Bond Street, London, W1X 3TB
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefJS/T71305GB
ADP Number0782095001
ServiceBeck Greener
Fulwood House, 12 Fulwood Place, London, WC1V 6HR
ADP Number0000323001