UK Trademark 2187012

Classes03, 08, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34
Status Before DeathExpired
Relevant dates
Filing Date23 January 1999
Next Renewal Date23 January 2009
Registration Date31 March 2000
Expiry Date26 January 2009
Progress Stopped26 January 2009
Archived Date01 February 2011
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 28 July 1999
Issue number 6287, page 8917
Registration 03 May 2000
Issue number 6326
Expiry 13 February 2009
Issue number 6773
Assignment 22 April 2005
Issue number 6578
Removal 14 August 2009
Issue number 6798
List of goods or services
Class 03Dentifrices; toothpaste; toiletries; aromatic essential oils; bath salts; boot cream and boot polish; cosmetic kits; cosmetics; deodorants for personal use; eau de cologne; aftershaves; perfumes and perfumery; shampoos; hair conditioner; shaving preparations and shaving soaps; talcum powder; presentation and gift sets incorporating some or all of the aforesaid goods.
Class 08Razors and razor blades; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; manicure sets; table cutlery; shaving cases.
Class 12Motor land vehicles and parts and fittings therefor.
Class 14Clock hands (clock and watch-making); ingots, candlesticks, candelabra, candle extinguishers, threads, wire, goblets, household utensils, household containers, purses, egg cups, strainers, pepper pots, vases, match holders, tobacco jars, powder compacts, needles, napkin rings, sacred vessels, salad bowls, salt shakers, salt cellars, services (tableware), dishes, tea services, napkin holders, towel holders, saucers, soup bowls, statues, sugar bowls, epergnes, snuff boxes, cups, teapots, urns, alloys, match boxes, works of art, table plates, jewel cases, candle rings, boxes, tea caddies, boxes for sweetmeats, buckles, hat ornaments, shoe ornaments, tea infusers, chain mesh purses, busts, cabarets (trays) coffee services, nutcrackers, needle cases, boxes for needles, ashtrays for smokers, cigar cases, cigarette cases, cigar boxes, cigar holders, cigarette holders, trays for household purposes, baskets for household purposes, jugs, kitchen containers, toothpick holders, statuettes, figurines, kitchen utensils, tea-strainers, badges, non-electric coffee pots, tankards, harness fittings, oil cruets, oil and vinegar cruet stands, cruets, all of precious metals; pearls made of ambroid (pressed amber); amulets (jewellery); spun silver (silver wire); silver thread; silver ornaments; clocks, pendulums (clock and watch-making); barrels (clock and watch-making); bracelets (jewellery); wrist watches; straps for wrist watches; watch straps; watch bands; charms (jewellery); trinkets (jewellery); brooches (jewellery); objects of imitation gold; ormolu ware; dials (clock and watch-making); sundials; clockworks; chains (jewellery); watch chains; chronographs (watches); chronometers; chronoscopes; chronometrical instruments; necklaces (jewellery); electric clocks and watches; tie clips; coins; diamonds; plated articles, (precious metal plating); cases for clock and watch-making; atomic clocks; control clocks (master clocks); clock cases; iridium; ivory (jewellery); ornaments of jet; unwrought or semi-wrought jet; copper tokens; jewellery; medallions (jewellery); medals; unwrought or semi-wrought precious metals; watches; watch springs; watch crystals; watch glasses; movements for clocks and watches; olivine (gems); unwrought or beaten gold; gold thread (jewellery); gold and silver ware, other than cutlery, forks and spoons; osmium; palladium; ornaments (jewellery); ornamental pins; pearls (jewellery); semi-precious stones; precious stones; platinum (metal); alarm clocks; rhodium; ruthenium; spinel (precious stones); paste jewellery (costume jewellery); anchors (clock and watch-making); rings (jewellery); silver plate (plates, dishes); earrings; cuff links; watch cases; cases for watches (presentation); pins (jewellery); tie pins; key rings (trinkets or fobs); unwrought or beaten silver; stopwatches.
Class 16Printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); playing cards; printers' type; printing blocks; steel letters; steel pens; adhesive tape dispensers (office requisites); address stamps; addressing machines; paper; posters; advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; franking machines (stamping machines); clips for offices; staples for offices; pen clips; stapling presses (office requisites); albums; scrapbooks; pictures; prints (engravings); cigar bands; pencil sharpening machines; bookends; hand-rests for painters; water-colours; aquarelles; architects' models; document files (stationery); writing slates; slate pencils; silver paper; modelling clay; engravings; lithographic works of art; framed or unframed paintings (pictures); pencils; newspapers; periodicals; atlases; loose-leaf binders; gummed tape (stationery); mats for beer glasses; tickets; biological samples for use in microscopy (teaching material); printing blocks; drawing pads; pads (stationery); spools for inking ribbons; wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; pamphlets; embroidery designs (patterns); drawing pins; thumbtacks; moisteners (office requisites); painters' brushes; blotters; stamps (seals); inking pads; sealing wax; sealing machines for offices; sealing compounds for stationery purposes; writing or drawing books; trays for sorting and counting money; tear-off calendars; tracing patterns; tracing paper; tracing cloth; finger-stalls (office requisites); printing type; carbon paper; paper for recording machines; note books; square rulers; cards; charts; teaching materials (except apparatus); index cards (stationery); paper sheets (stationery); cardboard; hat boxes of cardboard; perforated cards for jacquard looms; cardboard tubes; catalogues; tags for index cards; song books; chaplets; rosaries; composing frames (printing); folders for papers; jackets for papers; painters' easels; numbers (type); Indian inks; chromos; chromolithographs compounds for stationery (chromos); modelling wax, not for dental purposes; files (office requisites); office perforators; hygienic paper; toilet paper; books; compasses for drawing; type (numerals and letters); composing sticks; obliterating stamps; confetti; control tokens; letter trays; conical paper bags; correcting fluids (office requisites); correcting ink (heliography); pencil leads; histological sections for teaching purposes; French curves; covers (stationery); wrappers (stationery); writing chalk; chalk for lithography; tailors' chalk; chalk holders; pencil holders; pencil lead holders; cream containers of paper; paper clasps; rollers for typewriters; decalcomanias; transfers (decalcomania); graphic prints; graining combs; drawing boards; drawing materials; drawing instruments; diagrams; envelopes (stationery); duplicators; etchings; packing paper; wrapping paper; nibs; typewriters (electric or non-electric); boxes for pens; pen cases; nibs of gold; erasing products; writing materials; shields (paper seals); erasing shields; rubber erasers; electrocardiograph paper; punches (office requisites); ink; inking ribbons; inkwells; envelope sealing machines, for offices; photographs; pen wipers; seals (stamps); fabrics for bookbinding; drawing sets; ledgers (books); indexes; figurines (statuettes) of papier mâché; filter paper; filtering materials (paper); forms (printed); office requisites, except furniture; charcoal pencils; stencil (stationery); galley racks (printing); electrotypes; geographical maps; terrestrial globes; artists' water-colour saucers; graphic reproductions; graphic representations; scrapers (erasers) for offices; engraving plates; hectographs; printed timetables; humidifiers (office requisites); postcards; printed matter; hand labelling appliances; printers' blankets, not of textile; portable printing sets (office requisites); printed publications; handbooks (manuals); babies' napkins of paper and cellulose (disposable); writing paper; paperweights; tracing needles for drawing purposes; drawing pens; table linen of paper; lithographs; lithographic stones; booklets; luminous paper; papier mâché; manifolds (stationery); marking chalk; plastics for modelling; modelling materials; modelling paste; handkerchiefs of paper; inking sheets for duplicators; table cloths of paper; blackboards; paper-clips; numbering apparatus; oleographs; binding strips (bookbinding); sealing wafers; palettes for painters; pantographs (drawing instruments); stationery; parchment paper; pastels (crayons); patterns for dressmaking; patterns for making clothes; stencil cases; house painters' rollers; canvas for painting; paint boxes (articles for use in school); plastic film for wrapping; apparatus for mounting photographs; photograph stands; photo-engravings; blueprints plans; folders (stationery); fountain pens; stencil plates; stencils; portraits; mimeograph apparatus and machines; paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes; prospectuses; paper for radiograms; drawing rulers; printers' reglets; bookbinding material; bookbindings; bookbinding cloth; bookbinding cords; inking sheets for document reproducing machines; pens (office requisites); magazines (periodicals); paper ribbons; typewriter ribbons; bags (envelopes, pouches) of paper or plastics, for packaging; stamp pads; school supplies (stationery); bookmarkers; greeting cards; steatite (tailor's chalk); blinds of paper; balls for ball-point pens; table mats of paper; writing pads; writing tablets; indoor terrariums (vivariums); typewriter keys; holders for stamps (seals); cases for stamps (seals); postage stamps; stamp stands; transparencies (stationery); vignetting apparatus; gluten (glue) for stationery or household purposes; adhesives (glues) for stationery or household purposes; adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; address plates for addressing machines; almanacs; calendars; starch paste (adhesive) for stationery or household purposes; indoor aquaria; tanks (indoor aquaria); paintbrushes; self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; elastic bands for offices; bibs of paper; wood-pulp board (stationery); wood-pulp (paper); boxes of cardboard or paper; stands for pens and pencils; bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper; coasters of paper; announcement cards (stationery); plastic bubble packs (for wrapping or packaging); flags (of paper); paper shredders (for office use); sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; cabinets for stationery (office requisites); pastes for stationery or household purposes; glue for stationery or household purposes; paper cutters (office requisites); paper knives (office requisites); garbage bags (of paper or of plastic); pencil sharpeners; napkins of paper for removing make-up; tissues of paper for removing make-up; table napkins of paper; place mats of paper; drawing squares; drawing T-squares; penholders; writing cases (stationery); inkstands; writing cases (sets); handwriting specimens for copying; bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper; placards of paper or cardboard; towels of paper; face towels of paper; labels, not of textile etching needles; viscose sheets for wrapping; gum (adhesives) for stationery or household purposes; gummed cloth for stationery purposes; isinglass for stationery or household purposes; babies' nappies of paper and cellulose (disposable); babies' nappies of paper and cellulose (disposable); babies' napkin-pants of paper and cellulose (disposable); bags for microwave cooking; coffee filters of paper; plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization; inking ribbons for computer printers; signboards of paper or cardboard; stickers (stationery); aquarium hoods; bookbinding apparatus and machines (office equipment); comic books; copying paper (stationery); holders for cheque books; ink sticks; ink stones (ink reservoirs); newsletters; packaging material made of starches; waxed paper; passport holders; replacement bags of paper for vacuum cleaners; writing brushes; writing instruments.
Class 18Mountaineering sticks; alpenstocks; animal skins; pelts; umbrella rings; saddle trees; leather leashes; fastenings for saddles; umbrella or parasol ribs; gold beaters' skin; gut for making sausages; purses; bridoons; straps for soldiers' equipment; music cases; umbrella sticks; canes; walking-sticks; walking-stick seats; bits for animal (harness); frames for umbrellas or parasols; game bags (hunting accessory); school bags; school satchels; card cases (notecases); leatherboard; hat boxes of leather; linings of leather for boots and shoes; horse collars; horse blankets; kid; muzzles; travelling trunks; collars for animals; leather laces; leather leads; leather leashes; curried skins; harness straps; harness traces; straps of leather (saddlery); straps for skates; leather straps; leather thongs; coverings of skins (furs); butts (parts of hides); unworked or semi-worked leather; leather thread; leather twist; leather trimmings for furniture; imitation leather; umbrellas; sling bags for carrying infants; parts of rubber for stirrups; stirrup leathers; tool bags of leather (empty); harness fittings of iron; whips; nose bags (feed bags); umbrella covers; casings, of leather, for springs and plate springs; knee-pads for horses; covers for animals; harness for animals; blinkers (harness); blinders (harness); traces (harness); backpacks; rucksacks; halters; head-stalls; walking-stick handles; cat o' nine tails; chin straps of leather; moleskin (imitation or leather); purses, not of precious metal; handbag frames; parasols; fur; fur-skins; umbrella handles; pocket wallets; wheeled shopping bags; shopping bags; reins; attaché cases; bags for climbers and campers; beach bags; handbags; travelling bags; envelopes and pouches, of leather, for packaging; bands of leather; riding saddles; saddlery; briefcases; travelling sets (leatherware); valises; suitcase handles; valves of leather; cattle skins; boxes of leather or leather board; chain mesh purses, not of precious metal; cases, of leather or leatherboard; trunks (luggage), vanity cases (not fitted); chamois leather and skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes; dog collars; leather shoulder belts; leather shoulder straps; bandoliers; shoulder belts (straps), of leather; covers for horse-saddles; boxes of vulcanised fibre; harness fittings, not of precious metal; haversacks; garment bags for travel; bridles (harness); key cases (leatherware); net bags for shopping; suitcases; furniture coverings of leather.
Class 20Beehives; display boards; decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; comb foundations and foundations for beehives; yellow amber; stuffed animals; nesting boxes, beds and kennels for household pets; animal claws; curtain rings; decorative wall plaques (furniture) not of textile; silvered glass (mirrors); cupboards; medicine cabinets; cable and pipe clips of plastics; casks of wood for decanting wine; unworked or semi-worked whalebone; bamboo; benches (furniture); fishing baskets; playpens for babies; bassinettes; cots; cradles; library shelves; reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord; bedsteads (wood); wood ribbons; drinking straws; corks for bottles; corks; bottle racks; embroidery frames; brush mountings; sideboards; animal horns; desks (furniture); office furniture; costume stands; artificial honeycombs; waxcombs and sections of wood for beehives; furniture; taps for casks (not of metal); index cabinets (furniture); filing cabinets; tortoiseshell imitation; fireguards; fire screens (domestic); coffins; coffin fittings, not of metal; stag antlers; chairs (seats); seats; easy chairs; head-rests (furniture); hat stands; loading pallets, not of metal; loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway wagons; hinges, not of metal; display stands; dog kennels; coat hangers; wax figures; shelves for filing-cabinets (furniture); armchairs; dressmakers' dummies; mannequins; tailors' dummies; containers not of metal, for liquid fuel; chests of drawers; counters (tables); containers, not of metal, (storage transport) floating containers, not of metal; tables; coral; trays, not of metal; cork bands; unworked or semi-worked horn; knife handles, not of metal; corozo; bedding (except linen); cushions; mattresses; hooks, not of metal, for clothes rails; coathooks, not of metal; vats, not of metal; tea carts; tea trolleys; draughtman's tables; fixed towel dispensers, not of metal; divans; staves of wood; cabinet work; tortoiseshell; oyster shells; stakes for plants or trees; ladders of wood or plastics; mobile boarding stairs, not of metal, for passengers; school furniture; shelves for typewriters; typing desks; placards of wood or plastics; nuts, not of metal; meerschaum; removable mats or covers for sinks; packaging containers of plastic; curtain holders, not of textile material; beds; non-mechanical reels, not of metal for flexible hoses; non-mechanical winding spools, not of metal, for flexible hoses; stair rods; work benches; racks (furniture); nesting boxes; fans for personal use (non-electric); scythe handles, not of metal; closures, not of metal, for containers; furniture fittings, not of metal; clothes-pegs; flower-stands (furniture); flower pot pedestals; fodder racks; gun racks; casks, not of metal; cask stands, not of metal; curtain rollers; meat chests, not of metal; window fittings, not of metal; bed fittings, not of metal; door fittings, not of metal; chopping blocks (tables); flagpoles; crates; covers for clothing (wardrobe); registration plates and number plates, not of metal; unworked or semi-worked ivory; furniture of metal; rattan; newspaper display stands; magazine racks; slatted indoor blinds; washstands (furniture); hospital beds; bed casters and latches, not of metal; lecterns; tool handles, not of metal; hampers (baskets); coatstands; transport pallets and handling pallets, not of metal; furniture partitions of wood; furniture casters, not of metal; honeycombs; mobiles (decoration); desks; unworked or semi-worked mother of pearl; identity plates, nameplates and non-luminous house numbers, not of metal; stuffed birds; pillows; air pillows, not for medical purposes; straw mattresses; plaited straw (except matting); straw plaits; straw edgings; bakers' bread baskets; umbrella stands; screens (furniture); clothes hooks, not of metal; bead curtains for decoration; tent pegs, not of metal; table tops; doors for furniture; curtain rails; furniture shelves; edgings of plastic for furniture; reservoirs and tanks, not of metal nor of masonry; curtain rods; curtain hooks; curtain tie-backs; reeds (plaiting material); animal hooves; writing desks; locks, not of metal, for vehicles; seats of metal; sofas; settees; spring mattresses; valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; tables of metal dressing tables; mouldings for picture frames; shelves for storage; lockers; mirrors (looking glasses); deck chairs; bolsters; trestles (furniture); keyboards for hanging keys; plate racks; wickerwork; showcases (furniture); air cushions, not for medical purposes; air mattresses, not for medical purposes; ambroid bars; ambroid plates; works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; bins, chests, broom handles, vice benches, barrels, cask hoops and barrel hoops, not of metal; stands for calculating machines; bungs, plugs, sealing caps, stoppers, screws, rivets, pins (pegs), dowels, bolts, bottle caps, bottle closures, not of metal; stoppers for bottles, not of glass, metal or rubber; identification bracelets, not of metal, for hospitals; dinner wagons (furniture); busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; binding screws, not of metal, for cables; cable clips, not of metal; picture frames; picture frame brackets; duckboards, not of metal; bins of wood or plastic; boxes of wood or plastic; cases of wood or plastic; massage tables; hydrostatic beds and water beds, not for medical purposes; drain (valves) traps of plastic; wall plugs, not of metal; plugs (dowels), not of metal; shells; sleeping bags for camping; footstools; stools; water-pipe valves of plastic; jewellery cases (caskets), not of precious metal; bottle casings of wood; statuettes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; figurines of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; locks (other than electric), not of metal; hairdressers' chairs; poles, baskets, letter boxes, not of metal or masonry; mooring buoys, not of metal; garment covers (storage); signboards of wood or plastics; trolleys (furniture); bamboo curtains; chests for toys; high chairs for babies; infant walkers; inflatable publicity objects; plastic key cards (not encoded); mirror tiles; pulleys of plastics for blinds; saw horses; scratching post for cats; shoulder poles (yokes); carts for computers (furniture); trolleys for computers (furniture); funerary urns; wind chimes (decoration).
Class 21Drinking troughs; feeding troughs; steel wool for cleaning; washing boards; thermally insulated containers for food; carpet beaters (hand instruments); glass vials (receptacles); glass bulbs (receptacles); animal bristles (brushware); poultry rings; nozzles for sprinkler hose; sprinkling devices; watering devices; brushes; sprinklers; watering cans; bread baskets (domestic); rings for birds; bird baths; brooms; carpet sweepers; glass flasks (containers); buckets; pails; basins (receptacles); cooking pot sets; spouts; currycombs; butter dishes; butter-dish covers; beer mugs; glass jars (carboys); drinking vessels; heat insulated containers for beverages; metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; soap boxes; tea caddies, not of precious metal; basins (bowls); carboys; demijohns; boot jacks; glass stoppers; glass caps; corkscrews; glass bowls; bottles; insulating flasks; vacuum bottles; refrigerating bottles; bottle openers; cooking pins, of metal; cooking skewers, of metal; nail brushes; toilet brushes; lamp-glass brushes; brush goods; material for brush-making; hair for brushes; perfume burners; cruets, not of precious metal; cabarets (trays), not of precious metal; bird-cages; coal scuttles; sifters (household utensils); heat-insulated containers; decanters; menu card holders; stew-pans; saucepan scourers of metal; cinder sifters (household utensils); ceramics for household purposes; fly swatters; fly catchers (traps or whisks); cauldrons; brushes for footwear; shoe-brushes; shirt stretchers; horse brushes; feeding troughs for animals; mangers for animals; combs for animals; combs; cloths for cleaning; rags for cleaning; china ornaments; moulds (kitchen utensils); non-electric apparatus for wax-polishing; lemon squeezers; manual mixers (cocktail shakers); shakers; glue-pots; glass receptacles; drinking horns; cosmetic utensils; strainers for household purposes; fruit cups; knife rests for the table; closures for pot lids; pot lids; ironing board covers (shaped); tie presses; mangers for livestock; troughs for livestock; non-electric blenders for household purposes; sieves (household utensils); crystal (glassware); ice cube moulds; polishing leather; cooking pots; scoops (tableware); cookery (moulds); cleaning instruments (hand-operated); toothpicks; wash-tubs; lye wash-tubs; plates to prevent milk boiling over; cutting boards for the kitchen; appliances for removing make-up (non-electric); large-toothed combs for the hair; non-electric dusting apparatus; flat-iron stands; cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; powdered glass for decoration; fitted vanity cases; toilet cases; toilet paper holders; soap dispensers; siphons for carbonated water; enamelled glass; boot trees (stretchers); shoe-trees (stretchers); funnels; spice sets; toilet sponges; sponge holders; furniture dusters; drying racks for washing; buckets made of woven fabrics; comb cases; crockery; earthenware; holders for flowers and plants (flower arranging); flower pots; non-electric whisks for household purposes; mops; frying pans; scrubbing brushes; non-electric fruit presses for household purposes; smoke absorbers for household purposes; mess-tins; glove stretchers; cake moulds; plate glass (raw material); drinking flasks for travellers; bottle gourds; grills (cooking utensils); griddles (cooking utensils); grill supports; gridiron supports; long-handled tar-brushes; powder puffs; unworked or semi-worked glass (except building glass); insect traps; glass wool other than for insulation; pots; vegetable dishes; liqueur sets; basting spoons, for kitchen use; majolica; non-electric kitchen mixers; non-electric domestic grinders; non-electric mixing machines for household purposes; utensils for household purposes, not of precious metal; crumb trays; mosaics of glass, not for building; hand operated mills for domestic purposes; wool waste for cleaning; nest eggs (artificial); egg cups; egg cups, not of precious metal; opal glass; opaline glass; pads for cleaning; scouring pads; bread boards; fitted picnic baskets (including dishes); trouser presses; trouser stretchers; paper plates; strainers, not of precious metal; rolling pins (domestic); electric combs; pie servers; tart scoops; wine-tasters (siphons); pipettes (wine-tasters); ironing boards; trays of paper for domestic purposes; earthenware saucepans; door-handles of porcelain; nozzles for watering cans; roses for watering cans; hand-operated pepper mills; pepper pots, not of precious metal; non-electric polishing apparatus and machines for household purposes; polishing materials (for making shiny) (except paper and stone preparations); pig bristles; porcelain ware; vases, not of precious metal; dishes for soap; soap holders; chamber pots; pottery; dustbins; refuse bins; powder compacts, not of precious metal; ice pails; coolers (ice pails); ice buckets; graters (household utensils); rat traps; containers for household or kitchen use (except in precious metal); napkin rings, not of precious metal; egg timers (sand glasses); sacred vessels, not of precious metal; salad bowls, not of precious metal; salt cellars, not of precious metal; salt shakers, not of precious metal; clothes racks (for drying); sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; syringes for watering flowers and plants; services (tableware), not of precious metal; dishes, not of precious metal; tea services, not of precious metal; napkin holders, not of precious metal; vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; saucers, not of precious metal; shoe horns; soup bowls, not of precious metal; eyebrow brushes; mouse traps; statues, of porcelain, terracotta or glass; sugar bowls, not of precious metal; epergnes, not of precious metal; cups, not of precious metal; stretchers for clothing; teapots, not of precious metal; button hooks; piggy banks, not of metal; toilet utensils; urns, not of precious metal; tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons), not of precious metal; perfume sprayers; perfume vaporizers; glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; painted glassware; glass for vehicle windows (semi-finished product); goblets, not of precious metal; mugs, not of precious metal; aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; works of art, of porcelain, terracotta or glass; table plates, not of precious metal; non-electric pressure cookers (autoclaves); non-electric beaters; non-electric heaters for feeding bottles; shaving brushes; shaving brush stands; candle rings, not of precious metal; boxes of glass; boxes for sweetmeats, not of precious metal; candy boxes, not of precious metal; candelabra (candlesticks), not of precious metal; non-electric kettles; tea balls, not of precious metal; tea infusers, not of precious metal; knobs of porcelain; toothbrushes; electric brushes (except parts of machines); busts of china, terracotta or glass; flower-pot covers, not of paper; hand-operated coffee grinders; coffee services, not of precious metal; non-electric coffee filters; non-electric coffee percolators; coasters, not of paper and other than table linen; abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; non-electric deep fryers; non-electric portable coldboxes; water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; skins of chamois for cleaning; buckskin for cleaning; chamois leather for cleaning; non-electric wax-polishing appliances for shoes; cheese-dish covers; baskets, for domestic use, not of precious metal; trays for domestic purposes, not of precious metal; cotton waste for cleaning; covers for dishes; trivets (table utensils); jugs, not of precious metal; pitchers, not of precious metal; pots, not of precious metal; kitchen containers, not of precious metal; kitchen utensils, not of precious metal; non-electric cooking utensils; toothpick holders, not of precious metal; electric toothbrushes; deodorising apparatus for personal use; brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; signboards of porcelain or glass; sponges for household purposes; feather-dusters; dusting cloths (rags); vitreous silica fibres, not for textile use; fibreglass other than for insulation or textile use; statuettes of porcelain, terracotta or glass; fibreglass thread, not for textile use; non-electric coffee pots, not of precious metal; tea-strainers, not of precious metal; flasks, not of precious metal; gloves for household purposes; tankards, not of precious metal; cruet stands for oil and vinegar, not of precious metal; oil cruets, not of precious metal; food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; polishing gloves; candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; baby baths (portable); cages for household pets; cloth for washing floors; dishwashing brushes; indoor terrariums (plant cultivation); litter boxes (trays) for pets; fused silica (semi-worked goods) other than for building; non-electric waffle irons; bread bins; chopsticks; cleaning tow; clothes-pins; cocktail stirrers; confectioners' decorating bags (pastry bags); biscuit cutters; biscuit jars; cups of paper or plastic; drinking glasses; gardening gloves; hot pots (not electrically heated); isothermic bags; lazy Susans; lunch boxes; mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); hand operated noodle machines; pastry cutters; plungers for clearing blocked drains; spatulas (kitchen utensils).
Class 27Floor coverings; wall hangings; wallpaper and borders.
Class 29Meat, fish, poultry and game; products made from some or all of the aforesaid goods; jellies, jams, fruit sauces; milk and milk products; milk drinks; flavoured milk drinks; dairy products; snack foods; pies; nuts and raisins; snack food products including crisps, potato crisps and potato chips.
Class 30Chocolate, chocolates, confectionery; toffee, fudge; gingerbread; sweets; liquorice; lozenges, mints, candy, peanut confectionery; peppermint sweets; popcorn, waffles; ice cream and preparations for making ice cream; beverages; biscuits, cookies, bread, buns, pastry; sauces; snack foods; foodstuffs made from dough; pies, pasties, sausage rolls; sweet and savoury products, all having a pastry covering, pastry case or pastry shell; prepared meals; candy rock.
Class 32Non-alcoholic drinks; cola drinks; lemonade; fruit juices; aerated water and table water; beer and lager.
Class 33Alcoholic beverages; wines; spirits; liqueurs; but not including whisky and whiskey
Class 34Smokers' articles; ashtrays and matches.
Names and addresses
ProprietorBouverie No.1 Limited
The Belfry, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76 9PR
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefGJ/SM/EA-/GRE
Effective Assignment Date07 March 2005
ADP Number0864266001