UK Trademark 2157938 SATISPACK

Classes09, 35, 38, 41, 42
Status Before DeathExpired
Relevant dates
Filing Date12 February 1998
Next Renewal Date12 February 2008
Registration Date13 August 1999
Expiry Date13 February 2008
Progress Stopped13 February 2008
Archived Date16 February 2010
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 23 December 1998
Issue number 6257, page 14504
Registration 15 September 1999
Issue number 6294
Expiry 07 March 2008
Issue number 6726
Removal 05 September 2008
Issue number 6751
List of goods or services
Class 09Magnetic data carriers; recording disks, automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin operated apparatus; cash registers; calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus; electrical wires and cables; batteries; electrical controllers; electric accumulators; accumulator boxes; acoustic couplers; adding machines; antennas; electric alarm bells; ammeters; sound amplifiers; stereo amplifiers; battery boxes; battery chargers; signal bells; junction sleeves for electrical cables; motion picture cameras; video cameras; 35 mm cameras; photographic cameras; magnetic coded cards; central processing units; circuit breakers; circuit closers; electromagnetic coils; commutators; blank compact disks; pre-recorded compact disks; computer hardware; computer operating programs; computer software; computer programs for telecommunications switches and voice mail and messaging, to process voice, video, facsimile and data, for accessing a global computer network or interactive computer communications network providing information on a wide variety of topics of public interest, for computer data delivery, encrypting and decrypting system to interface with cable television networks, for educations and recreational use, for use in the fields of electronic payments, electronic software sales, demographic information and encryption/decryption of information, for accessing electronic commerce, for facilitating computer aided design (CAD) and large scale integrated circuit design, for automatic order cycle processes between retailers and manufacturers; electrical connectors; blank magnetic data carriers; blank optical data carriers; electronic pens; blank floppy disks for computers; integrated circuits; intercoms; computer interface boards; inverters; blank magnetic tapes; optical disks; optical filters; optical mirrors; optical scanners; telephone receivers; audio and video receivers; electric resistors; semi-conductors; sheaths for electrical cables; transmitters of telephone or radio electronic signals; telephone transmitters; telegraph wires; telephone wires; facsimile machine; portable telephones; wireless telephones; wireless antennas and masts therefor; computer software for accessing a global computer network or interactive computer communications network providing information on a wide variety of topics of public interest; cellular telephones; radio pagers; terminals for teleconference; video tapes, video discs, CD ROM disks, audio tapes featuring entertainment and general interest information, not including games; voltmeters; LSI (large scale intetrated circuit) testers, digital telephones, modems, digital amplifiers, alternating/direct-direct/alternating converters, LSI (large scale intetrated circuit); fiber optics, fiber optic cables, connectors for fiber optic cables, fiber optic light and image conduits; timers for telephone calls, counters for telephone calls, error rate counters for the telephone transmission lines, optical pulse counters and optical power meters; word processors, radios.
Class 35Advertising services; business information services; providing information relating to the advertisements, to the sale of goods, to shops classified by the type of business, and to sales volume tracking; business information providing commercial information; advertising for others; provision of the facility to display retail services to others; management of exhibitions for advertising purposes; rental of exhibition sites for advertising purposes; telephone answering services; secretarial agency services for receiving telephone calls; market research via a computer data base; business management and consultation; planning of sales promotion and advertising.
Class 38Telephone directory information; telecommunication services; telecommunications gateway services, namely, providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; digital interactive communication, namely, digital transmission of interactive television, audio, print documents, messages (not including computer games) via globally interconnected computer networks; integrated services digital network; television broadcasting; cable television broadcasting; transmission of news in visual images and text to reporters and news agencies via cable television broadcasting and closed circuit television; audio and video teleconferencing; electronic transmission of messages; electronic voice messaging; facsimile transmission; telephone communication services; telecommunication services, namely electronic transmission of data, images, and documents via computer terminals; data and voice telecommunication; computer-aided transmission of images by communication satellites; providing information relating to telecommunications, data communications, and broadcasting; providing information on telephone numbers; providing telecommunications services including by telephone, telegraph, computer terminals, videotext, provision of VAN (value-added network) communications; television text services; radio paging services; telephone paging services; teleprinting; rental and leasing of telecommunication equipment; provision of on-line services via satellite or telecommunications networks.
Class 41Production of television programs by using computer graphics; development of educational materials; providing information relating to education and entertainment, movies, sports, scenic spots, places of historic interest, and recreation; provision of educational and recreational materials for children using computers; theatrical booking agencies; publication of books, magazines; provision of games by means of computer-based systems; rental and leasing of television game toys; rental of amusement facilities equipped with game machines; electronic libraries providing electronically recorded newspapers, magazines, photographs, pictures, etc. to computers linked to a network; education, provided by telephone, in the field of sales technique; organization, by telephone, of seminars in the field of information processing; education in the field of telecommunication technique; arranging and conducting educational seminars, symposia and conferences; organizing exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; rental of recorded magnetic tapes, game cartridges, magnetic disks and optical recording media in which game programs are recorded, videotapes, sound recordings, radios and televisions; lending libraries.
Class 42Computer services, namely, leasing access time to computer databases, providing a web site, home, page and bulletin board all featuring research and reference materials in the field of business, finance, news, weather, sports, entertainment, travel, shopping, computing, computer software, music, theater, movies, hobbies, computer support education, life styles and general interest; consultation, design, research and development, in the field of computer systems, computer networks, telecommunication, computer networks, intercommunication systems, broadcasting; updating of computer software; computer services, namely, providing interactive access to a global computer information network for the transfer and dissemination of a wide range of information; computer services, namely, providing on-line access to computer databases in the field of business, computer, culture and other topics of general interest; computer programming for others; rental and leasing of computers; rental of computer software; designing home pages on a computer network for others; leasing or providing access time to computer databases/web sites/home pages of others in the fields of business, computer, culture, finance, news, weather, sports, games, music, theater, movies, entertainment, travel, shopping, hobbies and other topics of general interest via a globally connected computer network; construction drafting, architectural design, engineering, drafting, research and development of products for others; technical analysis and testing of products for others; technical analysis, testing and consultation in the field of construction and operation of networks, integration services of global, international, and personal computer local area communication networks; design and development for others in the field of telecommunication installations and telecommunications networks; consultation in the fields of intellectual property, computer hardware, and architecture; providing information in the fields of natural science and social science, restaurants, cosmetology, laws, cooking, computers, computer programs, geography, weather and fashion; providing facilities for exhibition; providing multiple-user access to a computer or electronic bulletin board in the fields of fashion, entertainment, health, lifestyle and other topics of general interest; computer services, namely, providing on-line newspaper articles and documentary information in a variety of fields; providing access to an on-line database for chat room activities being real-time interaction with other computer users concerning topics of general interest; licensing and management of intellectual properties; inspection of electrical facilities maintained in buildings.
Names and addresses
ProprietorNTT Europe Ltd
3rd Floor, Devon House, 58-60 St. Katharine's Way, London, E1W 1LB
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers RefLAXP/TM26200/N2057
ADP Number0753394001
ServiceClifford Chance LLP
Trade Marks Group, 10 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5JJ
ADP Number0005207001