UK Trademark 2139529

Classes14, 16, 28, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
Relevant dates
Filing Date16 July 1997
Next Renewal Date16 July 2017
Registration Date14 August 1998
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 29 April 1998
Issue number 6223, page 4765
Registration 16 September 1998
Issue number 6243
Renewal 06 July 2007
Issue number 6691
List of goods or services
Class 14Precious metals; gold and its alloys; gold alloy ingots, semi-wrought gold, gold ingots, cast gold/cast gold alloys; foils/powder/rolled starting materials of gold/gold alloys; silver and its alloys; silver alloy ingots, semi-wrought silver, silver ingots, cast silver/cast silver alloys; foils/powder/rolled/starting materials of silver/silver alloys; platinum and its alloys; platinum alloy ingots, semi-wrought platinum, platinum ingots, cast platinum/cast platinum alloys; foils/powder/rolled starting materials of platinum/platinum alloys; other precious metals and their alloys; iridium and its alloys, osmium and its alloys, palladium and its alloys, ruthenium and its alloys, rhodium and its alloys; tablewear and the like of precious metal; non-electric coffee-pots of precious metal, cups of precious metal, wine cups of precious metal, dishes of precious metal, salad bowls of precious metal, soup bowls of precious metal, rice bowls of precious metal, teapots of precious metal, jugs of precious metal, barrels of precious metal, pots of precious metal, bread containers of precious metal; nutcrackers of precious metal; pepper pots of precious metal; sugar bowls of precious metal; egg cups of precious metal; napkin holders of precious metal; napkin rings of precious metal; trays of precious metal; toothpick holders of precious metal; vases/flower bowls of precious metal; boxes of precious metal for needles; jewel cases of precious metals; candle extinguishers/candlesticks of precious metal; pouches/purses of precious metals; shoe ornaments of precious metal; compacts of precious metal; smokers' articles of precious metal; tobacco pouches of precious metal, cigarette cases of precious metal, cigarette holders of precious metal, ashtrays of precious metal, tobacco pipes of precious metal; trinkets; personal ornaments (other than "cuff links"); earrings, clothing emblems of precious metal, buckles of precious metal, badges of precious metal, bonnet pins of precious metal, tie clips, tie pins, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches of jewellery, medals, rings, medallions; cuff links; jewellery (jewellery) and their imitations; emerald, topaz, olivine, threads of precious metal, chalcedony, sapphire, coral, pearls, artificial gems, rockcrystal, diamond, opal, jade, jasper, agate(sardonyx), ruby; rough gemstones; rough diamond, rough agate; clocks/watches; electric and electronic clocks and watches; wrist watches, clocks, pocket watches, automobile clocks, stop watches, hanging clocks alarm clocks/watches; parts/accessories of clocks/watches; watch springs/clock springs, watch cases/clock cases, watch chains, watch glasses/watch crystals, watch bands, clock bands, pendulums, dials; trophies; commemorative shields.
Class 16Paper; printing paper, India paper, carbon paper, glassine paper, newsprint paper, blotters, typewriting paper, toilet paper, writing and drawing paper, wrapping paper, rice paper (thin paper from hemp), parchment paper, filter paper; paper boards; ivory paper (ivory coloured paper boards), coloured paper boards, straw paper boards, white paper boards, core paper boards, corrugated paper boards, chipboard paper, cover paper, postcard paper; calendered paper; imitation leather paper, jacquard looms (perforated cards), acid proof paper, corrugated boards, fireproof paper, moldproof paper, waterproof paper, anti-rust paper, oilproof paper, luminous paper, lace-work made of paper; cellophane paper; ordinary cellophane paper, moistureproof cellophane paper, synthetic paper; packaging containers of paper; boxes of paper, paper bags, corrugated cardboard boxes, fiberboard boxes; food wrapping film for household use; garbage bags of paper; garbage bags of plastics; hygienic paper; towels of paper; hand towels of paper; handkerchiefs of paper; dressmaking patterns (patterns for making clothes); tailors' chalk (steatile); table cloths of paper; blinds of paper; paper banners; flags of paper; babies' diapers of paper/babies' napkins of paper; baggage labels; printed matter; picture postcards, sheet music, song books, catalogues, handbooks, manuals, calendars, magazines, timetables, books, newspapers, maps/geographical maps, diaries, pamphlets; photographs; photograph stands; stationery; paper stationery; albums, cards, carbon papers, ruled papers scrapbooks, sketchbooks, score-cards, score-books, account books, pocket notebooks, chits/slips, stencil papers, tracing cloths, tracing papers, note books, writing pads (writing tablets), envelopes/jackets for papers, plotting papers/graph papers, semi-finished visiting cards, pads, loose-leaf sheets; writing implements; pencils, point, protectors, bone styles (styluses), felt writing pens, mechanical pencils, slate pencils, steel pens, chalks, felt pens, nibs, penholders, ball-point pens, fountain pens, writing brushes; painting implements; painters' easels, silk canvas, drawing boards, canvas for painting, crayons, painting brushes/paintbrushes, pastels, painters' palettes, charcoal pencils; miscellaneous stationery; inks, ink erasers, inkwells, seals/stamps, cases for stamps (or seals), stamp stands, seal ink pads, pencil sharpeners/pencil sharpening machines, drawing pins/thumbtacks, clips, rubber erasers, blackboard erasers, tags/labels, seals, bookmarkers, backing boards for writing, correcting fluids, rulers, letter racks, paper folders, ink stones, inking pads, stickers, writing slates, adhesive tapes, adhesive tape dispensers, abacuses, terrestrial globes, price tags.
Class 28Playing cards.
Class 35Advertising; agencies for magazine advertising, agencies for newspaper advertising, agencies for television advertising, agencies for radio advertising, agencies for advertising on the inside or outside of vehicles; advertising by outdoor advertisements; balloon advertising, signboard advertising, advertising via bill-posting street or shop-front dissemination of advertising matter, demonstration of goods, direct mail advertising, ad-copy preparation, shop window dressing; professional business consultancy; marketing research; commercial sales information supply (commercial information agencies); preparation/auditing/certification of financial statements; referral service/personal placement (employment agencies); medical doctor referral, scientific or technological expert referral, housekeeper referral, nurse referral, cleaning engineer referral, dentist referral, midwife referral, cook/chef referral, interpreter referral, waiter/waitress referral, beautician referral, mannequin referral, model referral, pharmacist referral, barber/hair dresser referral; auctioneering; import-export clearance agencies; document reproduction; shorthand (stenography); transcription (including stencil-paper writing); document or magnetic-tape filing; reception/information/guidance for building visitors; rental/leasing of publicity materials; rental/leasing of typewriters/copy machines/word processors (office machines and equipment rental); employment information; rental/leasing of vending machines.
Class 36Banking services; acceptance of deposits (including substitute bond issuance); acceptance offixed interval instalment deposits; loans; discount of bills (notes); domestic remittance; liability guarantee; acceptance of bills; lending securities; acquisition/transfer of monetary claims; safe deposit for valuables including securities/precious metals (safe deposit services); money exchange (exchanging money); trusteeship of money futures contracts; trusteeship of money/securities/monetary claims/personal property/land; fixture surface rights/land leasing rights; trusteeship of bond subscriptions; foreign exchange transactions; L/C (letter of credit) related business; securities trading; transactions of securities index futures/securities options/overseas market securities futures; agencies or brokerage for securities trading and for transactions on commission of securities index futures/securities options/overseas market securities futures; agencies for brokerage of securities trading in domestic securities markets and of transactions on commission of securities index futures/securities options; agencies for brokerage of securities trading in overseas securities markets and of transactions on commission of overseas market securities futures; underwriting securities; selling securities; handling subscriptions and offerings of securities; providing stock market information; insurance services; life insurance brokerage; life insurance underwriting; agencies for non-life insurance; claim adjustment for non-life insurance; non-life insurance underwriting; insurance actuarial services; real estate management; agencies or brokerage for renting of buildings; building leasing; purchase/sales of buildings; agencies or brokerage for purchases/sales of buildings; appraisal/evaluation of buildings/land; land management; agencies or brokerage for renting land; land leasing; purchase/sale of land; agencies or brokerage for purchase/sale of land; real estate agency services; antique appraisal; art appraisal; jewellery (jewellery) appraisal; company credit investigations (credit bureau); tax consultancy; tax agency; charitable fund raising.
Class 37General building construction and repair; dredging; general civil engineering; road paving; masonry; glazing (glasswork); steel construction; plastering; carpentry; tile/brick/block laying; joinery; reinforcing; painting; scaffolding/earthworks/concrete construction; interior finishing; metal plating; building sealing/damp-proofing; roofing; plumbing; machinery installation; drilling of wells; electric work; telecommunication work; building insulating; shipbuilding; repair of bicycles; repair/maintenance of ships, boats, airplanes, motor vehicles, rolling stock, motorcycles, film projectors, photographic apparatus, elevators (lifts), fire alarms, office machines and equipment, air-conditioning apparatus, burners, boilers, pumps, freezers/freezing equipment, computers (including central processing units/programmed data carrying electronic circuitsor magnetic disks/other peripheral equipment), telephones, construction equipment, musical instruments, clocks and watches; repair of radio receivers/television receivers; furniture restoration; repair of umbrellas/parasols; safe maintenance and repair; repair of shoes/boots; sharpening of scissors/kitchen knives; fur care/cleaning/repair; laundering; pressing of clothing; clothing repair; chimney sweeping; cleaning of building exterior surfaces; window cleaning; carpet/rug cleaning; septic tank cleaning; bathtub/bath boiler cleaning; telephone disinfecting; vermin exterminating (other than for agriculture/forestry/horticulture); rental/leasing of construction equipment; rental/leasing of floor cleaning equipment; rental of mops.
Class 38Cellular telephone communication; telex communication; communication by computer terminals; communication by telegram; communication by telephone; facsimile communication; radio/telephone paging services; television broadcasting; cable television broadcasting; radio broadcasting; news services for communication media; rental/leasing of communication equipment, including telephones/facsimile machines.
Class 39Railway transport; freight train transport, cable-car transport, monorail transport, passenger train transport; car transport; freight car transport, light car transport, taxi transport, motorcycle transport, hired car transport, bus transport; ship/boat transport; cargo ship transport, passenger ship transport, tanker transport, ferry-boat transport; air transport; turbojet aircraft transport, propeller aircraft transport, helicopter transport; packaging of goods; freight brokerage; brokerage for rental/leasing/selling/purchasing/chartering of ships/boats; salvage/refloating of ships/boats; piloting; tour promotion; tour conducting/escorting; agencies or brokerage for travel; warehousing; temporary safekeeping of personal belongings; gas distribution/supply; electricity distribution/supply; water distribution/supplying; rental of warehouses; car parking services; rental/leasing of containers, pallets, cars and ships/boats; collection of domestic and industrial waste/trash.
Class 40Treatment/processing (including drying) of cloth/clothing/fur/leather; drying, dyeing, fireproofing, permanent-press treatment, bleaching, pre-shrinking, waterproofing, crease-resistant treatment, mothproofing; tailoring/dressmaking; embroidery; electro-plating; millworking; annealing; metal tempering; galvanizing; processing of cinematographic films; photograph enlargement; photograph printing; photographic film development; bookbinding; floor polishing; offset printing; photogravure printing; screen printing; lithographic printing; typographic (anastatic printing); destruction of domestic waste/trash; destruction of industrial waste/trash; rental/leasing of knitting machines, sewing machines, air- conditioners.
Class 41Educational and instruction services for arts and crafts, sports and science; instruction services for flower arrangement, karate, Japanese fencing, languages, tea ceremony, car-driving, swimming, soroban (abacus), tennis, piano, beauty arts, dancing, book-keeping, hairdressing and tailoring/dressmaking; school and college education services relating to computers, computer programming and information technology; animal training; exhibiting plants; exhibiting animals; public reference libraries; art exhibition; presentation of live show performance; director/performance of plays; presentation of musical performance; production of radio/television programmes; planning/management/promotion of movies/performance of shows/plays/music (concerts)/production/distribution of movies, golf tournaments, boxing matches, baseball games, horse races, bicycle races, boat races, and go-cart races; providing audio/visual studios, sports facilities, golf facilities, ski resorts, skating rinks, gymnasiums, tennis courts, swimming pools, bowling alleys/greens, baseball fields, track and field facilities, amusement facilities, playing rooms for go (Japanese checkers)/chess, slot machine playing facilities, dance halls, billiard rooms, mahjongg parlors, and amusement parks; entertainment booking agencies; rental/leasing of movie projectors and accessories, motion pictures (cine-films), musical instruments, skiing equipment, skin diving equipment, television sets, and radio sets; lending libraries; rental of records/pre-recorded magnetic tapes, and pre-recorded videotapes; operation of lotteries; photography; interpretation.
Class 42Meteorological information; architecture; surveying; geological survey/research/prospecting; computer programming/maintenance of computer software; testing/screening/research of pharmaceutical/cosmetics/food; research for building construction/city planning; industrial design services; graphic arts, internet web site and electronic multimedia design services; testing/research for prevention of pollution; electricaltesting/research; civil engineering testing/research; testing/inspection/research for agriculture/livestock breeding/marine product industries; agencies for industrialproperty procedures/preparation of expert opinions and other business; litigation and other legal services and advice; agencies/brokerage for copyright use contracts; translation; rental/leasing of measuring apparatus/instruments, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, computers (including central processing units/programmed-data- carrying electronic circuits, magnetic disks and tapes/other peripheral equipment).
Class 43Providing accommodation/lodgings; accommodation bureaux (brokering reservations for accommodation/lodgings); catering for the provision of food and drink including serving Japanese food, Western food, Italian food, Spanish food, French food, Russian food, Asian food, Indian food, Chinese food, alcoholic beverages, tea/coffee/fruit juice/non-alcoholic beverages; providing wedding ceremony/reception facilities; infant care at nurseries (day-nurseries); rental/leasing of exhibition facilities; rental of quilts/mattresses.
Class 44Beauty salons; hairdressing salons; public baths; gardening (care for gardens and flower beds) garden tree planting; fertilizer spreading; weed killing/prevention; vermin exterminating (for agriculture, horticulture or forestry); massage/therapeutic finger- pressing; moxa cautery (moxibustion); bone- resetting by judo technique; acupuncture; medical services; physical examination; dentistry; preparation of medicines; dietary/nutritional guidance; veterinary diagnosis; geriatric care; rental of potted plants; rental/leasing of combine harvesters.
Class 45marriage partner introduction/dating services (marriage bureaux); funeral services; providing graveyards/charnel houses; facility guarding/security; personal body guarding; private investigation/surveillance (detective agencies); clothing rental; rental/leasing of altars, fire extinguishers.
Names and addresses
ProprietorKabushiki Kaisha Hitachi Seisakusho (Hitachi,Ltd.)
6-6, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Incorporated CountryJapan
Residence CountryJapan
ADP Number0114049001
ServiceUrquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP
3rd Floor, 33 Glasshouse Street, London, W1B 5DG
ADP Number0934481001