UK Trademark 2139360

Classes01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37
Relevant dates
Filing Date17 July 1997
Next Renewal Date17 July 2017
Registration Date30 October 1998
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 15 July 1998
Issue number 6234, page 7720
Registration 02 December 1998
Issue number 6254
Renewal 03 August 2007
Issue number 6695
List of goods or services
Class 01Distilled water; deionised water; brake fluids; clutch fluids; adhesives; waterproofing preparations (not being paints); chemical products for addition to lubricants for decarbonising internal combustion engines; soldering preparations; preparations for preventing condensation and freezing on vehicle windows; anti-freezing preparations for motor vehicles and synthetic resin plastics in liquid or paste form for the repair of motor vehicle bodies; chemical preparations for dispensing moisture; sealants.
Class 02Paints, varnishes (other than insulating varnish) and lacquers; preservatives against rust and corrosion; and thinning preparations for all the aforesaid goods; sealants.
Class 03Cleaning, polishing, scouring preparations; abrasive preparations; preparations for removing rust, tar and paint; sand paper; glass and emery paper; wet and dry abrasive paper; cleaning oils; cleansing preparations for flushing vehicle radiators; degreasing preparations for the engines of vehicles.
Class 04Moisture dispersants; charcoal, lubricating oils and lubricating greases; gas (fuels) for supply in portable containers.
Class 05Air fresheners and first aid kits, filled.
Class 06Fasteners, washers, brackets, clips and hooks; padlocks, keys, balls for bearings, key rings, safety chains; non-electric locks, including vehicle locks, tool boxes; vehicle ramps and vehicle axle stands; drip tray for vehicle; seed trays; number and nationality plates for vehicles; tow ropes; clothes hangers; badges; petrol cans; oil draining containers; cable straps; solder, licence holders, trigger mechanisms for aerosols, aluminium sheets, badges for vehicles; security posts; licence holders; but not including nuts, screwed assemblies containing nuts or any goods incorporating these excluded goods.
Class 07Electrically operated tools; dynamos; hydraulic lifting apparatus for vehicles; lawn mowers; spray guns; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods and for internal combustion engines; vacuum cleaners; exhausts for land vehicles; blowlamps; but not including any such goods for inserting or tightening nuts.
Class 08Hand tools, none being for tightening nuts; cutlery; blow lamps.
Class 09Goggles, sun and anti-dazzle glasses, lenses, articles of clothing, reflective bands, strips and harnesses, and helmets and clothing all for protection against accident or injury and all for use by cyclists, motor cyclist skaters or skate borders, safety masks; electric thermostats; batteries; electric battery chargers; hydrometers; micrometers, mileage recording instruments, speedometers, cycle meters, cycle computers, map measuring instruments, compasses; car and portable radio receivers; tape players; radio transmitters; heart rate monitors and software therefore, telephones and parts and fittings; land vehicle aerials; speakers; radio and/or speaker facia plates and mountings; suppressors, plugs, adaptors, sockets, switches, connectors, junction boxes, all being electric; route finding computers and software; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; switch panels and mountings, test apparatus for use with land vehicles or with parts and fittings thereof; electrical fuses; fire extinguishers for domestic use and for use in land vehicles; engineers' rules; gauges; electric soldering irons, and parts and fittings therefor; electric flat irons; electric resistance heating elements; welding apparatus and parts and fittings therefor; electric wire and cables, whistles; electrical magnets and electronic parts and fittings all for land vehicles, test and/or tuning apparatus for vehicles or for parts of vehicles; temperature gauges, pressure gauges, instrument panels, thermometers, heated keys, spectacle holders; magnifiers; safety gloves; blank and pre-recorded tapes; cleaning tapes; cassette tape holders; warning triangles; video tapes; graphic equalizers for use in land vehicles; compact disc holders; listening devices for monitoring babies; intruder alarms and parts and fittings therefor; telephones and parts and fittings therefor; spectacle holders; LEDs (light emitting diodes).
Class 11Lights and lamps, torches, key lights; bulbs; vehicle reflectors; electric lighting and heating apparatus and parts and fittings therefor; portable paraffin and compressed gas heating, lighting and cooking apparatus, and parts and fittings therefor; engine heaters for use in land vehicles; ionisers; taps, water filters and filtering containers and dispensers.
Class 12Pedal land vehicles; scooters; electric or electrically assisted bicycles, vehicle immobilising devices and apparatus; air bag anti-theft devices; wheel clamps; cycle carriers, tow bars, brake cylinders, clutch cylinders, radiator caps, steering racks, roof luggage racks, mud flaps, air flow spoilers, rear view mirrors, (retrovisers), windowscreen wipers, safety seats, safety harnesses, anti-theft alarms and imitations alarms, reversing alarms and carrycot restraints, all for vehicles; trays being dashboard fittings for vehicles; brake linings, clutches, cooling radiators and fan belts all for land vehicles; air pumps being fittings for bicycles for the inflation of tyres; wheeled trolleys for supporting the human body during vehicle maintenance; tool trolleys (not being furniture); shaped seat covers made of textile materials, plastic materials or beads and for use in land vehicles; reservoirs being parts of vehicle braking systems and vehicle clutches for use in maintaining the current level of fluids; car tidies, boot tidies; cycle water bottle cages; anti-glare and sun-strips; sun roofs; blinds; drinks holder for use in land vehicles; dog guards; roof racks; roof bars; roof top carriers; mud flaps; splash guards; anti-static strips; backrest and cushions adapted for use in land vehicles; puncture repair outfits; trailers; fog horns; grip mats; windscreen covers or screens for the protection against frost and/or sun; vehicle covers; snow chains; tyre grips; boosterseats; child carrying seats; width indicators for bicycles, aerofoils for land vehicles; dress guards; scratchguards; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; parts and fittings for land vehicles; headlight converters all for sale as part of a kit.
Class 14Clocks, watches, timers; parts and fittings therefor.
Class 16Maps, books, catalogues, paint brushes, adhesive tapes, paper wipes, adhesive L-plates and nationality plates; tapes and printed matter all being instructional material; pens; writing and memo pads, note clips; signs, stickers and badges; clip-boards; stationery; book ends; pictures all being printed matter; tickets; sacks; membership packs, primarily comprising stationery.
Class 17Non-metallic hoses and parts fittings and attachments therefor, electric insulating tapes, gaskets (other than fibrous gaskets for ships), grommets and clips made of rubber or synthetic rubber, clutch linings for vehicles, electrical insulators; adhesive tapes and materials for packing; sealants; heat shrink tubing.
Class 18Rucksacks; tool bags; duffle bags; holdalls; non-metallic straps; bags all for use with cycles and motorcycles; bags for wear; safety harnesses for perambulators; key fobs; suitcases; shoulder bags; sports bags; umbrellas; mobile telephone carriers and cases; coin holders; licence holders.
Class 20Grommets; clips; oil drainage containers; blanking plugs; non-metallic "L" plates and nationality plates; licence holders (non-metallic), non-metallic fasteners, washers; water containers; work benches; tool boxes and trolleys (non-metallic); sleeping bags and sleeping bag inserts, folding chairs, folding stools and folding beds; cushions, mats and air beds, none being for surgical or curative purposes, baskets; clothes hangers; number plate digits; furniture; non-metallic cable straps; non-metallic key fobs; shelving; cabinets; storage boxes; mirrors; licence holders; parts and fittings for land vehicles; but not including nuts, screwed assemblies containing nuts or any goods incorporating these excluded goods.
Class 21Brushes, cloths, sponges, dusters and skins of chamois, all for cleaning purposes; steel wool; cooking pots and pans, non-metallic utensils and hardware, including water bottles, non-electric kettles, water carrying utensils for camping and picnicking, and metal picnic trays; glass fibre cloths and mats, for use in the repair of motor vehicle bodies and of the like; cup holders.
Class 22Tents, waterproof covers and covering sheets; ropes; devices for securing luggage onto vehicles; hoisting slings; textiles screens for protection against wind; ground sheets; sacks.
Class 24Travelling rugs; pennants and flags, all for textile materials.
Class 25Shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts, articles of waterproof outerclothing, coats, jackets, articles of underclothing, scarves, boots and shoes; jerseys. gloves, headgear, gauntlets and mitts, all being articles of clothing; articles of clothing for cyclists.
Class 27Mats and matting, all for motor vehicles.
Class 28Toys and games, dolls and dolls clothing, accessories for dolls, sporting articles and apparatus, fitness articles and apparatus, ornaments and decorations, all for Christmas trees, parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods; children's cycles and scooters; devices for converting bicycles to static bicycles; skate and skate boards.
Class 30Non-medicated confectionery.
Class 32Non-alcoholic drinks.
Class 34Ashtrays, cigarette and cigar lighters.
Class 36Financial credit services; arranging insurance for motor vehicles and motor vehicle recovery insurance; arranging insurance for audio equipment.
Class 37Repair, maintenance and cleaning of vehicles; audio equipment repair; mobile phone repairs.
Names and addresses
ProprietorHalfords Limited
Icknield Street Drive, Washford West, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0DE
Incorporated CountryGreat Britain
Residence CountryGreat Britain
Customers RefG128834/RJT
ADP Number0488592001
ServiceHarrison Goddard Foote
4th Floor, Merchant Exchange Building, 17-19 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5WG
ADP Number0738911001