UK Trademark 2137640 PYROALLIANCE

Classes07, 09, 13
Relevant dates
Filing Date02 July 1997
Next Renewal Date02 July 2017
Registration Date29 January 1999
Priority claims
Earliest Priority Date16 January 1997
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 03 June 1998
Issue number 6228, page 6192
Registration 03 March 1999
Issue number 6266
Renewal 27 July 2007
Issue number 6694
Assignment 23 September 2011
Issue number 6906
List of goods or services
Class 07Machines for manufacturing pyrotechnics, for manufacturing chemical products and for manufacturing machine tools; machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); valve motors; actuators; jacks; pyrotechnic rod cutters; case cutters.
Class 09Valves and stop-valves; cable and bus-bar sectionalising devices, all being pyrotechnic devices; scientific, nautical and surveying apparatus and instruments; igniting electric apparatus, electrical ignition devices, circuit breakers, suppressors, interference suppressors, commutation electric devices, electrical commutation devices; signalling apparatus, fire-extinguishing apparatus; electrical contractors, under-sea recovery equipment, inflation equipment, radiation detectors.
Class 13Firearms, ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fuses, detonators, strikers, striking pins, igniters, boosters; safe and arm devices; detonating cords and deflagrating cords, explosive bolts and nuts; pyrotechnic cutters, fireworks, pyrotechnic loads, pyrotechnic charges, pyrotechnic devices and their components.
Names and addresses
139 Route de Verneuil, BP 52, 78130 Les Mureaux, France
Residence CountryFrance
Customers RefPDH/CPSB
Effective Assignment Date14 February 2011
ADP Number0999420001
ServiceGrant Spencer LLP
11-21 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4JZ
ADP Number0005223001