UK Trademark 2129263 ANASTASIA A 20th Century Fox Presentation

Mark TextANASTASIA A 20th Century Fox Presentation
Classes03, 09, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 41
Relevant dates
Filing Date11 April 1997
List of goods or services
Class 03Hair shampoo, hair conditioner; toothpaste; cologne; non-medicated lip balm; bubble bath; bathroom soaps.
Class 09Motion picture films; pre-recorded video tapes, video cassettes and video discs; pre-recorded audio tapes, audio cassettes and audio discs; phonograph records; computer and video software featuring entertainment relating to motion pictures and television; computer and video game software; computer game cassettes, cartridges and CD-ROMS; video and computer game cassettes, cartridges and CD-ROMS adapted for use with television receivers; decorative magnets; mouse pads/mats; sunglasses and sunglass cases; switch plate covers.
Class 11Night lights.
Class 14Jewellery; watches, watchbands and clocks.
Class 15Music boxes.
Class 16Stationery, writing paper and envelopes; magazines; trading cards; posters; tablecloths and napkins made of paper, party hats and party favours made of paper; desk calendars, wall calendars; greeting cards; colouring books; wrapping paper; gift tags made of paper, mounted and unmounted photographs; instructional and educational books featuring entertainment relating to motion pictures; children's books; game books; activity books; fictional novels and short story books; non-fiction books; comic books; prepaid telephone calling cards (not magnetically encoded); postcards; modelling compound; animation cels; pencils and pens; note books, loose-leaf binders; drawing rulers; stickers.
Class 18Knapsacks and backpacks; purses; umbrellas; tote bags, book bags, beach bags; fanny packs.
Class 20Plastic key chains and key chain tags; non-metal jewellery boxes; plastic cake decorations; sleeping bags.
Class 21Glasses, cups, mugs, dinner plates, bowls; hair combs, hair brushes; plastic drinking bottles; lunch boxes; paper plates and paper cups; toothbrushes.
Class 24Bed sheets; bed spreads; pillowcases; comforters; towels; textile wall hangings.
Class 25T-shirts; shirts; pants; underwear; hats; gloves; socks; shoes and boots; coats; sweatshirts and sweatpants; sweaters; skirts; vests; swimwear; belts; scarves; pyjamas, nightgowns and nightshirts; slippers and robes; long underwear; rain coats and rain boots; hosiery; Halloween and masquerade costumes and masks.
Class 26Ornamental novelty buttons and pins; hair clips and pins; non-electric hair curlers; hair ornaments; hair ribbons.
Class 28Christmas tree decorations; electronic games; hand-held units for playing electronic games; plush toys; toy figurines; full-size stand-alone arcade games; jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; dolls; toy action figures and accessories therefor; puppets; hobby craft kits; toy vehicles and accessories therefor; play environments and accessories therefor; action games and accessories therefor; board games; balloons; toy jewellery; kites; toy three-dimensional view masters; trading card games; flotation devices for recreational use.
Class 30Pastry and confection; chewing gum; candy; candy cake decorations.
Class 41Production and distribution of motion picture films and television programs; production and distribution of pre-recorded video cassettes, video tapes and video discs; production and distribution of pre-recorded audio cassettes, audio tapes, audio discs and phonograph records; providing on-line information in the field of entertainment transmitted through a Web site via interconnected computer networds linked by common protocols.
Names and addresses
ProprietorTwentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
10201 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90035, United States of America
Incorporated StateDelaware
Incorporated CountryUnited States of America
Residence CountryUnited States of America
Customers RefJBP/55038
ADP Number0045741001
ServiceD. Young & Co. LLP
120 Holborn, London, EC1N 2DY
ADP Number0000059001