Mark ClaimlimitThe applicant claims the colours red, blue, pink and green as an element of the mark.
Classes09, 11
Relevant dates
Filing Date31 January 1997
Next Renewal Date31 January 2017
Registration Date21 November 1997
Priority claims
Earliest Priority Date02 August 1996
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 06 August 1997
Issue number 6187, page 8607
Registration 14 January 1998
Issue number 6208
Renewal 29 December 2006
Issue number 6665
List of goods or services
Class 09Electronic, remote control, signalling, surveillance, remote surveillance, checking (supervision), access control, detection and alarm apparatus and instruments; telephone, telecommunication, intercom, keyphone, electronic data processing, data transmission, optical, photographic, cinematographic, video, radio, television, measuring and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, sending, transmitting, broadcasting, receiving, reproducing, generating, reading and/or displaying sounds, images and/or data; magnetic, optical, electronic and/or digital media, pre-recorded or otherwise, for recording sound and/or images and/or text and/or data and/or computer programs; computers; computer peripheral devices; computer software; transmitters (telecommunication); audio and/or video receivers; audio and/or video entry phone systems for houses and buildings; telephone and intercom handsets; video and intercom system central units; intercoms; microphones; amplifiers; loudspeakers; apparatus and instruments, modular or non-modular, for electric current supply, conducting, transmitting, distributing, branching, transforming, accumulating, adjusting or controlling electric current; electrical fittings and wiring accessories; cabinets, enclosures, cases, modules, desks, consoles, panels and boards, all for electrical apparatus and circuits, in particular for supplying installations with electric current, distribution, branching, transformation of electric current, control of electric current and of apparatus supplied with electric current; control and distribution panels (electricity); control or meter panels (electricity); electric control and remote control apparatus and installations, in particular for lighting, heating, air conditioning, shutters, awnings, projection screens, doors, gates, locks and, in general, for any electrically powered apparatus; lighting control, remote control and monitoring apparatus; remote controllers; wireless remote controllers; remote transmitters; modular panels (electricity); outdoor meter boxes (electricity); electric accumulators; electric cells and batteries; accumulator battery chargers; current rectifiers; electric ballasts and monitors therefor; magnets; power supplies (electricity); load dispatchers (electricity); converters; transformers; autotransformers; modular connectors; filters (electricity); capacitors; diodes; diode modules; modular units (electricity); inverters (electricity); concentrators; busbars and terminal strips, junction strips; distribution strips; branching strips; cutout bars; terminal blocks (electricity); connecting terminals and cabinets; protective terminal shields; terminals; connectors; connections; terminal blocks; control and distribution boxes (electricity); distribution boxes (electricity); distribution tracks (electricity); electronic conductor boxes; junction boxes; junction blocks; flush boxes (electricity); terminals and terminal boards (electricity); electric protection apparatus; cutouts; full load break isolating switches; switches; keyswitches; intermediate switches; changeover switches; exchanges; push actuators and push-buttons, luminous and non-luminous; push-button boxes; control keypads (electricity); two-way switches; pear-shaped switches; rocker plates and face plates for electrical fittings and wiring accessories; electric cords for pull-cord switches; pulse operated latching relays; miniature circuit-breakers; circuit-breakers; differential circuit-breakers; differential units for circuit breakers and switches; auxiliary control and signalling units for circuit breakers; control modules electronic units); power switches; auxiliary switches; phase couplers; lightning arresters; surge arresters; fuses; cartridge fuses; cartridge fuse units (electricity); subscriber panels (electricity); junction panels; electric resistors; cable outlets; time-lag switches for lighting and/or electric installations; indicators and signal lamps (electricity); relays; coils; programmers; electric heating and domestic appliance programmers; time switches; light-sensitive switches and relays; load shedders; voltage regulators; voltage controllers; light controllers; light dimmers and remote control dimmers; speed controllers (electricity); plugs and sockets; blanking plates (electricity); socket outlet blanking plates; socket outlet cover members; socket outlet protection units; loudspeaker plugs and sockets; television plugs and sockets; video plugs and sockets; high fidelity plugs and sockets; telephone plugs and sockets; electronic data processing apparatus plugs and sockets; optical plugs and sockets; multi-outlet socket blocks; double and triple socket outlets; mobile sockets; socket outlet wall boxes; adapters; plugs; electric extension leads; telephone extension leads; electronic data processing apparatus cables and adapters; electronic data processing line protection apparatus; parallel line amplifiers; electronic data processing and optical fibre repeaters; reels and drums for electric conductors; grommets for electric conductors; junction sleeves for electric cables; electric line connectors; electric cable and terminal block marking systems (electricity), including markers, marker-holders and marker refills; earthing and grounding devices; mains supply protection apparatus (electricity); electric conductor clips; electric conductor installation, equipment, strapping, wiring, attachment and/or clamping cable ties; electric conductors, in particular cables, wires, cords, tracks and busbars; structural profiles for electric conductors and/or apparatus, including: trunking, sleevings, conduits, pipes, columns, tubes, mini-trunking, dado/skirting trunking, rails, wiring enclosure strips, floor level runways, cable ducting, wire guides, cable guides, wire covers, all for use in installation and distribution of electricity; prefabricated electric ducts and supports therefor; equipment, joining, junction, support, assembly, connection and finishing parts, all for electric conductors and/or electrical fittings and wiring accessories, including: electric cable supports, junction boxes and Tees, convector outlets, junction boxes, angle connectors, end-pieces, cover seals, adapters, internal partitions, expanding sleeves; luminous or mechanical signs; signal lamps; bollards, beacons, studs, bulkhead lights, units, plates, boxes and box-sections, all luminous, equipped with socket outlets or not, and all for beaconing, signalling, displaying information and/or advertising; indicator lamps (signalling); luminous or mechanical signs; luminous or mechanical signalling panels; neon signs; electric light bulb or tube holders and mountings; buzzer and alert push buttons; bells and chimes (warning devices), in particular for doors; electric doorbells; electric network alarm devices; luminous alarms; flashing lamps and flashlamps (signalling and alarm); acoustic alarms; audio alarms; theft alarms (other than for vehicles); fire alarms; electric alarm gongs; buzzers; sirens; radio transmitters and receivers; alarm system central units; fire alarm system central units; domestic control system central units; detectors; infrared detectors; magnetic opening detectors, in particular for garage doors; movement detectors; beam interruption detectors; intruder detectors; proximity detectors; radio frequency detectors; smoke and fire detectors; self-contained automatic trip detectors; Specification over 100 lines for remainder of goods please see TM3
Class 11Heating, refrigeration, ventilation, aerating, air conditioning, water and fluid distribution apparatus and installations; radiators (heating); electric radiators; lighting apparatus and installations; electric lamps; lamps; safety lamps; pilot lamps; warning lights; tubular electric lamps; electric bulbs; light bulbs; infrared lamps; ultraviolet lamps for non-medical use; wall mounted lighting fixtures; self-contained lighting units, including safety lighting units; emergency lighting apparatus; modular emergency lighting units; safety lighting units and plates with or without text or pictogrammes; lighting bollards, studs, bulkhead lights and box units; spotlights; floodlights (lighting); lighting tracks; reading lamps; night lights (lighting apparatus); night light plugs (lighting apparatus); lanterns; ceiling lights; luminaires; lamp and fire globes; portable lighting apparatus; portable lamps; inspection lamps; torches; flashlights; lamp reflectors; diffusers (lighting); lamp shades; electric bulb, tube and lamp caps and sockets; ballasts for lighting tubes; lighting protection devices; ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting apparatus and installations, all for cases, cabinets, racks and modules accommodating electric, electronic and/or electronic data processing apparatus; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Names and addresses
ProprietorLegrand France and Legrand SNC
128 avenue du Marechal de Lattre-de-Tassigny, F-87000 Limoges, France, and, 28 avenue du Marechal de Lattre-de-Tassigny, F-87000 Limoges, France
Incorporated CountryFrance
Residence CountryFrance
Customers Ref83529/DJR/JPC
ADP Number0731441001
ServicePage White & Farrer
Bedford House, John Street, London, WC1N 2BF
ADP Number0001255001