UK Trademark 2031942

Relevant dates
Filing Date30 August 1995
Next Renewal Date30 August 2015
Registration Date04 October 1996
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 19 June 1996
Issue number 6130, page 7228
Registration 27 November 1996
Issue number 6153
Renewal 16 September 2005
Issue number 6599
Assignment 25 September 2009
Issue number 6804
List of goods or services
Class 31Algae for human and animal consumption, almonds, beet, bran, chicory and chicory roots, citrus fruits, cola nuts, cones, copra, cork, cucumbers, cuttle bone for birds, fish spawn, fish, dried flowers, flowers, grapes, hazelnuts, herbs, hops, humus top dressing, juniper berries, kola nuts, leeks, lemons, lentils, lettuce, lobsters, maize, marc, marrows, mussels, nettles, nuts, oats, oil cake, olives, onions, oranges, oysters, palm trees, palms, peanut cake and meal for animals, peanuts, peas, peat, peppers, pine cones, plant seeds, plants, pollen, potatoes, roses, rose bushes, rye, seeds, sesame, coconut shell, shellfish, silkworms, silkworm eggs, squashes, straw, straw litter, straw mulch, sugar cane, trees, truffles, turf, vegetables, vine plants, weeds for human and animal consumption, wheat.
Names and addresses
ProprietorMOA International Incorporated Association
9-1 Taharahoncho, Atami Shizuoka, Japan
Residence CountryJapan
Customers RefKRH/45175
Effective Assignment Date23 July 2009
ADP Number0956287001
ServiceD. Young & Co. LLP
120 Holborn, London, EC1N 2DY
ADP Number0000059001