UK Trademark 2030418 KRUPP

Mark TextKRUPP
Classes06, 07, 08, 09
Relevant dates
Filing Date15 August 1995
Next Renewal Date15 August 2015
Registration Date06 February 1998
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 22 October 1997
Issue number 6198, page 11972
Registration 11 March 1998
Issue number 6216
Renewal 26 August 2005
Issue number 6596
Assignment 16 April 2004
Issue number 6526
List of goods or services
Class 06Base metals and their alloys as well as semi-finished products manufactured therefrom (in bar, rod, band, sheet, plate, wire, profile, slab, tube, fabric and mat form); shaped parts and parts made of base metals and their alloys in band, sheet, plate, bar and wire form; construction materials made of metal; surface-refined and surface-treated sheets, bands, tubes; wire cables including fittings, springs; spring elements for road and rail vehicles; spring prongs for agricultural implements and harvesting machines; pipe attachments (flanges, bends, shaped parts, beading fittings); pipe mountings; scrap, refractory products; electrodes and filler materials for welding; devices for working and processing steel and other metals as well as for producing articles made thereof; containers, camping containers; metal rail construction material; railway superstructure material; rails, sleepers, rail fastening material; track covers, buffers, points, switchgear including fittings; steel bridges; mobile temporary bridges made wholly or principally of metal.
Class 07Compressed air construction tools, namely mechanical picks and concrete breakers; hydraulic hammers, demolition claws, pulverisers, drill hammers; machines for producing, processing, treating and testing cans, container closures, can parts, also including automatic machines for separating, necking, flanging, beading, seaming, testing, painting, palletising, stamping, deep-drawing, rolling, gumming, and drying ovens; tyre and rubber machines as well as their individual components; also including dressing and processing extruders; extruders for tyre treads, side walls, hoses; tyre tread cutting machines; machines for vulcanising rubber profiles; tyre case making machines; tyre heating presses; machines for soap and protein production as well as for solvent preparation; machines for use in animal feed technologies as well as in pharmaceuticals and chemicals, also including machines for obtaining extracts from natural substances and chemical base materials, for the utilisation of animal carcases and for extracting water from semi-finished products from the chemical industry by pressing; stretch blow machines for the production of biaxially orientated plastic hollow parts such as bottles and broad-necked vessels; injection moulding machines for the production of plastic preforms for plastic hollow parts and corresponding injection moulding tools; extrusion blow moulding machines for the production of hollow parts made from thermoplastic plastics, finishing machines, peripheral devices, blow moulding tools; extrusion blow moulding machines for the production of leisure articles, toys, automotive and other technical parts made from thermoplastics; devices for extraction, preparing and producing construction substances and materials; machines and devices for use in pile-driving, drawing, drilling, hammer drilling, excavation and heading operations; construction machines; compressors;open cast machines; belt conveyor machines; overburden conveying bridges; machine loaders; ship unloading devices; bucket wheel machines; devices for incorporating and mixing loose materials (such as coal, ore) with feeding and discharge systems; devices for mixing, clearing and removing raw material dumps; machine scrapers fitted with scraper rakes and scraper buckets; crushing machines for crushing raw materials such as hard rock, natural rock, limestone, coal, ore; band filter machines; devices for crushing, picking and grading old construction materials for re-processing; unit load handling systems with hoisting gear for loading and unloading transport means; shipboard cranes; floating dredgers; welding machines electric and non-electric, and autogenous welding apparatus for welding achieved without flux, adhesive or solder.
Class 08Non-electric welding apparatus (non-autogenous).
Class 09Conductive electric sheets, conductive electric bands, conductive dynamo tape, graphite electrodes, electrodes and electrodes for welding and welding apparatus.
Names and addresses
ProprietorThyssenKrupp AG
Altendorfer Straße 120, D-45143 Essen, Germany, and, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 100, D-47166 Dusiburg, Germany
Incorporated CountryGermany
Residence CountryGermany
Customers RefFBM/ET/KRUPP-TM95/18
Effective Assignment Date23 February 2004
ADP Number0847719001
ServiceHarrison Goddard Foote
40-43 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1JA
ADP Number0000380001