UK Trademark 2014790

Mark ClaimlimitThe first mark, here depicted in heraldic shading, is limited to the colours blue. white and green as shown on the representation on the form of application.
Series Of2
Classes05, 29, 30, 32
Relevant dates
Filing Date21 March 1995
Next Renewal Date21 March 2015
Registration Date14 June 1996
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 28 February 1996
Issue number 6114, page 1564
Registration 07 August 1996
Issue number 6137
Renewal 11 March 2005
Issue number 6573
List of goods or services
Class 05Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; food for babies; all included in Class 5.
Class 29Meat, fish, seafoods, poultry and game; preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; meat extracts; meat products; sausages; extracts of fruits and/or of vegetables; jellies, jams; fruit preserves, vegetable preserves; snack foods; prepared meals; desserts; eggs; milk; dairy products; yoghurt, frozen yoghurt; edible protein derived from soya beans; edible oils and edible fats; nuts and nut butters; pickles; food spreads consisting wholly or substantially wholly of vegetables, milk, meat, poultry, fish, seafoods or of edible fats; soups; bouillons; all included in Class 29.
Class 30Coffee, coffee essences and coffee extracts; mixtures of coffee and chicory; mixtures of coffee and chicory, chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee; tea, tea extracts; cocoa; preparations made principally of cocoa; chocolate; chocolate products; confectionery, candy; sugar; flour; preparations made from cereals and/or rice and/or flour; breakfast cereals; pizza; pasta and pasta products; bread; biscuits; cookies; cakes; pastry; ice; ice cream, water ices, frozen confections; preparations for making ice cream and/or water ices and/or frozen confections; honey; preparations consisting wholly or substantially wholly of sugar, for use as substitutes for honey; syrup, treacle, molasses; ketchup; sauces, and preparations for making sauces; spices; vinegar; chutney; custard powder; salad dressings; snack foods; prepared meals; mousses; desserts; puddings; all included in Class 30.
Class 32Mineral waters; non-alcoholic drinks; syrups, essences and extracts for making non-alcoholic beverages; all included in Class 32.
Names and addresses
ProprietorSociété des Produits Nestlé S.A.
Vevey, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland
Incorporated CountrySwitzerland
Residence CountrySwitzerland
Customers RefTM/CHA/02
ADP Number0776189001
ServiceNestlé UK Ltd
Intellectual Property Department, St. George's House, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1NR
ADP Number0003996001