UK Trademark 1567897

Classes06, 07
Relevant dates
Filing Date06 April 1994
Next Renewal Date07 October 2020
Registration Date15 December 1995
Priority claims
Earliest Priority Date07 October 1993
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 30 August 1995
Issue number 6090, page 6551
Registration 21 February 1996
Issue number 6113
Renewal 17 September 2010
Issue number 6853
Merger 11 October 2000
Issue number 6349
List of goods or services
Class 06Fittings for gas, steam, air, oil, liquid and water pipes; shut-off valves, quick-closing valves, throttle valves and control valves; valves of metal with a single gland seal, with a double gland seal and with a corrugated bellows; valves; interlocks for pipeline fittings; fitting locks; pipes, spigots, bends, saddles, couplings, connectors and pipelines, all made of steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, metal alloys and combined with plastics; screws, nuts, rivets, bolts, rings, pins, washers; dowels and pins, all made of metal; flanges, fittings, sleeves, hinges, connectors and shaped parts, all made of metal and all for pipes and pipelines; backing plates and washers, all made of metal; fixings made of metal; fixing straps made of metal for cables and for pipes; ironmongery and hardware; cables and wires, all made of metal; building materials made of metal; transportable buildings made of metal; base metals and their alloys, rough or partially machined; sheet metals, foundry moulds made of metal, tundishes; ingot moulds; drop forgings and hammer forgings; cast steel, steel alloys, steel building structures; rolled, pressed, drawn, stamped, milled, turned, cast, compressed and forged components and shaped elements, all made of steel, iron, non-ferrous metals and metal alloys; shaped elements machined or manually worked and made from steel, iron, non-ferrous metals and metal alloys; lubricators, lubricant nipples, funnels; chains, chain links, chain connectors; mechanical fittings for flow shut-off, fixing, dividing, bypassing, quick closing and preventing flowback; all included in Class 6.
Class 07Machines for metal and plastic processing; machine tools; parts of machine tools; engine and motors; couplings and driving belts; gears and transmissions; pumps as parts of machines or of engines or of motors; controllers as parts of machines; shut-off valves, quick-closing valves, throttle valves and control valves, all being parts of machines; non-return valves, changeover valves, mixing valves, relief valves, overflow valves, clack valves, safety valves, reducing valves, magnetic valves, bypass valves and boiler blow-off valves, all being parts of machines; non-return flaps, throttle flaps and quick-action flaps, all as parts of machines; shut-off cocks; ballcocks and control cocks, all as parts of machines; valves with single gland seals, double gland seals and corrugated bellows, all as machine parts; mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic adjusting drives, all for valves as machine parts; linkage couplings for adjusting drives, as machine parts; ball joints as machine parts; drive shafts, drive linkages and articulated shafts; separators; drive machines and engines and parts therefor; drive shafts; decouplers; electrical generators; ventilators as machine parts; springs as machine parts; compressors; condensers; cranks as machine parts; bearings; bearing stands and journals, all as machine parts; guideways for machines; machine housings; machine boilers; machine wheels; machine stands; machine shafts; knives as machine parts; knife holders as machine parts; supercompressors; rolls as machine parts; heat-exchangers as machine parts; shafts as machine parts; journals as machine parts; all included in Class 7.
Names and addresses
ProprietorSiepmann-Werke GmbH & Co. KG
Emil-Siepman-Strasse 28, D-59581 Warstein, Germany
Incorporated CountryGermany
Residence CountryGermany
Customers RefT12139
ADP Number0713178001
ServiceForrester Ketley & Co.
Sherborne House, 119-121 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 5AT
ADP Number0000133001