UK Trademark 1513902

Classes04, 09, 11, 17, 36, 37, 39, 41, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date21 September 1992
Next Renewal Date21 September 2019
Registration Date28 January 1994
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 24 November 1993
Issue number 6002, page 7524
Registration 23 March 1994
Issue number 6017
Renewal 28 August 2009
Issue number 6800
Assignment 23 October 2002
Issue number 6453
Merger 22 May 2009
Issue number 6786
List of goods or services
Class 04Gas fuel; producer gas; gas for lighting; gas oil; all included in Class 4.
Class 09Accumulators; acoustic alarms; anti-interference devices; armatures; batteries; joint sleeves for electric cables; circuit breakers; circuit closers; coin-operated apparatus; electric collectors; computer keyboards; computer operating programs; computer programs; dimmers; discharge tubes; distribution boards; distribution boxes; distribution consoles; electrical apparatus for commutation; electric coils; electric conductors; electric conduits; electric connections; electric connecters; electric contacts; electric control panels; electric couplings; electric cutting apparatus; electric junction boxes; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; electric door openers; electric door bells; electric door closers; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; electric limiters; electricity mains; electricity indicators; electricity inductors; heat regulating apparatus; identification sheaths for electric wires; ignition apparatus; inverters; light conducting filaments; lightning arresters; lightning conductors; electric measuring devices; meters; mouse, being data processing apparatus; printers for use with computers; scanners, being data processing apparatus; sockets and plugs; software; switchboxes; telephone apparatus; electricity terminals; electricity transformers; electronic transistors; telecommunication transmitters; transmitters of electronic signals; word processors; all included in Class 9.
Class 11Heat accumulators; steam accumulator; ionisation apparatus for the treatment of air; air conditioning apparatus; air conditioning installations; air cooling apparatus; air deodorising apparatus; air driers; air filtering installations; air purifying apparatus and machines; air reheaters; air valves for steam heating installations; bakers' ovens; bath installations; sauna-bath installations; boiler pipes for heating installations; boilers; ceiling lights; central heating radiators; coils; gas condensers; refrigerating containers; cooking apparatus and installations; cooking appliances and installations; cooling installations and machines; cooling installations for liquids; cooling installations for water; dampers; light diffusers; electric discharge tubes for lighting; drying apparatus and installations; drying apparatus for fodder and forage; dust removing installations for industrial purposes; electric lamps; heating elements; evaporators; fairy lights for festive decoration; air-conditioning fans; heat pumps; heat regenerators; immersion heaters; electric heating apparatus; heating installations; lighting apparatus and installations; milk cooling installations; steam generating installations; street lamps; ventilation apparatus; water heaters; all included in Class 11.
Class 17Insulating fabrics; insulating materials; insulators for electric mains; non-conducting materials for retaining heat; paper for electrical capacitors; all included in Class 17.
Class 36Accident insurance underwriting; brokerage; financial consultancy; insurance consultancy; credit bureaux; debt collection agencies; real estate management; financial evaluation services relating to insurance, banking and real estate; fire insurance underwriting; fund investments; health insurance underwriting; hire purchase financing; installment loans; insurance brokerage; issue of tokens of value; lending against security; life insurance underwriting; financing loans; mortgage banking; all included in Class 36.
Class 37Custom construction and installation of pylons; installation of power lines and their parts and fittings; air conditioning apparatus installation and repair; burglar alarm installation and repair; electric appliance installation and repair; fire alarm installation and repair; freezing equipment installation and repair; heating equipment installation and repair; telephone installation and repair; all included in Class 37.
Class 39Electricity distribution; all included in Class 39.
Class 41Information services relating to education; organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; arranging and conducting of seminars; practical training; all included in Class 41.
Class 42Leasing of access time to computer data bases; consultancy in the field of computer hardware; computer programming; computer rental; computer software design; all included in Class 42.
Names and addresses
ProprietorSSE Plc
Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3AQ
Incorporated CountryUnited Kingdom
Residence CountryUnited Kingdom
Customers Refsoe.5747.gen
Effective Assignment Date03 September 2002
ADP Number0760672001
ServiceMurgitroyd & Company
Scotland House, 165-169 Scotland Street, Glasgow, G5 8PL
ADP Number0001198001