UK Trademark 1479227 Singapore Technologies

Mark TextSingapore Technologies
Mark ClaimlimitIt is a condition of registration that the mark shall be used only in relation to goods manufactured in Singapore.
Classes08, 12, 13, 14, 16, 37, 39, 40, 42
Relevant dates
Filing Date08 October 1991
Next Renewal Date08 October 2018
Registration Date08 March 1996
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 22 November 1995
Issue number 6102, page 10228
Registration 01 May 1996
Issue number 6123
Renewal 25 July 2008
Issue number 6745
Expiry 11 November 1998
Issue number 6251
Assignment 17 November 1999
Issue number 6303
Merger 18 November 1998
Issue number 6252
List of goods or services
Class 08Hand tools and hand-operated implements; sidearms, other than firearms; spoons; all included in Class 8.
Class 12Ambulances; automobiles; bicycles; busses; cable car; caravans; cars; cars for cable transport installations; coaches; forklift trucks; hand cars; lorries; mopeds; motorcycles; omnibuses; trolleys; vans; military vehicles and parts and fittings therefore; aeroplanes and parts and fittings therefore; boats, yachts and ships; ship hulls; carts; wagons; tractors; trucks; all included in Class 12.
Class 13Firearms; ammunition; artillery guns (cannons); gun barrels, rifle barrels; breeches of firearms; cannons; carbines; cartridge cases, gun cases; detonating fuses for explosives; detonators; explosive cartridges and powders; explosives; firearm sights; fireworks; fuses for explosives; tear-gas weapons; gun carriages (artillery); guns (weapons); gunstocks; hammers for guns and rifles; machine guns; mortars (firearms); pistols (arms); projectiles; pyrotechnic products; revolvers; rifles; trigger guards for rifles; rocket launchers; rockets and shells (projectiles); sights (other than telescopic sights for guns (artillery) and firearms); sporting firearms; all included in Class 13.
Class 14Alloys of precious metal; coins; jewellery; precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; precious stones; all included in Class 14.
Class 16Book-binding materials; books; cardboard; newspapers; paper; paper shredders; periodicals and printed matter; all included in Class 16 but none relating to building society services.
Class 37Anti-rust treatment for vehicles; airplane maintenance and repair; car-maintenance; car wash; machinery installation, maintenance and repair; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; motor vehicle wash; interior painting, exterior painting; rustproofing; safe maintenance and repair; shipbuilding; tyres (retreading of); upholstering; upholstery repair; vehicle cleaning; vehicle greasing; vehicle lubrication; vehicle polishing; vehicle repair; vehicle service stations; vehicle wash; washing; all included in Class 37.
Class 39Air transport; freight (shipping of goods); freight forwarding; freighting; delivery of goods; rental of warehouses; storage of goods; warehousing; all included in Class 39.
Class 40Cadmium plating; chromium plating; electro-plating; galvanisation; metal plating; metal tempering; metal treating; nickel plating; silver-plating; all included in Class 40.
Class 42Chemical analysis; computer programming; decorating (interior); design services (packaging); engineering; engineering drawing; material testing; all included in Class 42.
Names and addresses
ProprietorSingapore Technologies PTE LTD
60B Orchard Road #06-18 Tower 2, The Atrium@Orchard, Singapore, 238891
Incorporated CountrySingapore
Residence CountrySingapore
Customers RefSaturn/SING
Effective Assignment Date01 March 1999
ADP Number0777514001
ServiceField Fisher Waterhouse LLP
35 Vine Street, London, EC3N 2AA
ADP Number0626972001
Other particulars
DisclaimerRegistration of this mark shall give no right to the exclusive use of the words "Singapore Technologies".