UK Trademark 1188749

Status Before DeathExpired
Relevant dates
Filing Date17 January 1983
Next Renewal Date22 July 2003
Registration Date22 July 1982
Expiry Date23 July 2003
Archived Date26 July 2005
Priority claims
Earliest Priority Date22 July 1982
CountryCountry Unknown
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 24 April 1985
Issue number 5563, page 952
Renewal 29 November 1989
Issue number 5801
Expiry 22 August 2003
Issue number 6494
Assignment 27 November 1991
Issue number 5901
Removal 20 February 2004
Issue number 6519
List of goods or services
Class 07Machines for civil engineering construction, machines for working rock, machines for collecting wet dust, machines for tunnelling, machines for road construction, road rolling machines; machine installations for the separation of ferrous and nonferrous ores, coal, lime, dolomite, magnesite and of cryolite; machines incorporating fluidized beds, machines for processing coal, installations of machines for washing and drying for use in metallurgical mining, and in sintering installations; machines and apparatus included in Class 7, all for making refractory bricks and refractory bodies; briquetting machines, pelletising machines, granulating machines, crushing machines; crushing mills and screens, all being industrial machines; separators (machines); pumps (other than petrol vending, surgical or cycle pumps or pumps being fittings for vehicles for pneumatic tyres); machines for steel making; machines for mixing pig iron; convertors for charging machines, blowing and heating lances, all for steel works; taphole drilling machines, machines for the degreasing and de-sulpherisation of metal teeming ladles; tundishes and distributing vessels, all being machines for use with pig iron and with steel; loading and unloading machines, all for use in steel making installations; machines for foundries; continuous casting machines, moulds being parts of machines; machines for the adjusting and oscillating of moulds; tongs and filters, all being apparatus for the mechanical handling of ingots; machines for the rolling and forging of steel and of non-ferrous metals; cold and hot rolling mills and straightening and bending machines, all for plate, sheet, strip, sections, beams, rails, tubes, pipes and for wire; rolling machines; rolls, roll supports and rolling stands, all adapted for use with rolling machines, roll hardening and roll grinding machines; slitting machines and length cutting machines, all for sheet, plate and strip; machines for making springs; cast and forged spring carriers being parts of machines; hydraulic and mechanical presses; brakes for presses (machines); straightening presses, drawing presses, forging presses, presses for the production of shaped bodies and of bricks, all being machine presses; filter presses (machines); compression cylinders (machines); machines for working plates, sheets, sections and wires; machines for milling ingots, machines for milling and planing plate edges; oiling (lubricating) apparatus (parts of machines) for cold rolled sheet, plate and for strip; welding machines, grinding machines; cleaning machines for sheet, plate, wire and for sections; machines for the surface treatment of metals; scarfing machines, hardening machines, beading presses (machines), planing machines, industrial polishing machines, knurling machines, rolling machines, drawing (pulling) machines, shears (machines), sawing machines and saw blades therefor; metal strip coiling machines; coil transport carriages (other than vehicles), machine tools, tool working machines, turning lathes, automatic lathes, drilling machines, turbines (not for vehicles) and parts thereof included in Class 7; apparatus included in Class 7 for turbine shut-off purposes; speed governors, rotors and guide vanes, all for turbine machines; boilers for engines, motors or for machines; steam engines, machines and apparatus included in Class 7, all for hydraulic steel structures and for hydraulic power plants; raking machines and rake cleaning machines; loading machines; working platforms (mechanical); working and transporting roller tables; cranes and parts and fittings therefor included in Class 7; forging manipulators (machines); lifts (other than ski lifts), elevators; apparatus (other than vehicles) for transporting and conveying; conveyor belts, conveyors (machines), automatic bagging machines; hydraulic pushers (machines); classifiers (separating machines); hoists (not for boats), reeling machines, vertical capstan machines; rope pulleys included in Class 7; machines and apparatus included in Class 7, all for producing inorganic and organic products; apparatus included in Class 7 for the treatment and recovery of chemicals; machines and apparatus included in Class 7, all for producing and processing of paper, pulp, foils and of fibres; machines for use in buildings; machines for the production of cement, gravel, bricks, slabs, shaped blocks of metallurgical slag, foamed slag, slag wool, foodstuffs, sugar, starch, salt, and of sea water; machines and apparatus included in Class 7, all for processing and utilisation of garbage and for transporting and spraying fertilisers; cyclonic separating machines; debarking machines, machines for the production of fibre board and of woodchip board; drives being parts of machines; parts and fittings included in Class 7 for machines; speed governors for engines and for machines; gears, coupling, coupling rods, all for machines; springs, lubricators, heat exchangers, steel shafts, axles, axle brackets, camshafts, crankshafts, push rods, track rods, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, racks, gear rims, gear wheels, crown gears, pinions, pinion shafts, guide rods, driving rods, pistons, piston rods, piston cylinder assemblies, valves, spindles, sliding guides, filters, supporting journals and trunnions, bearings and bearing parts, bearing blocks, bearing seats, sliding plates, forged and cast levers, rocker arms, lifting forks, bushings, stuffing boxes, bearing bushings, wheels and tubes therefor and brakes, all being parts of machines; separating drums (machines); machines and tanks being parts thereof, all for use in installations for the pickling of metals; machines for use in the galvanising and coating of metal; pole end plates being parts of electrical machines; mechanical ladles for use in steel making.
Names and addresses
ProprietorVoest-Alpine Stahl Linz Gesellschaft m.b.H.
45 Turmstrasse, A-4020 Linz, Austria
Incorporated CountryAustria
Residence CountryAustria
Effective Assignment Date10 July 1990
ADP Number0648901001
ServicePage White & Farrer
Bedford House, John Street, London, WC1N 2BF
ADP Number0001255001