UK Trademark 1142735 ALFAROMEO

Mark ClaimlimitThe Trade Mark, here depicted in heraldic shading, is limited to the colours white, brown, gold, azure, green, red, blue, as shown in the representation on the form of application.
Classes01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 09, 14, 16, 20, 27, 28, 34
Relevant dates
Filing Date28 October 1980
Next Renewal Date08 May 2021
Registration Date08 May 1980
Priority claims
Earliest Priority Date08 May 1980
CountryCountry Unknown
Publication in Trade Marks Journal
First Advert 22 August 1984
Issue number 5528, page 2205
Renewal 06 May 2011
Issue number 6886
Assignment 09 July 2010
Issue number 6843
Merger 10 January 2001
Issue number 6361
List of goods or services
Class 01Manures for soil, fire extinguishing compositions; antioxidant chemical products; anti-freezing preparations; liquids for hydraulic drives and for brakes; chemical liquids for cooling circuits; tempering substances; tanning substances; adhesive substances for use in industrial processes; anti-tarnish chemical preparations; chemical and scale removing preparations, all included in Class 1.
Class 02Paints, varnishes (other than insulating varnish); enamels; lacquers; solvents in liquid form for removing wallpaper; anti-corrosives; preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood; colouring matters (not for laundry or toilet use); mordants, natural resins; metals in foil and powder form for use by painters and decorators.
Class 03Washing, cleaning and polishing preparations; degreasing preparations (not for use in industrial or manufacturing processes); scraping preparations included in Class 3; soaps; anti-perspirants; essential oils; perfumes; cosmetics; hair preserving preparations; dentifrices; non-medicated lotions for the care of the hands, body and the face; hair care lotions; solvents for removing paints.
Class 04Industrial oils and greases (other than edible oils or fats or essential oils); lubricants; fuels; illuminants; candles, tapers and wicks.
Class 06Vehicle registration plates and covers adapted for use therewith; licence holders for motor cars; key rings; buckles (not for personal wear); all of common metal; badges and identification labels all of metal, for vehicles and for engines; common metals in the form of foils and of powders, all for vehicle bodies (not for use by painters or decorators or for insulating).
Class 07Machine tools; motors (not for land vehicles); machine couplings and machine belting; air pumps for motor vehicles (other than air pumps being vehicle accessories); oil pumps, oil fuel filters and air filters, all being parts of engines, motors or of machines; electric generators
Class 09Electrical and electronic apparatus and instruments, all for use with motor vehicles; panels incorporating instruments included in Class 9 for electrical control; radio apparatus; tape recorders; sound amplifiers; calculating machines; acoustical signalling apparatus; fire-extinguishing apparatus; spectacles and parts thereof included in Class 9; cases adapted for use with spectacles.
Class 14Key rings, buckles and clasps, all made of precious metals, medals, jewellery, clocks, watches; precious metals and their alloys, precious stones, chronometric instruments, ornaments made of precious metals or coated therewith, for personal wear.
Class 16Paper, paper articles, cardboard, cardboard articles and pencils, all included in Class 16; printed matter, newspapers, magazines (publications), peroidical publications, books, postcards, photographs, posters, diaries, pens, penholders (not of precious metal or coated therewith), paperweights, articles of stationery for office use, adhesive materials (stationery), artists materials (other than colours or varnish), paintbrushes for painters, instructional and teaching materials (other than apparatus), ordinary playing cards.
Class 20Furniture, mirrors included in Class 20, picture frames; licence holders for vehicles, vehicle registration plates and covers therefor, all made of non-metallic materials.
Class 27Carpets, rugs (floor coverings) mats included in Class 27, matting, linoleum, coverings for existing floors; wall hangings made of non-textile materials.
Class 28Games (other than ordinary playing cards) educational playthings; toys; gymnastic and sporting articles (other than clothing); ornaments and decorations (other than candles or lamps), all for Christmas trees.
Class 34Smokers' articles included in Class 34.
Names and addresses
ProprietorFiat Group Marketing & Corporate Communication S.p.A
Via Nizza 250, Torino, 10126, Italy
Incorporated CountryItaly
Residence CountryItaly
Effective Assignment Date17 June 2010
ADP Number0956745001
ServiceHaseltine Lake LLP
Redcliff Quay, 120 Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6HU
ADP Number0000034002